Friday, November 30, 2007

Sammy Weekend

My Boy said, "Daddy hurry home". Here comes the Daddy!!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Mary J
This is how it's done!! Go Mary

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Mel B did great!!!
She really got better every week..outstanding and fun!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Look U Ministry

Tuesday Inspiration

This is my old friend of nearly 25 years.... New him when he was still in Longview, Texas...Bishop Noel Jones.. Love his Ministry !!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Blast24 Peace Imagine It

The journey of life, comes down to a search for peace. Ironically, to obtain peace we must sometimes temporarily embrace violence and take a stand.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Look U Ministry : Sunday Night Buzz

People, Events, and Ideas that are buzzing in the ear of the Church.
"Just because you never heard it, doesn't mean it's not being said

Look U Ministry : Sunday Night Buzz

People, Events, and Ideas that are buzzing in the ear of the Church.
"Just because you never heard it, doesn't mean it's not being said"

Look U Ministry : Sunday Night Buzz

People, Events, and Ideas that are buzzing in the ear of the Church.
"Just because you never heard it, doesn't mean it's not being said"

Pastor Tony Smith

Look U Ministry

Easy Sunday Morning

Unify The Body...I pray

Darkness is upon the face of the deep......

Attack and infection are growing......send the quickening..I pray

Deliver us from ourselves and evil...I pray

In Jesus mighty name..Amen

Look U Ministry : Sunday Night Buzz

People, Events, and Ideas that are buzzing in the ear of the Church.
"Just because you never heard it, doesn't mean it's not being said

Pastor John Hagee

Friday, November 23, 2007

Blast24 : Weekend Turtle

This weekend try and get some rest!! We are now counting down to 2008. This Sea turtle I ran into last month knows how to do it. He could careless. He's not "getting" some rest...He's "taking" some rest. I will add that to my play book for 2008.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blast24 : Sly Stone

I love this interview of Sly. He speaks for me on many levels. The station that he was a DJ on played my first hit here in the Bay Area (KSOL). The unique place and journey that is super stardom cannot be fully appreciated or comprehended from the outside. It also is not to be confused with current stardom. Super stardom...a household name..worldwide.. is forever. Sly was being humble in stating it's nice to be missed and saying that his hiatus is self imposed. You see the music never stops. If one is willing to record it..perform it etc... is a another question but the music being created on the inside continues to be birthed..

The dance moves are waiting to be unleashed at the sound and rhythm of inspirational grooves. There is such a spiritual aspect to creating music that the self imposed hiatus is not self imposed, but mandated by mind and spirit. The well that one draws from in order to create music has a deep fatiguing affect on the spirit and flesh internally.

The explaining in sound bites of this deep process is in and of itself a draining process because if you can't or there is not enough time to expound on your thoughts behind the lyrics, melodies, harmonies and movement then it becomes a struggle between spirit, flesh and truth to engage in conversations about your art. Thank God for these new mediums..blogging, social networks, etc.. that will give artist a platform to express there thoughts, concepts and ideas about their art. My next album Look U is the most comprehensive album ever created. I need all these tools to clearly communicate what I have given birth to. is just one piece of the vision that has come from the music that is on the Look U album. DanceJam, a social media destination for the dance culture. Theme song, "Meet Me" (at the dancejam).

Sly's interview strikes a cord with me. His music, like mines, touches people from all walks of life...all ethnicity's and Sly, like me, embraces that blessing..the gift to touch millions with your music... and we make no apologies. We grew up in this melting pot called the Bay Area (Hippies, Hells Angels,Black Panthers, Raiders) and we have the same spiritual background as well. Love is what it's all about. Blessed are the Peace Makers. Right on Sly, right on my brother.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Blast24 : Kanye West

David Sides
Musical tribute (medley)

This is outstanding. It's important that Kanye knows, sees and feels the love at this time in his life.

Kanye..your music inspires...Look at what Mama has blessed you to do. She lives on..we appreciate and love you both.

