Monday, January 12, 2009

bryanclark @MCHammer Sent you a direct message. Love the new track!!!
ninamodi du rietz
ninamodi @MCHammer Is it Socialize? Loven it baby! Need more stuff like this in Europe, really! BTW, have BM in opera, but been doing lots of R&B@UK.
Miguel Lopez
mklopez @MCHammer sure i do. And thanks for all those years creating awesome content!
Lloyd Hannesson
dasme @MCHammer Digging the track! Can you imagine doing this 5-10 years ago? Instant feedback with the fans? That's the true power of socialmedia
Jonathan Perry
discoverysound @MCHammer When you coming to Japan? Let me know. You are still big over here and making a CD wouldn't hurt .
Lavelle Collins
lavellecollins @MCHammer Not sure if it was your intentions, but the socialists seem to dig it.
John Christenbury
dmackdaddy Icon_lock @MCHammer Hold on Hammer, trying to DL the track now but @soundcloud is laggin a bit. Gimme a few more mins!
angelashupe @MCHammer Great song! I found myself bobbing my head along with the beat while working. :-)
ninamodi du rietz
ninamodi @MCHammer OMG! I love George Clinton! Had the honour to see him in concert one day in New Orleans, he was AWESOME! Send link please! Peace!
Kurtis Marsh
kurtismarsh @MCHammer @russM the description I couldnt form on my own but totally agree with. pure awesomeness
Miguel Lopez
mklopez @MCHammer that is COOL, man.... i can't stop moving my feet (it must be also some adrenaline left from 24)
jacque dalton
jacquedalton @MCHammer don't have my "ear" on right now. DL'd & plan to listen L8r. u so rock dude!
Sean Mulkerne
Russ McBee
RussM @MCHammer This is awesome. Clubby, happy, groovy, Clintonesque (George, not Bill), fun, and optimistic. Just what we need. Kudos!
SteveCockrane @MCHammer Cool song, great feel good to hear you again
IPv6Freely @MCHammer Just grabbed it! Great tune man!
Jeremy Cochran
eepgonewild @MCHammer When I got my first job the first thing I got with my own $ was a Cd plyr your cd. u can't touch this and Pray were my favorites
dilvie @MCHammer If you put up a remix pack, I'll get you some remixes. I know a ton of producers.
shannatrenholm @MCHammer Thanks for that. Nice groove
Jeremy Bernhardt
jeremythegeek @MCHammer: Why don't you start uploading some of your work on @grooveshark ?
Eric Fox
Carlton Flowers
carltonf @MCHammer Hey Hammer, read this story on a GREAT gentleman who needs our help to spread the word on this article!
Fiona Bloom
Fionabloom @MCHammer thanks for hipping me @soundcloud I just signed up.
dilvie @MCHammer Waiting for the remix pack. Hook it up!
Robert W
robertwood @MCHammer Socialize is pretty cool. You going to DC for the festivities?
AlexConde @MCHammer Digging Hammertime Radio so far! Where can I catch socialize?
Nicholas Young
nicholaswyoung @MCHammer That new track should totally be podsafe. Have you thought about that?
bryanclark @MCHammer You got a link for this new song?
jordikell Icon_lock @MCHammer awesome song thank you so much sharing with all of us!!!
bestjerky @MCHammer won't tweet to you anymore. You wouldn't talk to me about dancing.:) My favorite thing to do, why am I not dancing anymore.??
Nicholas Young
b52 @MCHammer I hope you have received my tweet.
koreelove @MCHammer peace love and breakbeatz!
Brian Carter
briancarter @mchammer cool, retweeted it, nice tune
Travis Wright
teedubya @MCHammer nice retweet. Im gonna start strategically putting 'U Can't Touch This' in my tweets for Hammer retweeting purposes! LMAO

