Saturday, January 17, 2009

BLAST24: Weekend Update


Kim said...

It is so good to see and hear you again - catching up with your career!

God is good and I thank Him for your sister's recovery.

Keep on making music. I still have "Pray" and "Please Don't Pass Me By" on my iPod on heavy rotation and my littlest daughter learned to dance to "You Can't Touch This" at the age of 11 months almost 18 years ago.

You rock, Hammer.

Like I said, it's great to see and hear you again.

Ellis Nadler said...

have a great inauguration party

Lukeither said...

Bringing some love from the Twitterverse, just watching your video is bringing out a lot of emotions for me too. Enjoy this historical weekend and the dance off. Happy 50th Birthday to your sister and many, many more to her.

This IS a celebration!

Please stop by to visit me at, share with us your favorite food.

Mark said...

I've been watching CNN all weekend, and I have to say, I'm excited for you folks down in the States. As a Canadian, I'm happy to see the American's will soon have a president that looks and acts like a president, and is less reminiscent of a village idiot....not that I'm saying Bush came across as a village idiot, but I might be implying it....especially after watching that blooper reel they showed on CBC this morning.....

Still, I'm excited! After eight years of turning on the TV and seeing the same old BS, it's nice to see that there will be some change coming. [/rant]

north/donnadoreen said...

Wishing your sister peace, and Big -50- Birthday Blessings!!

Have a great Inaguration Celebration, we are celebrating here in canada too...

peace, one love;

Gaby-Bali said...

WOWW, MC HAMMER rocks again!
Still, Can;t Touch This is fenomenal - nothing compare to it.
Cheers from Bali, Indonesia.
When are you going to have a gospel concert here? Have u got one?

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