Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Now that we've gotten that out of the way and have celebrated this historic achievement, we can now move on to the business at hand. The business at hand is a country that stills wrestles with old demons that haunt and destroy the progress that we have made here in the land of the free, as a country and as a people. For every man that truly took issue with Barry Bonds surpassing the Babe because he thought Barry had an unfair advantage I have no issues with you.

My issue is only with the man who couldn't live with a Black hero overtaking his White hero and him using the steroid accusations to cover his true feelings. I hope that this is a small group and I pray that even this group learns to look beyond race and gender and look to the man and the accomplishment. We have such a great country and there is still a lot of work to be done in race relations, and learning to respect and celebrate our diversity. However, lets not use baseball as a negative platform to further divide a country that is in the middle of a mid life crisis. We need to use the game as a bridge of harmony and tolerance. Baseball itself, is already a great successful melting pot on the field. Let the game influence society and teach it how to prosper and win as a diverse team. All other issues not related to the game itself should be worked out in other venues. The game represents domestic tranquility. Fields of dreams.
Summer romances. Graduations and proms. Ice cream and soda. Hot dogs and popcorn.
Pennant drives and World Champions.

Barry we salute you. Well done. Hank Aaron will now receive the respect and honor he earned and America was not ready to give at the time.
The Babe should have never been the issue. He's not the home run champ. We do owe Babe for all he did to make the game what it is today. Home run King? That honor belongs to Hank. What was all the fuss about?


Anita said...

Yes Hammer I too celebrate as Berry has made such an historic moment in baseball and black history.

I agree with you, What was all the Fuss about? Like u said I someone trying to use the steroid issue to cover up their real true feelings about the man himself and the situation.

Sad but its true. Yes we still have a long way to go.

When this happened, I thought about u, and how proud u were gonna be. So I made my way to your blog to see what was up.


M.C. Hammer Fans

nicole said...

Wow, very nice post. I know next to nothing about baseball but you raised some interesting points that I hadn't thought of before.

n8ivwarrior said...

Someone implied that Hank Aaron wasn't the home run king? I always assumed there wasn't any doubt.

Well Done Barry.

DOD Fire Fighter said...

Hank isn't the home run king in baseball.....

Sadaharu Oh is the home run king with 868 in Japan.

This whole black vs. white thing is old and outdated. (or I'm just sick and tired of hearing about it for the past 25 years non-stop)

Anyone who has a problem with Barry beating Ruth's record just because he's white is an idiot.

What's next? When barry beats Hank is it going to be black vs. black?

Or if he gets over 800 are people going to say it's black vs. asian?

Sounds silly to me, because that's just what it is. What color you are has nothing to do with useing steriods to produce big numbers. Blacks, Whites, Asians...... A man is a man if you ask me. We all make our own decisions and have to live with them.

DOD Fire Fighter said...

To correct my above post:

Anyone who has a problem with Barry because he's black and beat Ruth, is an idiot.


Kimi said...

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doubleknot said...

I heard about Mr. Bonds on the news and think I have an understanding now but I always thought Hank Aaron beat Ruth's record quiet a few years ago.
All this black and white stuff is frustrating. Good post. Thanks.

UUNIK Talk said...

Your comments would be good if America actually operated in that fashion, but it doesn't. This country is ran by race, violence and power. It was founded by those things and is maintained by such.
Less than 1% of this country controls 80% or more of the wealth in this country while the rest of us are scrambling for crumbs. Barry's efforts symbolicly shows a Black being more powerful than white men (a fear that most white men have). They do not want to see any Black man with true power (not just talking about money). Power is the ability to exercise control of production, manufacturing and distribution of natural as well as human resources. This is why America wars with other countries like Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, Greneda, Haiti, etc. If u look at sports in general, who are the players (slaves) and who are the owners and managers (slave masters). The more things change, the more they stay the same.

UUNIK Talk said...

Good resource: The Isis Papers by Francis Cress Welsing.

Steve said...

Nice site Hammer... Awesome someone like you joined the blog world.

I think Barry is being wronged here. What he did or didn't do will always be debatable until we know the truth. Which we either already know or will never know judging by what has already out. As a long time baseball fan, I still say you gotta see the ball to hit it. And so far, I don't see a steroid being able to accomplish that for you. Didn't Denny McClain with 30 games and pitch a no-hitter in 1968 while dropping LSD before the game?

Race is unfortunately going to be more and more of an issue because of the steroids. We all have seen Michael Jordan dominate the sport of Basketball and we are seeing Tiger Woods dominate Golf. They never have had a controversy over their race because we have progressed so much from the old days. You are right when someone uses an excuse like steroids to hide true feelings. But if you look a little deeper into person's feelings, I bet you'll find they have always been a bigot... they just give a free pass to Jordan and Woods because there isn't anything really controversial with them.

Vince said...

I didn't even know there was a color issue. I just want to see Barry hit the ball. What people take into their bodies ought to be their own business. If someone says, "unfair!" I say you only find fair in the dictionary, and even then it's sometimes spelled wrong...Go Bonds, keep breakin' records! And may you play baseball 'till you can no longer grip the bat!!! P.S. I think they oughta teach Nascar in School.

The Rev said...


I agree with most of what you said.

But I say this... if Barry Bonds gets closer to Hank Aaron, I believe the American public will raise just as much an issue with him breaking Aaron's record as they did with passing the Babe, and maybe even more of an issue. And that has everything to do with the steriods question.

If anyone had a problem with Barry passing the Babe based on the color of his skin, then shame on you. Like you Hammer, I do pray this was a small group. I don't doubt their existence at all.

But the problem most of America has with Barry Bonds is based on more legitimate issues with how he achieved this. I do believe that is the bigger voice in this case.

I personally hope Hank Aaron stays on top forever because he dealt with way more racial backlash than Bonds has, and maintained a high level of class throughout. Hank Aaron deserves to be the home run champ forever, and I have always admired him for what he did.

You are right though. America does still have it's racial demons. We need to deal with those. But we can't attach the racial issue to the Barry Bonds story when there are bigger and more important issues to discuss when it comes to him. And, it takes our focus away from the bigger racial problems in America.

k o w said...

Ruth did it with beer and hotdogs.

Need I say more?

Ellen Thunite said...

When Roger Maris beat Babe's single season record he got crucified too. Babe has been deified by America. Maybe subliminally it's his name, Babe, baby, setting the record, babe hot woman?
The Temple of Love

Tom L. said...

Gee, I'm glad to be told what my reasons are for NOT accepting Bonds' record. God knows we whites can't disagree over ANYTHING else other than the fact its because Bonds is black. Yes, simply because I'm white it ALWAYS has to be about race. Lets also ignore bonds anti-white comments serveral weeks before he broke the record. You see, if your black you just CAN'T be a racist. finally, of course mass quantities of steroids had nothing to do with it. We all know steroids and huge gains in muscle mass and athletic performance is a lie perpetrated by the horrible white devils. yes yes, black athletes have been blocked by whitey from attaining records in sports. Or is it whitey puts blacks in sports for his entertainment. Oh lets face he, whatever he does we just know its bad because all whites harbor racism and evil in their hearts.

Now excuse while I go flagellate myself over being born white. meanwhile I'm sure this will be deleted because its from a white and god knows it has a racist agenda.

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