Tuesday, January 06, 2009

BLAST24: "Countdown To President Obama"...working out !!

Updates beginning with @MCHammer

Tyson Lenz
TBagLenz @MCHammer 2 Legit 2 Quit is a jewel from my childhood!
Nancy Myrland
nancymyrland @MCHammer When r u coming to Indpls to work out w/me-lots of dance, weights, core work, sweat...you & I would be all over it!!
Colette Benoir
ColetteBenoir @MCHammer OMG!!!!! You're on Twitter!!!!! How fun are you!!!!! : )
Jon Vales
jonv_serpico007 @MCHammer those are crazy weights you had on in the video, never seen that before, still got the moves :D
frybread_thief @MCHammer LOL. I better work out so the old man doesn't "do me".
Cheri_Renee @mchammer you will never be old! We are working out! And one day, those of us who dare may even submit a dance jam video :)
Wuz Good (Director)
WuzGood @MCHammer whats going on man? Hows business?
kjs @mchammer - I'm getting on the workout wagon!
Pj Perez
pjperez @MCHammer if I don't go at least three times weekly, bad things start happening. I got your back, Hammer!
Anderson Ray
AndersonRay @MCHammer See you at the top...getting my Rocky dance on. *cue music*
greggrunberg @MCHammer will you be my personal trainer? I love baggie sweats.
Alex Walters
Awalt @MCHammer NO!.. 2009 will be the year of Kid Cudi and Charles Hamilton, straight up.
Anderson Ray
AndersonRay @MCHammer It's on...I'm bout to jog to BART. Hop on, jog in place all the way to Frisco, Jog off at powell and run up the hill...LoL
kevykev94590 @MCHammer yo, hammer this is kevykev from the bay area. are you still doing that "hammer and friends ministries stuff?
IdaRose Sylvester
idarose @MCHammer I'm working out!!! You're inspiring!
smashad @MCHammer Hammer - that's just beautiful. ;)
Black Table Committe
thecommittee @MCHammer i think that liquor store song is pretty good
Joy Smith
tomzer1 @MCHammer Just finished mine now. The couch and gravity do not rule me. (^_^)


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Kenn Parks said...

yO Hammer, those are sick weights man- luv it; been working out my spirit, mind & heart...now being inspired 2 work out my body again...used to rock climb, dance, sail, hike 4,5X a week...then life happened... THX for the Motiv8tz! Kenn

Anita said...

I hit u up on Tweeter, I started working out yesterday morning.

U are looking great by the way!!!

MC Hammer said...

thanks Anita !!!