Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Blast24 : Sly Stone

I love this interview of Sly. He speaks for me on many levels. The station that he was a DJ on played my first hit here in the Bay Area (KSOL). The unique place and journey that is super stardom cannot be fully appreciated or comprehended from the outside. It also is not to be confused with current stardom. Super stardom...a household name..worldwide.. is forever. Sly was being humble in stating it's nice to be missed and saying that his hiatus is self imposed. You see the music never stops. If one is willing to record it..perform it etc... is a another question but the music being created on the inside continues to be birthed..

The dance moves are waiting to be unleashed at the sound and rhythm of inspirational grooves. There is such a spiritual aspect to creating music that the self imposed hiatus is not self imposed, but mandated by mind and spirit. The well that one draws from in order to create music has a deep fatiguing affect on the spirit and flesh internally.

The explaining in sound bites of this deep process is in and of itself a draining process because if you can't or there is not enough time to expound on your thoughts behind the lyrics, melodies, harmonies and movement then it becomes a struggle between spirit, flesh and truth to engage in conversations about your art. Thank God for these new mediums..blogging, social networks, etc.. that will give artist a platform to express there thoughts, concepts and ideas about their art. My next album Look U is the most comprehensive album ever created. I need all these tools to clearly communicate what I have given birth to. is just one piece of the vision that has come from the music that is on the Look U album. DanceJam, a social media destination for the dance culture. Theme song, "Meet Me" (at the dancejam).

Sly's interview strikes a cord with me. His music, like mines, touches people from all walks of life...all ethnicity's and Sly, like me, embraces that blessing..the gift to touch millions with your music... and we make no apologies. We grew up in this melting pot called the Bay Area (Hippies, Hells Angels,Black Panthers, Raiders) and we have the same spiritual background as well. Love is what it's all about. Blessed are the Peace Makers. Right on Sly, right on my brother.


Kevin said...
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Kevin said...
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Anastasio said...

"A message that involves everybody," That's what it's all about. Music is all about expressing yourself to the best of your ability and showing others what you are feeling inside. This man is very talented, and created an era that influences so many other genres. I can really associate with this too; music, for me at least, is one thing that can affect my mood so greatly. Starting really upset and down, and going to very happy and upbeat is something that only music can do. For me its Phish and Trey Anastasio, but it's different artists for other people. This interview says alot on so many different levels, and really tries to communicate what many musicians (myself included) feel when we improvise and create something unique and special to us.

Monkey B said...

i love sly. what a deep voice.sly kick asses.

ps:hammer you rules

Vanessa said...

Sly was before my era. Thanks for sharing.

P.S. Continue to do what you do Hammer, your music is very inspiring :-)

North said...

I grew up listening to Sly in the 60's. I was a kid, impressionable with the music, which changed the world.. and invoked peace.

Thanks Sly.. for years of memories, 40 years later, have not faded the joy, the dance, the love for the music.. and admiration for the "man."

And then, it would be years before the "new" age music would hit the scene... MC Hammer, and music, dance... an evolution of SOUL! The rest as they say... is history.

Blessings, this wonderful Thanksgiving DAy!


Anonymous said...
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