Wednesday, December 03, 2008

BLAST24: Tweets

RachelFerrucci @MCHammer can you let my dh hear you say I'm
Carlton Hackett
Bluraven @MCHammer Yeah, I guess its cuz I've got an inherent fear of the immensely HUGE! But, yeah the movie scared me pretty bad cuz its so real!
Tatango CEO - Derek
tatango @MCHammer What's up hammer, how you been?
coryBasil @MCHammer Marky Mark & the funky's droppin' with ease, so you gotta believe.
Max Evans
MaxEvans @MCHammer How weird. I watched The Happening tonight. Awesome movie. Mark was great in it.
JBMovies @MCHammer Haven't seen The Happening but I am a fan on M. Night.
Andrew Littler
alittler @MCHammer the movie was terrible, as was it Markys worst role ever
Ragavin Coridon
ragavin @MCHammer Wahlberg is cool and all but The Happening was such a bad movie. It hurt me to watch. I'm normallhy OK with Shamamalamalamalan too
Jesse P. Luna
jesseluna @MCHammer Mark Wahlberg did a great job transitioning from music to film. Are you looking for a similar path as well?
Carlton Hackett
Bluraven @MCHammer Cloverfield is my favorite horror movie to come out in the last decade or so...seriously, its that compelling!
80Neight @mchammer you still think of him as marky mark i know i do lol
jc_losangeles @MCHammer Mark Wahlberg says "say hello to your mother for me."
RachelFerrucci @MCHammer I agree, Mark Wahlberg became a great actor
eunice007 @MCHammer Cloverfield gave me motion sickness... don't do it
god @mchammer, any places you would recommend we give to?
Forwardmotions @MCHammer Nite Hammer!Cortney T says What's Good!
Eric Fox
efox @MCHammer I like that your into the web stuff!
Ryan Robbins
ryanrobbins @MCHammer Did u ever find your cell @ that afterparty?
Martin W

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