Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Blog In Review: Feb-23 (Art Of The Dance)

The art of the dance is in the imperfections. It is in these moments of correction that we are made whole. We practice and communicate to iron out the problems and challenges. I MC Hammer am back dancing because the world needs to dance and Hip Hop needs leadership. No leadership is like no father. Wisdom comes from living life. Life in this time has grown more complex and the world has become more violent.

Life is a dance. The imperfections, trials, test, adversities and strife, mold and make us. We see the real us when we are tried in the fire. We then have to decide if we like or can live with the man in the mirror or if change is in order. Being made whole is and ongoing and evolving process. The tempo and rhythm of the dance of life changes. We have to adapt. From ballroom dancing to the mash potatoes, time and season always requires a change of step.

The void of leadership in Hip Hop became more apparent as the year went on. Hip Hop reflects the current mind set and condition of the community. Rather than complain about the music or debating which region is the hottest, the real question is why is the majority of the songs about the same subject matter, even though the community faces a plethora of challenges. Music program directors need to balance the meals that are being fed to their public, the listeners. Artist make songs that they feel radio will support. In 2007 I hope to help balance the meal and provide leadership.

Life did become more violent this year. Wars and rumors of war escalated. Homicides in my hometown reached a ten year high. Homicides in Philadelphia topped the 400 mark. More than a funeral a day. This trend was repeated throughout the country. Unless we raise the awareness level of this new civil war against the system and self, we are doomed to repeat the riots that plagued this nation over thirty years ago. This time it will be more violent and bloody because the people feel there is no hope. The rebellion will be broadcast on demand and generated by the people. Jobs and education are key to resolving the conditions that create this culture of hopelessness.


North said...

Dear MC.. as we indeed reflect on the years past events; somehow north america has become a strong-hold for hopelessness, helplessness; and violence, which is symptoms of these... poverty is high; children being raised poor, witnessing parental stress's and anxiety as a result.

Men, and women; turning to momentary fix's of drugs, booze and pills; to ward of depression, anger, frustration, sleelessness; it's as if the government has managed to mentally-terrorize their own people into submissionary status....

ALL rules and regulations governing us as a nation of people; seemed to have become compromised... trust severed between leadners and voters, etc.

A change is imminent; and let us all hope and pray; it will be a change of positive influence; where mankind will stand up and say.. NO MORE! but, without violence; but rather, in solidarity; and in self-evaluation.

May 2007, become a spring-board for goodness, hope restorations, and jobs created.

with loving kindness,

Anita said...

"I MC Hammer am back dancing because the world needs to dance and Hip Hop needs leadership. No leadership is like no father."

I am truly proud to see you back doing what you do! The Hip Hop community also needs some positive lyrics these days and you're just the man 4 the job!!

I will continue to support you and your music, Hammer. I will tell all to get ready because "Here Comes The Hammer" in 2007!!! :)


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