Sunday, February 15, 2009

BLAST24 : Do you know who you are ?

  1. j9robozombdino @MCHammer Very insightful. Thank you.
  2. Justinj00zt1n @MCHammer My friend randomly started singing 2 Legit 2 Quit at Dairy Queen last night, it was weird. Of course, it's still stuck in my head.
  3. TIGER HEROTigerHero @MCHammer I'll always be a fan, Hammer!!
  4. jordanjordybug2jee @mchammer, I hope i know who I am, I met me over 20 years ago :)
  5. sharon_wsharon_w @MCHammer kudos for your always positive message. You're a great follow!
  6. Aaron Brazelltechnosailor @MCHammer I'd like to have coffee with you when I come to the Valley
  7. Chris Wilsonsqurger @MCHammer yes hammer an employee of squrger inc.
  8. Reality DoucheRealityDouche @mchammer you've got to love what's on our brain you are removed no one follows niggers!
  9. Jessica Margolinkitode @MCHammer - Well, I do know who I am, as myself. But at any point in time, interacting, it gets a little random. And sometimes I'm a mirror.
  10. BetsyHijaziBetsyHijazi @MCHammer "Color me how u want. I'm still me!" -- quite prophetic. I might actually use that one.
  11. Alix Dahlalix_says @MCHammer I am what everyone else thinks I am, because no matter what your mom said, it's what's outside that counts.
  12. Mattmbugbee @MCHammer Do you know WHY you are who you are? Also have you tried the new Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil Triscuits? Soooooo good.
  13. Scott Piercescottpierce @MCHammer Nope.
  15. CharityVirtueIMC @mchammer I'm a mirror reflecting the best in those I meet... hoping that by being the best I can be , it will have a + impact on the world
  16. Todd Steinhilbersteinebone @MCHammer I Am the Alpha and the Omega. I am the source of all well-being. And so is everyone else..
  17. ootragirlootragirl @MCHammer I do know who I am.. frustration lies in misinterpretations..of me I live from pure heart always & one day will truly be "seen"
  18. Elijah Morelandishmael5 @MCHammer A more indepth answer: I'm a sinner who God showed mercy to. He has saved me by His grace alone, without Christ, I am nothing.
  19. Stacey Abshiresabshire @MCHammer I am not, but I know I AM.
  20. Jack Patearkansas @MCHammer Hammer -- is rap music protest music?

