Friday, January 02, 2009

BLAST24: PLeasure Ellis..."Thief In The Nite"

Warren Andrew
WarrenAndrew @MCHammer On my 3rd listen. I'm diggin it :)

Ed Moltzen
emoltzen @MCHammer Nice job. Good luck with it, man!

Ronnie Wilson
ronniewilson @MCHammer That's a cool song I like it

Alaskanchick @MCHammer Happy New Year from Anchorage Alaska! Come and see us soon!

MichaelSage @MCHammer DIGGIN THE TRACK! Vocals remind me a bit of M.Jackson

Lee Stacey
LStacey @mchammer I feel that. New talent should be nurtured and given EVERY chance. That's where old talent like us can help!

Warren Andrew
ashtynevans @MCHammer Who is bad? If you're recommending - I cannot wait to hear them!

Warren Andrew
Whitnee Layne
pinkcookiz @MCHammer i cant find the link.....? (pouty face)

Steve Delaney
Crystal Scurr,LMFT
CrystalClear @MCHammer you tease you!! Ready Ready Ready!!! Let's have it!

Lee Stacey
LStacey @mchammer Much better. :) Only yanking your chain, fella. Keep doing what you're doing!

SAVVistra FATTerline
savvyfatty @MCHammer What do I gotta do to get a 'Bust It Records' chain?

Kinsey Schofield
kinseys @MCHammer Hammer, I'm ready for you to come to terms with the fact that I'm your sister from another mister and we're meant to be BFF.

Crystal Scurr,LMFT
CrystalClear @Dave_Malby actually "Crystal Clear" came from a poem a teacher in HS wrote for our grad. Referring to me he said my goals in life were .

Lee Stacey
LStacey @MCHammer When did you become illiterate?

Suzanne Strickland
CottonStar8 @MCHammer we always luv you! bring it on in 09!

djbigdaddy @MCHammer I use to love the beat for that song.

casidevotee @MCHammer really? okay, so i will do it right now, no doubt about it :) thxalot :)

imgonnabeatree @MCHammer It was lovely meeting you at YT Live!

DP2ftv @MCHammer Thief in the nite is aiight. It just made me wish to hear Michael Jackson on auto-tune. MJ on auto-tune = game over for T-Pain

Jonathan Myers
WonWish @MCHammer Perpetual energy would by great, yes, let's work on that...!!

Diana Sabrain
dianasabrain @MCHammer Sorry 4asking but outsourcing is growing! Haha! Happy New Year! :)

Mike Chelen
mchelen @MCHammer "Lisa, in this household we obey the laws of thermodynamics!" - Homer Simpson

Diana Sabrain
dianasabrain @MCHammer For the thrill of it:Hi MCHammer!Are u the real MCHammer? You can't touch this is my all time fav.:)

casidevotee @MCHammer like that tune, too :) just added u at soundcloud :) #thiefinthenight

OutsideMyBrain @MCHammer I'm headed over there now. Can you keep the track up just a bit longer?

InternQueen @mchammer - Did you ever have an internship ?

TechFrog @MCHammer You don't sleep regular hours either do you? lol

Warren Andrew
WarrenAndrew @MCHammer Theif in the Night is going to be HUGE!!! On my 8th listen! I'm really feelin' it~!

Alphonso Lizcano
alphonso @MCHammer WOW!! Twitter, MC Hammer, Thief in the Night, Obama, Electric Cars and the Power of the Internet?!?! What Next? Perpetual Energy?

Ronnie Wilson
ronniewilson @MCHammer Your welcome my friend keep up the good work :)

Anthony Onumonu
DJ Hotsauce
djhotsauce1 @MCHammer yo the track is jamming!

BitchBuzz @MCHammer Happy New Year, dude! Hope it's a good one! :)

Neil Evansan
Pirattitude @MCHammer Ready Dude. let'em rip!

Brian Stephens
BrianStephens @mchammer Cool track. Gives a big nod to Michael Jackson, especially on the verses.

Claudia Joy MacCloud
ClaudiaMacCloud @MCHammer Love your tweets, But we've got a brand new full year ahead of us.. Get some rest now.. But b sure 2 come back 2 tweet somemore:o)

Claudia Joy MacCloud
ClaudiaMacCloud @McHammer GM! I went 2 bed, you were tweeting good things, now I'm up $ your tweeting better things.. You really love tweeting ur tweeple:)

MichaelSage @MCHammer Thanks for letting us preview and download Hammer!

misssmith11 @MCHammer Nice track, I hope when they do the video, they give it an updated Rockwell "Somebody's Watching Me" treatment.

Whitnee Layne
pinkcookiz @MCHammer please hammer...don't hurt 'em

Farhan Rehman
John Gonzalez
GRGonzo @MCHammer Oh, come on. I wanted to hear it!

JPhilipson @MCHammer NO! I only heard it once ;-) Awesome, love how you're using twitter to connect to fans. Show those record companies what's up

Shawn Scott
geekycyberdad @MCHammer I found an old Yo MTV Raps trading card of yours last night. LOL

Matt Rendo
OutsideMyBrain @MCHammer You're Welcome. Glad I was on when you debuted it!

JPhilipson @mchammer Wow, I can't help but dance in my seat. Nice beat.

William Muncrief
William Muncrief
WilliamMuncrief @MCHammer Wow man that was heavy. You might like my post today. http://www.williammuncrief....

DP2ftv @MCHammer Nothing wrong with gimmicks so long as U arent gimmicky. Your artist is cool and the song he wrote is fire I'm just looking 4 more

Bill Perry
WilliamRPerry @MCHammer My son heard "U Can't Touch This" for the first time and said "Who IS this guy!? He rocks!" and I said "It's rap, not rock!"

TechFrog @MCHammer Welcome to my world. Hollywood is asleep, cept me!

OutsideMyBrain @MCHammer That's got "hit" written all over it. Great job! Very catchy rhythm... on my third listen now.


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