Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas To All

Thank you Jesus for this symbolic day of your birth. Thank you for this
moment of humbleness and warmth we show to one another. Thank you for
the shedding of your blood that paid the price for our sins and gave us
our spiritual freedom. Thank you for sending your spirit to strenghthen
and empower us. Thank you for allowing us to feel and live the love,
which is your essence. Thank you for the moments and the memories. Thank
you for purpose. Thank you for pain, adversity, and trials. Thank you
for being there with us, in and through it all. The fourth man in the
fire. My help. I love you Jesus. Happy Birthday and Merry Christ Mas to
From my sidekick


William T said...

Merry X'mas to you Hammer.

At the same time I heard about James Brown's death.

R.I.P. the Godfather of Soul.

William T

n8ivwarrior said...

Merry Christmas Hammer.

Live well and God Bless.

Anita said...

Jesus IS the reason 4 the season!!!

Hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas, as much as suspected with the death of your Hero and Friend. I know it must be hard.

But just like you mention in the post above a King was called into The King's arms on Christmas Day. He is definitely in a better place.

I immediately thought of you when we heard the news yesterday morning.

My prayers are with you, Hammer and of course to the Brown Family.


North said...

Merry Christmas Blessings MC, to you and yours; from me and mine.

May new year, be one of dreams coming true for you, as you follow your path with eager anticipation of them coming true...

God Bless you and the kids, MC; and all the best...

with loving kindness,

Deron said...

Hammer, I see in this picture that you're all decked out for the winter weather in a bright read toque, protecting that precious, rhyming head of yours from the cold, cold snow. And that's great because it gets awfully cold where I live, so I'm glad you're gearing up. But a picture of you just isn't enough, Hammer. I know this from experience. When I told my neighbours that MC Hammer was in my basement and they came around to see a picture of you I tore out of an old issue of Teen Beat that I found in a back alley and placed in a seashell-encrusted frame I got for 50 cents at a yard sale, they just laughed and beat down my Nintendo (old school). It's a great picture too, of you in some gold pants. One of your legs is ripped off, but you can still pretty much tell who it is.

But now I've lost all my street cred with my neighbours, and my only hope of getting back in with Norm and Hazel is to have you come live in my basement for real. I'll also give you this awesome tribute picture of you in this great frame that you might like.

PS - When I say it's cold here, it's not cold in my basement. I have carpet everywhere, a roaring fireplace with lots of stuff to burn -- mostly wood -- and my dog will cuddle up with you anyway, and he's usually pretty warm.

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