  1. ootragirlootragirl @MCHammer I do know who I am.. frustration lies in misinterpretations..of me I live from pure heart always & one day will truly be "seen"
  2. Elijah Morelandishmael5 @MCHammer A more indepth answer: I'm a sinner who God showed mercy to. He has saved me by His grace alone, without Christ, I am nothing.
  3. Stacey Abshiresabshire @MCHammer I am not, but I know I AM.
  4. Jack Patearkansas @MCHammer Hammer -- is rap music protest music?
  5. Bonnie's 30 Thingsbscahill @MCHammer I sure do! And I think I'm fabulous! I am an achiever, a Producer who takes care of herself.
  6. Mathew Gomesinvernessfalls @MCHammer I'm pretty much the baddest mf on the planet in every single way.
  7. ღDreamgirlfiredancergirl @MCHammer I know who I am and ...I love her. *smiles*
  8. Alex Hackneyalexhackney @MCHammer Arent you a guy?
  9. Deborah Ridolfodeestbie @MCHammer Wish this idea was taught in schools, it is not. So many finish school feeling lost. So you learn it later...sometimes way later.
  10. Carter McNeesecm1165 @MCHammer I am grounded in the essence that precedes existence through the Radical Good News of Love and Inclusion, and I like ice cream
  11. zimmer.z1mm3r @MChammer I'm Brian Fagan.
  12. amy vyctoryavyctorya @MCHammer Not really.
  13. samuelmillersamuelmiller @MCHammer I'm a Fatty!
  14. WalkingHorseWalkingHorse @MCHammer country. In my spare time, I am nurturing my beloved horse back to health&taking care of the rest of my herd.Thanks for asking. :)
  15. Harrison M.EdgySwordbearer @MCHammer Like...there's too much interacting and going on to sum it up into sentences
  16. ScottBrandonHoffmanTheEntertainer @MCHammer RT @jamesrose @MCHammer A lacuna in time. A figment. An idea. A beating heart. A source of Love. (Wisdom that breathes the truth)
  17. Power Women MagazinePowerWomenMag @MCHammer love the gold commercial you crack me up..tell Ed howdy do..LOL
  18. Tracey C.Tcsavory @MCHammer i do, completely
  19. scottsummitscottsummit @MCHammer - I know that I am a mortal being with only so many heartbeats left. I choose to hack into life and solve the day's problems. DBNR
  20. Harrison M.EdgySwordbearer @MCHammer I've been working on that, and I think I've got a pretty good handle on it. At least in my head. Can't translate it to words yet
  1. ndyanks99 @MCHammer Thanks for repeating!
  2. Kate McGrathkatemix @MCHammer Who am I? I'm 19 but still just a kid. I love dinosaurs & purple & goldhearted boys who sing songs for all the right reasons.
  3. WalkingHorseWalkingHorse @MCHammer college, one heading to college next year and one contemplating having his shunt removed so that he can enlist and serve his
  4. Todd Steinhilbersteinebone @MCHammer controling perception is impossible. You may be able to nudge it a little, but that's all. As Cartman said: I do what I want!!!
  5. Bob McDonaldbobmcdonald @MCHammer Who I am is probably not as important as what direction I'm heading. And I think after this week, I'm headed the right way.
  6. Julie McLeodSmavvy @MCHammer i'm passionate
  7. Ericanaturevisions @MCHammer Me, myself, & I - getting to know all about me:-)
  8. J LoWbrainiacboo @MCHammer who am i? i am a completely unique individual; a composite of anyone and everything that has ever touched my life. follow me
  9. Jared Goswell-Averyjaredavery @MCHammer I'm someone who is in control of his destiny no matter how absurd the outcome might be.
  10. WalkingHorseWalkingHorse @MCHammer Yes sir, I sure do. I'm a child of God, a wife to the most incredible man on earth. I'm a mom to four outstanding young men...2 in
  11. Rob MichaelAtmosTrio @MCHammer Just when I think I know--something happens to slap upside the head--then--back to the drawing board (that's a good thing.)
  12. Janet KinosianSTWBYF4 @MCHammer yep, child of the King; pilgrim on this beautiful journey.
  13. Catherine ColvardCatColvard @MCHammer Honest answer? Not at all! I am actually just realizing this which has opened the door for lots of learning!
  14. Miss Trishricianne @mchammer i am God's favorite :D You are in my care, don't be are my chosen, my very favorite (isaiah 44:1-2) LOL!!!!
  15. ♺✂☃☮Joel☮☃✂♺b52 @MCHammer If McDonalds had food worth eating, they would have a McHammer. It would be a very good steak-burger. A REAL slab of steak.
  16. DudeAsInCoolDudeAsInCool @MCHammer You betcha.
  17. GOONER_ALIGOONER_ALI @MCHammer = No, nor what, nor where, nor when, nor which?
  18. TCWolfGeorges @MCHammer I am far too many things for a measly 140 characters.
  19. Amy ~ AllAboutEnergyallaboutenergy @MCHammer One can only transcend perception thru enlightenment. ~ Prt 2 - You BET I know who/what I am & who every1 else is too!
  20. Daniel D. Escobardanesc @MCHammer very true and great way of putting it ;-) Cheers.

