Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Birthday SAMMY !!!!!!

This is my son Sammy he's 4yrs old today. Miracle Sam was born 1 pound and eleven ounces. He fought for his life with the support of many friends and family whom all prayed and visited Sammy in his 3 months in the hospital. The toughest days of my life as a Father and husband. My Wife fought for her life with complications and it was rough to have two loves wrestling and fighting off death. God sent the Word and destroyed the agenda of the enemy as both not only survived but went on to flourish. Life is so precious and I'm so grateful to have my Wife and Son. I celebrate Miracle Sams Birthday as well as God's Grace to bless my Wonderful Wife to complete health as well. What a Glorious Day !!!! Thank U Lord and Happy Birthday Miracle Sam !!!!


jared said...

happy birthday sammy...
thanks for sharing yr story. god bless u all xx

taik said...

Happy Birthday Sammy-sweet baby baby. May you have so much fun with your family and friends.

Delia L. Smith said...

God bless u and ur miracle baby Sam. . . 4 many more happy days. Thank u 4 sharing ur testimony in this forum.

Lovely said...

Happy birthday little Sammy you look cute in that suit.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Sammy =) have a great day..
Thank you for sharing your story..
Take it easy

Anonymous said...


Zeuxis said...

Happy B day kido!! Sometimes miracles are needed in life!

Btw, ask your daddy for me if he would like some help from a designer to pimp up his blog ;) free of charge, he paid me enough with his dance and music as I grew up ;) Legend!


Iyana said...

Hi MC Hammer and Happy B-day sammy! I hope he grows up to be like his dad (or like me to be a chef of a chinese resturant :-)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Sammy happy birthday! Remember you're born because the world needs you. God bless you

Laurato Belano said...

Happy Birthay Sammy!

Have fun with your family and friends! big hug for you all!


boxingduo said...
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boxingduo said...

Happy B-Day Sammy

That's also my Name and what a name it is ;)

Also Hammer i was going to use one of your songs on a YouTube Video but they won't allow it unless i have your permission.


Bump said...

Tha homie Big Sam!You a beast, homie.Daddy & Booby betta watch out-That split you broke off ain't for tha regular youngstas out there!!You keep it "All Good", & let daddy know tha fans iz tha homies & we ain't goin' nowhere!!Happy Birthday homie!!!!

Darla said...

~D -

Ju Ju the Poet said...

I love the Hammer family. I wish I had a family like that.

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The Gossip Hound said...

You must be one proud papa.

gina logan kestler said...

i was your limo driver in florida during hammertime. fun times!
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