Friday, December 29, 2006

GodFathers Homegoing

The GodFather's Home Going Celebration

The celebration (funeral) for The GodFather Of Soul today was excellent. Rev Al Sharpton delivered a heartfelt, insightful, annoited, and personal Eulogy. He was on the money and in touch with heaven. The GodFather had to be smiling. His body of work was honored as well as his burden for the people.

I made sure to get lots of pictures to help record this historical day. I still have a fresh wound to my heart that will soon become a void that can't be filled until we meet again in heavenly places. I honored my GodFather by bowing on one knee as I approached his casket. My respect for his Royalty, Love, Humanity and journey.

Honoring The GodFather

Rev. Sharpton, Don King and HammerTime.
From my sidekick

GodFathers Funeral

I arrived here in Augusta, Ga. at 1am to prepare to pay respects to My
GodFather. Mourning time has come. Separation is hard. Met with Rev.
Sharpton this morning and thanked him for his great care of my hero. I
will mourn yet awhile and then I will celebrate the life that is and
will be forever The GodFather Of Soul.
From my sidekick

Thursday, December 28, 2006

James Brown: It's Time To Go Home

Determined to make it,
His dance a threat,
His voice a power,
A Cold Sweat,

It's Time To Go Home

His face was stone,
His hair was whipped,
Jaw line was bold,
His heart,
A warm morning mist,

It's Time To Go Home

Gifted to touch,
He gave so much,
Every show,
Each night,
And never lost his touch,

It's Time To Go Home

The pain of the struggle,
was etched in his face,
but the words from his mouth,
reflected God's grace,

It's Time To Go Home

Please Don't Go,
Master of the show,
Brothers gotta work it out,
We free but won't go

It's Time To Go Home

Say It Loud,
We need a theme,
Brothers killing Brothers,
We still Proud,
but we have no hope,
No dreams,

It's Time To Go Home

Dream young man,
Dream young girl,
Be like The GodFather Of Soul,
And conquer this man's world,

It's Time To Go Home

It's official he was prophetic,
Hardest working man in show business,
proclaimed and vetted,

It's Time To Go Home

Now be still, sleep and rest,
prepare to minister your music,
on the highest level yet,

It's Time To Go Home

The author of melody has required your soul,
God knew when he made you,
Soul Brother Number One
you too cold!

It's Time To Go Home

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Tour Of Europe: Great memories

I had a great time introducing Europe to a level of performance and
originality that had not been seen before or since my GodFather
introduced them to Soul and Funk. This was a hip hop meets funk and
Soul. Raw and explosive. I took my cues from My GodFather. Leave it all
on the stage. I lost seven pounds a night. Sweat poured from my body a
drop at a time and I loved every minute.

My GodFather did 100 shows last year at 72 years old. I will continue
the tradition and legacy and hope and pray to live as long.

Europe it's almost time. 2007 Here Comes The Hammer

From my sidekick

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Blog In Review: Feb-23 (Art Of The Dance)

The art of the dance is in the imperfections. It is in these moments of correction that we are made whole. We practice and communicate to iron out the problems and challenges. I MC Hammer am back dancing because the world needs to dance and Hip Hop needs leadership. No leadership is like no father. Wisdom comes from living life. Life in this time has grown more complex and the world has become more violent.

Life is a dance. The imperfections, trials, test, adversities and strife, mold and make us. We see the real us when we are tried in the fire. We then have to decide if we like or can live with the man in the mirror or if change is in order. Being made whole is and ongoing and evolving process. The tempo and rhythm of the dance of life changes. We have to adapt. From ballroom dancing to the mash potatoes, time and season always requires a change of step.

The void of leadership in Hip Hop became more apparent as the year went on. Hip Hop reflects the current mind set and condition of the community. Rather than complain about the music or debating which region is the hottest, the real question is why is the majority of the songs about the same subject matter, even though the community faces a plethora of challenges. Music program directors need to balance the meals that are being fed to their public, the listeners. Artist make songs that they feel radio will support. In 2007 I hope to help balance the meal and provide leadership.

Life did become more violent this year. Wars and rumors of war escalated. Homicides in my hometown reached a ten year high. Homicides in Philadelphia topped the 400 mark. More than a funeral a day. This trend was repeated throughout the country. Unless we raise the awareness level of this new civil war against the system and self, we are doomed to repeat the riots that plagued this nation over thirty years ago. This time it will be more violent and bloody because the people feel there is no hope. The rebellion will be broadcast on demand and generated by the people. Jobs and education are key to resolving the conditions that create this culture of hopelessness.

