Thursday, June 01, 2006

Working On The Look3X Launch!!!

4th Of July is right around the corner! I am burning the mid nite oil
making sure that the world will hear the new album. Digital will lead
the way. I have a lot of surprises tied to the digital album. Back to

From my sidekick


Body Like Beyonce said...

Im sure your hard work WILL pay off. Yep, July 4th is right around the corner. Can't wait ;-)

Miguel Oliveira said...

Just to send the best luck to a person I admire.
We hope to ear good news and good songs from you very soon here in Portugal.
It would be wonderful if you could make a concert in Portugal. We will not have that honour?
Greetings from Miguel Oliveira

My of life Pictures said...

Good luck Hammer with all the new music and the Group i hope and pray for you and your family God bless you and your family

Chadwick Walenga said...

hey hammer, can't wait to hear the new sound. if its anything like the little clip that we get when we arrive at your page, its going to be tight.

what software or equipment are you using to make it happen?

God Bless.

My of life Pictures said...

Hammer Good luck with everything i hope to hear more of your christian stuff and your preaching your Good at preching

Hammerfan said...

Hammer! jus wanna say its even a honour to be writing on your blog page!, all the way from london england!, we still love u out here man! cant wait 4 yo new album, i love yo tune "look3x" dats my jam! I'm christian too and i've bn a fan of your music since da 2legit dayz!, and i'm glad 2 kno your still doing your thing, thank god 4 your words of wisdom on the christian channel too! anywayz man keep doing yo thing! ur better dan all deze fake rappers 2day! look foward 2 yo new album, and may the lord guide u all the way, nuff luv man, god bless!

Hammerfan said...

Hey Hammer! me again man, sorry if this doesn't relate 2 the topic, but jus wanted 2 kno, will u be putting any of yo old skool videos up? coz i am SUCH a fan of your videos like "2legit 2 quit" "don't stop", "straight 2 my feet" (with yo boy deion sanders who is a GREAT singer btw!) "keep on" (DEEP song man) and "no stoppin us"? coz i'd really like 2 see those videos again, anywayz my e-mail is, hopefully i can view them there, and i say that with a big HOPE lol, anywayz man good luck wiv da album, and god bless!

k o w said...

Rock on Hammer, rock on.

doubleknot said...

Good Luck!

Anita said...

Can't wait, so the release will only be digital not in stores? I still haven't gotten with all of this downloading from the net, yet, I guess call me old school. I rather have a cd anyday! :)


Ava said...

Work, work, work ... it's all going to pay off for you.

I believe in you, Hammer.


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MC Hammer said...

Thanks HamFams (Hammer Fan Family)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hammer your song Look3x sounds great!!! i love it!! me and my brother are great fans of you, since you started...we were really hoping you would return in a big way!! my 9 year old son heard this song and asked me to get it for him! Good luck in everything you do from now. Regards. Melgar Family from Los Cabos Mexico

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