Wednesday, November 05, 2008


JasonTurcotte Heading out to return a piece of hardware I was evaluating and grab a bite to eat
George Wilson
gmwdesign Sick of family and friends that were able to vote but didn't now complaining about the outcome. They've lost the right to a politcal opinion
lezzymom Retweeting @lezgetreal: World Hopes for a 'Less Arrogant America'
Alex Klein
alexklein back to school, back to school. life will be boring till late january.
fatheaddesign @ClarkleSparkle built my own :) bigger hard drive options. use a Mini, much easier & more flexible.
MCHammer @NikolHasler the book is coming along fine...I'm going to push hard this month...twitters will help...web 2.0 auto-bio.....historic break..
MisterHijinx And on the next episode of MTV Cribs. Barack Obama in the White (black) House
Erin Kotecki Vest
QueenofSpain @Stranahan well the cultural would be just that though...right?
tiabla Walking to work today.
AroundHarlem RT @roaddoggz IndieClub NYC is hosting a free teleseminar on Film Financing November 8th
Jackie Danicki
jackiedanicki Icon_red_lock Michael Crichton RIP. His explanation of chaos theory in Jurassic Park was classic...sigh.
Chris Shearer
cbshearer listening to the clash
Ari Burton
AriBurton just started playing World of Warcraft.
James Gentry Jr
saynine Studs Terkel dies at 96. A great loss to the world. M. Crichton Dead at 66. Once a great sci-fi writer later a necon p...
Mike Muise
mmuise Wow. Michael Crichton has died.
jasondfish I love that people outside of the IT field are playing our game, but no I will not give hints (gotta stay on top)
Shelley Greenberg
thespottedduck oh hai massive, brain shattering headache. how are you? me? fine, fine. except for this MASSIVE BRAIN SHATTERING HEADACHE.
Lee Stranahan
Stranahan @QueenofSpain I don't think putting it down to homophobia is correct. The pro prop 8 people had organizational and cultural advantages.
mella Icon_red_lock thanks @themassivebri for hosting last night ~~
Heiko Hebig


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Isn't Twitter great? :)

MC Hammer said...

Yes indeed !!