  1. cafe1989cafe1989 @mchammer Who I am is a mother trying to raise two teenager daughters and have them turn out ok.
  2. Reality DoucheRealityDouche @mchammer you are God's child ... and I'm the whitey... even I love you because of OUR God... what's up?
  3. James Rosejamesrose @MCHammer A lacuna in time. A figment. An idea. A beating heart. A source of Love
  4. Dave-Oxcadaverx @MCHammer quite the thinker, you are.
  5. 5StarhiphopTS15StarhiphopTS1 @MCHammer Yes I do. I am God's son. I'm a Father, Ason, and a Brother. Oh Yes, Please Believe it!
  6. Devon Warthen23rdSoul @MCHammer No, not really
  7. Mitzie Beyermitzmom @MCHammer Do you?
  8. Amy ~ AllAboutEnergyallaboutenergy @MCHammer Re: perception. All we HAVE is our perception. It is how we perceive anything thru our personal set of filters.
  9. Jamie Gewurzjgewurz @MCHammer yes hammer... i do
  10. Nicole DiGiacomondyanks99 @MCHammer I think it changes everyday with the people I meet and experiences I go through, though my values never do.
  11. Lonn Johnstonp1lonn @MCHammer Watching you on YouTube right now with my twin 13-year-old girls and loving it
  12. Nic Baisleynbaisley @MCHammer who I am is prismatic..seen differently depending on how light shines through me. Color me how u want. I'm still me!
  13. Lee GillenwaterLeeG Icon_lock @MCHammer yes. I know who I am.
  14. Ari Herzogariherzog @MCHammer is tweeting right now, so here's his runaway 1990 hit. How come his first two albums aren't blipped? ♫
  15. Reality DoucheRealityDouche @mchammer you are not the old man down the road, but if you want to feel me... see ccr.. green river... you will love the naw orlanz sound!
  16. ShaunDawnGoodsellMentalEdge @MCHammer who I am? I am the sum total of my choices and my intentions lived in harmony with my life purpose.
  17. Alex Hackneyalexhackney @MCHammer I know who I am, do you?
  18. gregulargregular @MCHammer I am a child of God
  19. Randy PersaudRandyPersaud @MCHammer my mom tells me Im handsome little devil...well that was 15yrs ago..she hasnt said much now Im lost..who am I?
  20. Mike Shelbymikeshelby @MCHammer Yep, one of your fans.

  1. Jon BakerJonBaker @MCHammer Doesn't matter if I know who I am. Only who I think I am. Even if we're wrong, eventually we become exactly who we think we are.
  2. Deborah Ridolfodeestbie @MCHammer Yes... And up until now it is not who I've been :)
  3. Lisa KesslerLdyDisney @MCHammer Yep... :)
  4. summer harpersumsum2 Icon_lock @MCHammer nope
  5. Gene Bradygenebrady @MCHammer "Do you know who you are ?" Pretty loaded question. Let me look at my driver's license...yes, I do, & my eye color and height.
  6. asthewheelrollsasthewheelrolls @MCHammer I wish I did.
  7. Brandon Gibsongbr4k @MCHammer that's a question that's very need like a couple minutes to just digest that .
  8. Reality DoucheRealityDouche @mchammer you talk to much and you know you need to listen to the God that makes me like you... he is above my racism... vh1 can't cover it
  9. marcarossmarcaross @MCHammer yes
  10. The Full GinsburgTheFullGinsburg @MCHammer Not MC Hammer. UNFORTUNATELY.
  11. Danna Crawfordpowersellingmom @MCHammer I do know who I am! I had one of your dolls once but I sold it on eBay! I did get a nice chunk of change for it too! ((smiles))
  12. Joe DoylejoeyTWOwheels @MCHammer I am me. Do you know who you are?
  13. Elijah Morelandishmael5 @MCHammer Yes Hammer, as a matter of fact, I DO know who I am.
  14. Daniel D. Escobardanesc @MCHammer sure.... do you?
  15. Gabe TavianoGodsMac @MCHammer I know I am loved by God. Who I am starts there.
  16. Trish Bowerpnutbtrjelee @MCHammer but, I'm not perfect and every day is a learning experience
  17. Mitzie Beyermitzmom @MCHammer YES I DO!!! Great question!!
  18. Jenn (CrazyBliss)CrazyBliss @MCHammer - hmmm. not always, i must admit. and you?
  19. Allan Misnerbaldeagle @MCHammer Yes, I do. But I've had many years to learn.
  20. Asatiirasatiir Icon_lock @MCHammer no, who am I? o.o


sillysyl said...

Everyday i learn about a me, that i did not know yesterday. The more exposure i have the more i get to know me in different circumstances. But there is always a core part of me that no matter the ebb or the flow never changes.

streetcertifieddvd said...

Sup Ham, hope all is well with you. Don't know if you remember me, but
I interviewed you at Kassabian Motors a little while ago for DJ Vlad's
"Ghostride The Whip" documentary. Ham, the reason i'm contacting you
is because I have a hip hop DVD entitled "Street Certified" and I have
a distribution deal with Koch and my DVD is nationally and worldwide
sold through all the major media outlets (Best Buy, Sears, Barnes &
Noble, FYE just to name a few) I saw you were having an old school
show on May 21st at San Manuel casino which is approximately 20
minutes away from where I live and I was wondering if I could catch up
with you and do a interview with you to be featured on my DVD. If this
is possible or not, please contact me by email or phone (760)900-7237
I know you're a very busy man Ham and I thank you very much for your
time! Have a blessed day! Los