Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Nate Cleveland
ncleveland @MCHammer is getting it right and not only uses twitter but interacts with followers and promotes web 2.0 - unlike some other celebs on here
Charissa Cowart
CharissaCowart @MCHammer Wow, that's a really great idea!!
Keith Cash
SmartMarketing @MCHammer The site looks great, so this is the new Hammer time, all the Hammer you can need :) Should get some good traffic with this setup
nukirk digi.tal
nukirk @MCHammer - Funny McCain/Obama picture... from the Daily News!
Fresh00 @MCHammer Any particular reason you're so into twitter?
Omar Gallaga
omarg @MCHammer posting Tweets from his peeps on his site, and responded to DM I sent last night. Could not love Hammer more.
Timothy Carter
TimothyCarter @MCHammer that's right man...they see "you"! :-)
Andy Losik
mrlosik @mchammer You are truly a man of many talents. Hope you're enjoying the ride. Fun to watch!
LaVeda H. Mason
LaVedaHMason @MCHammer Sweet! Looking forward to your tweets!
DMB_Fan @MCHammer Hey fellow tweeters.. MC Hammer is on Twitter, pretty cool. Yo Hammer, love your music man.
Jack Bastide
JackBastide @MCHammer we got your back .. if you need help creating Twitter buzz for your book I'd be happy to help
fredfox @MCHammer things just feel right today, hope is a powerful drug
Orli Yakuel
Orli @MCHammer you might want to check this site:
SocialMtgExpert @MCHammer my son showed me a dance...he started shuffling his feet -moving back & forth saying "uh-oh uh-oh.. Dinner time" intro'd him 2 you
NikolHasler @McHammer How is that book coming along?
Kim Hollis
moogleworld @MCHammer God bless America. It's an exciting time to be alive!

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