Sunday, November 25, 2007

Look U Ministry : Sunday Night Buzz

People, Events, and Ideas that are buzzing in the ear of the Church.
"Just because you never heard it, doesn't mean it's not being said


andre said...

The greed is sad and the scriptures are free

Vanessa said...

What is the BIG draw to these Mega Churches?

My personal opinion is I feel its because all of the leaders have celebrity status.

Church should be a place for worship, not a cooperate business.

Kamraguy said...

The draw is that we are commanded to be a light onto the world.

The Church should be bigger than 2pac, Biggie and Jay-Z, yet we spend billions to be like them.

The world glorifies sex and violence and drugs. And as Chrisitians we respond by keeping our God small and impotent?

No Sir - that is not what we are called to do. There should be more big churches - in Detroit, St. Loius, Baltimore, and Philli.

TD Jakes is just a small example of what the Church could do if we as Christians weren't so lazy.

Vanessa said...

To kamraguy,

Ohhh,so that they can continue to get rich and keep all the money?

Why can't they provide service
to our communities.

It's a shame that the ministers can go around driving a Mercedes and live in a manison, when there members drive a Pinto and live in a trailer park.

P.S. I live in a four bedroom house and drive an HHR.

maatdirector said...

This documentary is complex and troubling. Spreading the Word of God is essential. When delivered properly the Good News of the Gospel is capable of spreading like wildfire.

Various mediums are used to spread the Gospel. Television, radio, books, sermons, theatrical performances, etc. Most of these mediums are appropriate. Each of these mediums requires some type of financial assistance.

This documentary, however, presents a challenge for two reasons: language and message. The operative language/word used is sales- which suggests marketing strategies. This is dangerous language in a faith context. A more appropriate strategy might be to "compel". The definition of compel is "to obligate" "or, "a sense of duty".

The Gospel should compel people to change their lives in a positive way. One would like to think that individuals and communities that receive the Gospel would develop a sense of duty to commit themselves to a life that values care, compassion, a hunger for justice, and a thirst for truth and righteousness.

The other language/word that this documentary lifts up is messaging. Messaging the Gospel is an extremely delicate issue. If believers and non-believers receive a message that faith leaders are hustling or marketing Jesus to make themselves rich, the fallout impacts the very foundation of the faith community. (What does it profit a man to gain the word and loose his soul?)

Without judging the ministers highlighted in this documentary, it would be wise and prudent for all faith leaders to ponder the 'Law of Unintended Consequences'. There is a long term price to pay for leading people astray.

Using technology and slick marketing for personal profit and gain is a double edged sword. It can thrust a person into the public arena. Money and fame can be byproducts. The other side of the equation is public scrutiny. Those that control the airwaves understand that controversy sells. They will not hesitate to use the same methods that the faith leaders utilized to achieve fame and fortune to destroy them. This can destroy the faith of the very people that believed enough in these faith leaders to sacrifice their time and hard earned money to support their ministries.

Pay close attention. The congress is targeting a number of these mega-church leaders. At the end of this process, regardless of the outcome of the congressional investigation, the ministries of these leaders will pay a heavy price for the tactics that were used to acquire fame and fortune.

A word of encouragement for the sincere people that support these ministries. Be encouraged. Your faithfulness will not be in vein. Continue to pray for wisdom and discernment. The real motivations of the faith leaders that you invest in will be revealed.

To the many faith leaders that are attempting to do the right thing-- be not weary in well-doing, for in due season you shall reap if you do not faint. One season is passing and another is approaching. Prepare your ministries to receive the wounded and disenchanted that are becoming discouraged by slick marketing and messaging for personal profit and gain. People will be drawn to those that have a true motivations and intentions.

To the non believers that may be discouraged by this documentary-- please try not to use a paintbrush to define all faith leaders by the perceived motivations of some. The vast majority of the faith leaders, regardless of faith tradition, are fighting every day to make a difference in the lives of believers and non believers. They are struggling to maintain communities that have been ravaged by the culture of materialism, individualism and injustice that have become hallmarks of contemporary American society. Please do not judge all faith leaders by the misfortunate strategies and tactics of a few.

And to the faith leaders that might have lost their sense of purpose-- be cautious, amend your ways. The season of marketing faith for profit and gain is fleeting. The strategy is collapsing under its own weight.

Finally, to Hammer, thank you for your blog. May God bless, restore and protect you.

Vanessa said...


I agree with you 100%. Faith leaders should not use God's Word to make themselves a profit.

This is not what Jesus did when he walked this world.

Thank you for sharing your input on the subject matter.

maatdirector said...

Vanessa, thank you for your comments. I read with great interest kamaraguy's comments to you. I agree with the 'spirit' of his comments, but not necessarily the letter of them. Let me explain.

The church should be larger than rap artists. It should be the light of the world. The question is light for what and to accomplish what? Profit, financial gain? Or, healing the land, the cause of justice, protecting the widow and the orphan?

Without getting into a Bible study, the 7th Chapter of Jeremiah is instructive. After a rediscovery of the Book of the Law people started coming back to the synagogue in droves. Unfortunately Jeremiah saw that many were coming back for the wrong reason. They falsely believed that coming to the synagogue was their 'reasonable service'. Many developed an attitude that coming to the synagogue would save them.

Jeremiah knew that coming to church was not sufficient for those that were in pursuit of everlasting life. So he stood at the gates of the temple and admonished the people to amend their ways.

Two obsevations are germane: (1) the synagogue did become the light of the world, but for the wrong reasons, (2) becoming the light of the temple was insufficient.

As difficult as it is to admit, some faith leaders view themselves as rap/rock stars. They also view their flocks as consumers. Very little is produced beyond a worship, tithes and offerings.

If you read further in Jeremiah the church suffered serious consequences for their actions. By chapter 9 Jeremiah was questioning whether there was a doctor in the house or a medicine that could heal the community of the sickness that was created by the sinful activities of the faith leaders and followers.

The church is called to be the salt of the earth as well as the light of the world. If the salt looses its taste (essence) it is of no use other than being trampled under by the foot of men. There are several different types of lights. Adult entertainmant venues and night clubs use neon lights to attract people to them for the wrong reasons. The question for faith leaders is what type of salt and light are they producing?

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