Wednesday, December 03, 2008

BLAST24: Tweets

Brooke27 @mchammer hi, where r u living now? r u working on any projects?
nalin @mchammer huge shout out from kanye! Awesome. Everyone should check out new tracks from hammer at !
LaLaLives @MCHammer Hi. Any word to report on the Android yet?
Judy Grundstrom
iotajudy @MCHammer I am super impressed that you can twitter as much as you do & that you let us know you will be back in an hour. Tweeple love.
colderICE @MCHammer Much love dude, you are da man ;-)
Tinu Abayomi-Paul
Tinu @MCHammer Bye Hammer! I have a question to ask about how to get put Out of the mix when you get back. ;)
girlwithnoname @MCHammer haven't seen you in a while. sorry I missed ya. ttyl
gpowelldesign @MCHammer Ha! Gotcha. All is clear now.
twinklette @mchammer that movie made me loose faith in M Night Samalalama (what ever his last name is...)
marissa louie
malouie @mchammer ok! have fun and take pix ;-) say hi to hollywood for me bc they ALL know you!
Jonathan Davis
Weirdbaby @MCHammer I would celebrate women for giving me hot chocolate on my birthday.
Jeff Reisdorfer
JeffSays @MCHammer What do you feel is the best song you made that wasn't played on radio, etc?
Latisha Simmons
latishasimmons @MCHammer BTW, I saw the dance battle w/ you and your son. You killed him! lol These young ones have got to respect the golden era. props.
marissa louie
malouie @mchammer are you available this fri to PARTAY? @larrychiang & i would like to co-host Holiday 2.0 with you:
Jeremy Hart
NRVLiving @MCHammer wait wait ... Hold up. Who's beeper keep beeping and beeping?
colderICE @MCHammer Just for you sir, make sure you watch up till the 3rd minute...You still got em on lock ....Hammer Time
Latisha Simmons
latishasimmons @MCHammer True.. All I saw was "MC Hammer The Movie"? I got excited.. I was about to turn on Pumps in a Bump to celebrate.. Tee Hee!
Josh Craig
Jessica Gottlieb
JessicaGottlieb @MCHammer saw a $200K benz today on the 405 with plates hmrtime2, anyone you know?
bl1nk2much @MCHammer there already was a hammer movie...came out in 2001...idk how true to form it is but it was made...
Ari Herzog
ariherzog @MCHammer That tweet reminds me of the "Blair Witch Project" and how NOBODY KNEW the plot until it was released. All films should do that.
Beth Wankel
Latisha Simmons
latishasimmons @MCHammer My bad... Think I missed a Tweet.. Thought U were doing another bio-flick...
Steven Klassen
mrxinu Icon_red_lock @MCHammer I thought that movie was really weak. What did you think?
cynlfg @MCHammer Dr. Strangelove and Pulp Fiction
Beth Wankel
Latisha Simmons
latishasimmons @MCHammer Yeah, I'd pay to see it... The Vh1 was alright but I could watch another one.. Go for it. God bless!
Josh Craig
joshuatylrcraig @mchammer i thought it was weird...
Nikki B. Ali
nikkibali @MCHAmmer.for the record..the typewriter is quite possibly the best dance move ever evented!!
KingofSway @MCHammer I'm in Vegas till Friday if you want to get together. I still want an article from you for my massive book to be published in Jan.
Mike Chapman
Renee Thronson
reneethronson @MCHammer sure would love to see it! u need to come do a show on the MS Gulf Coast
juliewright @MCHammer Released in theaters of course!
Bryan Guillemette
Josef Sandoval
erbal210 @mchammer will the rev. Pressure make an appearance?
Rudy Bachraty
trulia @MCHammer I'd buy a ticket to that Hammer!
Justin D
JustinD @MCHammer I'd totally see Hammer: The Movie.
Josh Craig
Isaac Cuevas`
Josh Craig
Josh Craig
Jeff Elder
JeffElder @mchammer who is the Churchill club mystery guest?
Bill Carroll
billcarroll @MCHammer OK, I've been bragging to friends all day about MCHammer following me on twitter. How bout a lil' Hammer Time for us that love ya?
AgingBackwards @MCHammer Hammertime Radio - LUV that!
Lauren Pybus
LaurenPybus @MCHammer those pants are sweeeeeeeeeetttttt...Dior comes the hammer...
marc o_O
marcorbito @MCHammer When are we going to see a comeback CD? Seems like everything old is new now! :D
yoliaragon @MCHammer So what are you up to nowadays? U sure are looking good!!!
LJ Jones
ljjones @MCHammer thanks for the follow.
Dr. Scott Olson ND
olsonnd @MCHammer Thanks for the follow! Respond to @olsonnd with something about you. I’m the author a book on sugar harm and addiction
Marc Girolimetti
MSGiro @mchammer Your past is used to help sell a car on Craigslist. This is actually quite funny.
Jen Taylor
travelbugs @MCHammer when r u coming out to san diego?
FoxxFiles @MCHammer i just peeped the Dior Hammer pants, glad those are doing well. Man if I can find the pics of the ones I ran around in as a shorty
Marco Hansell
marcohansell Icon_red_lock @mchammer u r too much! Dior hammer pants...only you could make that happen :-)
yoliaragon @MCHammer Are you familiar with Hazel's magot brain, and If so, what do you think? Listened to it this weekend and it had been 20 years!
scott sidwell
scottysid @MCHammer hope u had a great turkey day

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