mommily @MCHammer I'm listening to Socialize on headphones--it's definitely making me want to get up & dance! Love the celebratory & uplifting vibe.
Raven Brooks
ravenb @mchammer just put out a new track called "Socialize" nice upbeat track that I'm sure you'll hear in the clubs soon.
RebekahRobinson @MCHammer You are very welcome! :-) It's quite cool that you actually answer people when they write to many people don't.
The_Weakonomist @MCHammer I loved socialize and I GO!
James Graf
Enderpanda @MCHammer I like it! Not my genre of choice but it's really good, very catchy. Perfect song for Twitter :)
Pleasureellis @Mchammer will be premiering my song THIEF IN THE NITE tonite.. I ll keep u all posted.. I want u to download it..
Ross Arbour
RossArbour @MCHammer 'Socialize' is fantastic. Elegant, catchy - a joy to listen to. I heard a "wayback hit": 'Can't Touch This', on the radio today!
Myles Weissleder
mylerdude @MCHammer Yo MC! Join us on Wed @ SF New Tech (http://jan14sfnewtech.event...) DM & I'll send you a comp code (4 you & your posse!)
Kickboard King
Alrady40 @MCHammer Is it new thing to need password for dance jam? followed link U posted this AM for contest. need password so I "cant' touch this"
raywellen @MCHammer Nice new default picture
Dave Curlee
davecurlee @MCHammer I dig the new pic bro. How was your Xmas and New Years? Lots of good family and food?
Ben Berry
techknowgn @MCHammer has a new song out "Socialize". It's really good. It's clubby, poppy, upbeat, and not the Hammer you remember.
Julie Vazquez
JustJulie @MCHammer My post and pic of meeting you the other night. Thanks for the pic! I appreciate it!
Josh Craig
joshuatylrcraig @McHammer No Prob. man.. Can't wait to hear more :)
nrek @MCHammer i'm tempted to mash up your "socialize" track & replace the word "dance" with "tweet"
lostlo @MCHammer yay, I finally got something! thanks!
Michelle M McCormack
Giles Baggott
Flangel66 @MCHammer Just listened to Socialize - Absolutely love it. In fact, I'm dancing round the kitchen as I tweet! Great job!
Pleasureellis @MCHammer Most Def Give em some Thief and the nite!!!! We got to spread the HOTNESS tonite!

Brian Carter
briancarter @MCHammer SOCIALIZE is a new song by you?
Kieran Manzi
TGN @MCHammer you should let @EAMobile do a remix of socialize. ;)
Esther Williams
EJWilliams @MCHammer I loved the new song, Socialize! I left you a comment on SoundCloud, it's a great nightclub dancing tune or even a Twitter tune!
Josh Craig
Rob Robson
fifthplanecomin @MCHammer nice pulse to that track - thanks for sharing
ryanmerket @MCHammer good seeing you at the crunchies, glad you never let ricky tear you down, you inspired so many :)
Kieran Manzi
TGN @MCHammer great what profile is your official one? Is there a place to download the .mp3 version of the song so I can put it on my walkman.
richbirch RT @MCHammer MCHAMMER - "SOCIALIZE" (Hammer giving away a track for free for one hour - yes I am following @MCHAMMER)
Ski Sullivan
freetodream5 @MCHammer Thanks for the download dude! can't wait to hear it!!!
Kieran Manzi
TGN @MCHammer loving the song. any plans to put it on myspace music so people can add it to their playlist I know I would.
justajust @MCHammer yo hammer why u need to put that "Don't Stop" video on line man. We were talking about all day at work and how hard your moves ...
Chuck Holliday
chuckholliday @MCHammer that's wild! I'm always still amazed at how music has a universal language regardless of culture.
Jonathan Keller
orions55 @mchammer listening to Dwight Gooden's son/rap artist 'Lil Doc' give you, Tupac and Snoop props for his inspiration.
E. Six
eroku @MCHammer Karaoke in japan... "Can't touch this" is an anthem to "old" school hiphop. That's global!


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