Saturday, January 03, 2009

BLAST24: Sammy at 3am ...

Updates beginning with @MCHammer

djbrainchild @MCHammer what are the odds of you bringing back Reverend Pressure?
Todd R Jordan
indyrant @MCHammer get some sleep hammer.
RickCogley @MCHammer sultry funk, that's good stuff.
David Buffalo
IRON100 @MCHammer Hope Sammy, you and yours have a wonderful 2009!
Kizzy Icon_lock @MCHammer Is that good or bad?
iSoozee @MCHammer Precious lol...luv the moves Little Sammy!!
David Buffalo
IRON100 @MCHammer I could see he had the moves :) Had to come from Dad.
trilogybeats @MCHammer Just a couple lessons and he'll be ready lol
David Buffalo
IRON100 @MCHammer Sammy is 2028's new superstar. Cool.
JNewz @MCHammer can you put the track on Z share so I can download that
djbrainchild @MCHammer wow!!! i haven't heard this song in ages.
Skimasksoldier @MCHammer you must never sleep homie
Warren Andrew
WarrenAndrew @MCHammer I did not know you were in VP-47 ... I used to live @ Moffett Field in the 80's! Home of the P3 Orions My Father was in VP-40
TechFrog @MCHammer you got your mojo back, nice track
BlackPearlCreat @mchammer is it a late night or early morning for you?
JNewz @MCHammer I thought it was soul train funk lol but that was feel good party music
elspuddy @MCHammer you havre chicken for breakfast ?? i would say thats weird, but i got Porage oats with two snack box's of raisins and milk ;)

sassy001 @MCHammer mmm a bit though it is powerful. The composer is 35
TechFrog @MCHammer You've been hangin with too many loose woman Mr. PS, you know you're jealous of that Gremlin. That's true Americana right there
PremaLaNay @MCHammer Sultry funk vid-@ 3:40 the dude w/glass sold me!The kids had the most fun.much respect 2u sir.u r who taught me 2 go 4 it.
OhMyDamnKelsey @MCHammer Just realized i could do that! Thanks! <3
Ronnie Wilson
ronniewilson @MCHammer If that is the car I sure wouldn't want 425hp in that thing lmbo
Iba Oshun
PoEthicSoul @MCHammer i thought you were going to sleep....tsk tsk tsk.
Derek Young
BigToys @MCHammer OMG: That took me back. I almost cried, wishing on those days again.
Sherwin Baniqued
sherwinjtb @MCHammer whoah that really u? didn't think i'd find someone like u on twitter woot! haha
Shannon Seek
shannonseek @MCHammer Bubba's is a daytime/early eve thing, like on your way back from a drive out Sir Francis Drake to the beach (closed on Mondays).
Cathy Scott
Shannon Seek
shannonseek @MCHammer Bubba's is right on the "main drag," San Anselmo Ave.. Near cool local shops & park. Nice to walk along b4 & after the eats.
TechFrog @MCHammer Finally, I found your muscle car and I'm sure I got the color right too
Cathy Scott
CathyScott @MCHammer In case u haven't seen this, The Daily Page talks a bit about the release of your new vinyl:
Alan W. Silberberg
You2Gov @mchammer I happened to be online last night when you "released" your new song. Excellent. Good luck with it, I am sure peeps will love it.
sassy001 @MCHammer I sang this in europe in college. true musical talent. Please enjoy
Dave Johnston
davejohnston @MCHammer Great morning/evening to you. I'm up toiling away at work. And btw, please don't hurt em.
Lizz Harmon
Yam De La Pena
tyamdm @MCHammer very true I live in Vancouver Canada so I hear ya. It's all about being focused. U said breakfast so I thought u might be East.


Anonymous said...

Hammer time...

Samuel Cute!!

Luf Tanza Gurl and some Skittles

Stayin cool.

Hip Horray 2009


Gypsy Gurl

Marika Bree said...

Where I do follow or subscribe to your blog... it's really cool!