Monday, December 25, 2006

The GodFather Of Soul Moves On: James Brown We Love You

The man that influenced many of the greatest artist of all time has passed away. James Brown passed away this Christmas morning and I am saddened. I will mourn for yet a while and then I will celebrate his legacy and our friendship. I called him GodFather and he called me God Son. I am so glad that I honored him while he was living. The memories of our times together I will always cherish. His contributions to society and the African American community are numerous and significant. When we were weary during our journey and struggle for our civil rights and the country was a powder keg about to explode, when oppression and injustice burned like a wet log on an open fire, when the word "colored", was followed by the words," to the back" and "not served", James Brown gave us our pride, self-esteem and dignity with the song,"Say It Loud" which was followed by the words,"I'm Black and I'm Proud". This was during a time when full lips, and afros where not in vogue and were not considered a fashion statement and a movie look. It took a strong man to make the statement that the GodFather Of Soul made.

I was a young kid and I was amazed at the dance moves and energy that The GodFather put down. He was a one man showstopper! A master of the stage. His songs resonated throughout the community. Please, Please, Please, This is A Mans World, Cold Sweat, Hot Pants, Super Bad, Try Me, and many more. From our many conversations and numerous performances together, I had my own personal relationship with the man I was influenced by and whom I held in the highest regards. He would prove over and over again his love and concern for me and I appreciated him for it. Whenever he requested my presence I would make sure to get wherever he wanted me. I felt it was the least I could do to show my respect for a legend who did so much for his people and this country as well as world relations with his life and music.

For the past 50 years James brown has performed around the world and continued to create hot and meaningful music. From Michael Jackson, Prince, and MC Hammer to Usher, Chris Brown , Ne-Yo and Justin Timberlake the James Brown effect and legacy lives on.

In 1991 when I wrote the treatment for my Too Legit to Quit short film, I thought it would be a good time to honor my legend and hero, especially since he had just went through a tough time and being incarcerated. My perspective was that no one is perfect and his mistake did not take away one bit from his many sacrifices and contributions to music and society. I also filmed a special for HBO in Oakland called, "Influences" and chose The GodFather as my greatest influence. I even honored him on the, "Please Hammer Don't Hurt'em", album and tour with my theme song ,"Here Comes The Hammer", remixed to "Super Bad" and put his images in the video. I did a James Brown solo every night. I loved my God Father. I remember him asking me about some evil looking statues in the video we did together and he questioned the meaning of the symbols on the Kings chair I got him for the video. He was concerned that it could be sacrilegious and I said we on the same page thank you Jesus. GodFather would call me and check on me throughout the years and I'm going to miss his voice and laugh. From now on every year I will play James Brown on Christmas Day and honor his memory.

It's fitting that the King would pass into the King Of Kings arms on Christmas morning. He deserved such an honor. I love you GodFather.

Merry Christmas To All

Thank you Jesus for this symbolic day of your birth. Thank you for this
moment of humbleness and warmth we show to one another. Thank you for
the shedding of your blood that paid the price for our sins and gave us
our spiritual freedom. Thank you for sending your spirit to strenghthen
and empower us. Thank you for allowing us to feel and live the love,
which is your essence. Thank you for the moments and the memories. Thank
you for purpose. Thank you for pain, adversity, and trials. Thank you
for being there with us, in and through it all. The fourth man in the
fire. My help. I love you Jesus. Happy Birthday and Merry Christ Mas to
From my sidekick

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

The boy's open one gift on Christmas eve. A family tradition.
From my sidekick

Friday, December 22, 2006

Jeremiahs Favorite Place

Mc Donalds still makes the kids happy! All things in moderation. He
plays football, baseball, and loves to run and dance. A little Mickey
D's never hurt anybody! Instead of blaming Mc Donalds for the fat in the
food, exercise and cut back on all the eating and sitting around the
house and playing video games!! We all know fast food ain't the
healthiest food in the world!
From my sidekick

Monday, December 18, 2006

More For The Core

T Neal and HammerTime in Milwaukee it's goin down.
From my sidekick

Milwaukee: The Core DJ's

Time to celebrate and support the Core DJ's various labels and artist
from around the country. I'm hosting the celebration with T-Neal. The
Core DJ's are made up of over 300 dj's from throughout the country.

From my sidekick

Friday, December 15, 2006

God Bless The Troops

Remember our brothers and sisters as we move into the holidays. They
have given the ultimate gift. May their families have peace and strength
and comfort during these trying times.

The question is, is it time to bring our brothers home?
From my sidekick

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Lil Chris

I took my man Chris everywhere with me when he was a teen. He's 34 and
doing well. Great memories.
Boxing matches, camping, touring and plane trips. My wife and oldest
daughter Akeiba loved having Chris around the house.
From my sidekick

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


We text'n baby.
From my sidekick

Look University

Bill and Hammer mapping out the 2007 launch of Look University. Vishal
was traveling!
From my sidekick

Sundance 07

Here we come!! Congratulations to Justin and the "Finishing The Game"
crew. Sundance, we will be in the house!

From my sidekick

Friday, December 08, 2006

This is Vishal!!!!

Bizdev and friend!!
From my sidekick

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Kids Holiday Play

Jeremiah's class did a rodeo Christmas. It was a lot of fun and the kids
did great. Sammy loved it!!
From my sidekick