Friday, November 07, 2008

The Week In Tweets

The First Family

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Will Thomas
Aloman @MCHammer I feel you on that one man! Tears and goose bumps.

IdaRose Sylvester
idarose @MCHammer mine haven't stopped in 2 hours!

morbos @MCHammer Brought tears to my eyes too!

jonv @MCHammer I know the feeling, I'm taken back

Matt Hussein Marrone
nickilaycoax @MCHammer Many here as well... :)

Jim Storer
Steven Klassen
Chris Zuck
sipfurb @MCHammer Rock on Hammer, tonight is the night for fundamental change. :)

Debra Legg
9to5to9 @MCHammer The props were WAY harder than anything else I voted on. I did them first because I actually had to think on a few. :)

Demond Jackson
UnlimitedCash @MCHammer Glad to hear it. Voting really makes a difference in the world. To not vote means you can't complain when the guy's not doing good

aikan625 @MCHammer Absolutely! A few families were at the polls with me this morning. This is a historic moment....change we need and yes we can!

Daitona Carter
HARLEMVIXEN @MCHammer did the same i took my daughter (6) she pulled the lever and read the ballot to me. even made a video

Philip Obenschain
pobenschain @MCHammer i remember my parents taking me to the polls when i was a kid, it definitely made a big impression on me

Michael Gregoire
michaelGregoire @MCHammer It's the most significant moment in my life and I'm 37!

GarbsInfinite @MCHammer True that Hammer we are writing history today

Anderson Schoenrock
AndersonSD @MCHammer - I completely agree - I was amazed at the way the props were written - not really clear or straightforward at all.


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