Saturday, February 14, 2009

BLAST24 : Happy Valentines Day Ladies !!!

WE Celebrate YOU !!!

Celebrating Our Women by MC Hammer by MCHAMMER

  1. Stuart O'ConnorScreenjabber @MCHammer Your pants are currently being discussed on BBC News.
  2. VogueLibertineVogueLibertine @MCHammer Thank you! Happy Valentine's Day to you too! ~V~
  3. Stylish Onestylishone @MCHammer 14.4k yea...? So you were one of THOSE high rollers? 14.4k was the shi% back then
  4. lazarus7lazarus7 @mchammer I have no doubt as to the depth of your reservoir ... you are still here ... doing the things you do
  5. Cindy DietrichCindy_Dietrich @mchammer God Bless you! I have followed you for years! Keep doing the right thing and I know you will be rewarded! Cindy
  6. ladybugs_mommyladybugs_mommy @MCHammer thanks my dear! happy vday to you and your wifey too!
  7. Ricardo LeañosMrBrocco @MCHAMMER FTW
  8. Mason Chennchennster @MCHammer do you know Clinton? He goes to your church. An old friend I used to work with at catholic charities.
  9. Alyssa Grayalyssanothing @MCHammer Yes. Happy Valentine's Day to me. And all the other ladies.
  10. Bruce Wagnerbruce_wagner @mchammer What are your thoughts on how Nine Inch Nails made so much money distributing directly via bittorrent?
  11. Hunt Talent Mgmthunttalent @MCHammer They are too confused by the changes they can't understand and the formula that stopped working for them.
  12. Tim PriceHieroHero @MCHammer record labels don't need to work harder they need to work smarter, return to developing artists and embrace the new technology
  13. Brenda PiersonBabyBlueLindsay @MCHammer I know of too many people they'd rather run out than give their artists the exposure they won't give them.
  14. Brenda PiersonBabyBlueLindsay @MCHammer Record labels need to get with the program period!
  15. ShannonShan10 @MCHammer Thanks for the shot out nice to no someone cares about the ladies
  16. lindaleelindaleelindaleeplease @mchammer listening to mc hammer's song celebrating women
  17. Daniel FoganholiSpaceboi_smalls @MCHammer nice article!
  18. Mone't Sykesmoestress @MCHammer Thanks mr. hammer! :)
  19. riomccarthyriomccarthy @MCHammer Woo! And a happy one to you, good sir! :D
  20. Ann Glennurlgrl @MCHammer i wish record labels would have embraced the web years ago when they had the chance!

  1. Jason DeFillippojpdefillippo @MCHammer Record labels must crawl under a rock and die
  2. peggymadsenpeggymadsen @MCHammer Celebrating Hammer, too! :)
  3. Teflon Johnnyteflonjohnny @MCHammer work harder or scout better talent??? both
  4. MarieMarieStroughter @MCHammer Awwww! Thank you (& back attcha...hope you had a good one!)
  5. NochipraNochipra @MCHammer :) THANK YOU! LOVE THE SONG:) It's always nice to be appreciated by a real gentleman:)
  6. tinateeetinateee @MCHammer Happy VDay to you!
  7. kingyattakingyatta @MCHammer - I agree checkout this site http://www.musichostnetwork...
  8. Julie ElanderJMcMurdo @MCHammer Thanks, MC! : ) ♥
  9. summer harpersumsum2 Icon_lock @MCHammer <3>
  10. CharityVirtueIMC @mchammer can't tell you how many butts you prob saved with that Jam - some dudes will not be in the dog house 2nite. Happy Valentines Day!
  11. Hannah Beehannerahh @MCHammer haha thank you love xo
  12. Morganameliawts @MCHammer I LOVE your tune!!!!! <3>
  13. nathanmcgeenathanmcgee @MCHammer This is the age where the music artist can really take control! Great article
  14. Caco Portelacacoportela @MCHammer While 1% of entire people still have almost 50% of all money in the world, will be so hard to have a fairer society.
  15. rodneycreative1rodneycreative1 @MCHammer Pumps N A Bump is a classic V Day song
  16. marc leftonmarclefton @MCHammer record labels are slow to evolve just like ad agencies.
  17. Vanessa Hughesvjhoneycut @MCHammer U Can't Touch This...You were the first concert I ever went to, TLC opened....Good Times...seems like so long ago..
  18. Monaram0na @MCHammer thanks! where's your woman?!
  19. Freedom Flynnfreedomflynn @MCHammer This proves my thinking about the big 3. Musicians will b their own label soon. I've been working on a model 2 capitalize on this.
  20. Susan BrattonSusanBratton @MCHammer Thanks,MC, for the Valentine's Day love.


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nice :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Hammer very nice. Happy V-Day to you and Stephanie.

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