Blast24 News

Support for Kanye from a 6th grade class. The teacher and the students are to be commended for their acts of love and kindness.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Look U Ministry

Easy Sunday Morning

Fred Hammond

A Song Of Strength....powerful..... Love Brother Fred

Friday, November 16, 2007

Kanye West : Mama Is Proud Of You

Kanye, as Mama transitions from this life to glory and now takes on immortality and will never know pain, sorrow, or struggle again but live in eternal joy...
I want you to know that she has every reason to smile....You are a shinning reflection of all that she stood for, all that is good..As a man who is senior to you, I still look up to and draw from your courage and strength...You have helped to usher in and restore hope in hip hop and you have done it with class....

When you cry the tears of separation and feel the hollow pain of a distant love, know that I cry with you because you have shared your heart and life with us through your music and become a brother to us all... We who love and respect you... feel your pain.. We have lost the beautiful Queen who raised a King...and she is now in the city where "Jesus Walks".. and God will not forget your labors of love that you have shown in his name...

Dr. West rejoice, we thank you for this precious Son you have given us and the beautiful life you lived and shared with many.. Well Done.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Blast24: 2008 Is Today

wow!!! this is gettin' ugly!! The gloves are coming off fast.
One year to go and this is where we are? This will be a knock down
drag out before it's all said and done. Hillary, you got them on the ropes now...
They calling you dirty names!!!

Well at least it was a woman, or I would have to go and slap somebody in your honor (if it was man). Ok, Bill would...but man.......and this has nothing to do with politics.
Respect...never lose sight of how far women have come. I'm shocked by the candor of that woman who made the statement.

Blast24 : New Music

Alicia Keys is a wonderful artist!!! Here is a new song from her that would fit right into Look University. Love, friendship and appreciation for life. The short film features my man rapper, actor, poet "Common".

Love is best when it is said and expressed, while we can.
The song is called, "Like you'll Never See Me Again".

Monday, November 12, 2007

Promise Kept : Thank You: Great Is Your Mercy

This a special time and season in my life and I am so grateful that my God has fulfilled his promise to me. If I don't see tomorrow, the mouth of the lion has been shut. The attempts to erase my legacy and compassionate commitment to my community, my country and the Kingdom of God has been validated for the world (by the worlds standards) by what will now be revealed to the world (over the next couple of years) as to whom I am, versus the calculated perception and characterization of whom I am.
The harvest is here. The seeds that were planted, watered and increased have matured.

Humility by commandment has stayed my tongue. I am humbled at the supreme intellect and strategy of God, whom I serve unconditionally. The Elect... Election is at hand. Only one vote counts. I promise you that.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Blast24 News

Happy Veterans Day

Thank you to all the men and women who have sacrificed and committed their lives to the cause of freedom. We salute you. Our prayers go out to your families. We pray for your safe and swift return. Your work is not in vain. We appreciate your call to duty.

While you fight for us, we here at home will and are fighting for you. No homeless Vets. No Vets families on welfare. Better medical care for Vets. Better pay for Vets. These will be issues that must be addressed in the next Presidential elections. A happy Veterans Day is knowing that a good and fair quality of life for Vets is a right and statue.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


This is Look University material...the message is on point!!
Pretty is a state of being...determined by no man but by the spirit that lies within.
My girls understood the power and responsibility of music and influence. Miss them so!!
They cared.

I miss my girls and I miss these days....RIP Lisa..
I miss the days when you hung out on my bus... and with the Hammer crew...great women...good people. Friends always..Love you !!!

HOTOLA!!! organically hot!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Blast24 : Movies

Into The Wild

This movie (a true story) will open your hearts and minds on so many levels. A greater appreciation for life will be gained. I am honored and made a better man after seeing this film. Do your family and yourself a favor and see this film.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Blast24: Movies Bella


I have heard nothing but great reviews about this film. Life changing some have said.
I'm looking forward to seeing Bella. Here's the trailer and the making of short film.