Monday, November 17, 2008

BLAST24: Count Down To Obama...

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klaatu barda nikto
klaatu @mchammer Arguments for not bailing out the auto companies

dmackdaddy Icon_red_lock @MCHammer What I meant was that unless 1s done his part & owns an American car, 1 shouldn't voice 1s opinion on whether we should save GM.

Irene Koehler
irenekoehler @MCHammer Hello from Fremont. Heard folks talking about you at Mission Coffee today.

Kemi Ingram
MOMboTV @MCHammer Unfortunately, a lot of folks didn't realize it was gone.....

Terry Hartley
deucehartley @MCHammer Interesting, I never thought we lost our "mojo" here in America.

Tricia B.
trish_thedish @MCHammer recently read that its forgeign carmakers that are keeping many American factory workers employed--pay ok but no workers unions

CathrynMarie Icon_red_lock @MCHammer hey Hammer - hadn't seen you around lately! Hope all is well n ur world!!

Donna M
ElementsOfJazz @MCHammer I feel you on being seen as the "New America": next time that I travel outside the US, I don't have to pretend I'm French... :-D

HeyJey @MCHammer Please don't hurt em Hammer

Jason Crouch
jasoncrouch @MCHammer I haven't seen snow in person in about five years, I think.

chris youso
therealvader @MCHammer Hey bro, i understand you were once a SK? How long? Im currently in. Im a PS former PN. DK+PN=PS

paul441 @MCHammer when I was younger I won a talent show dancing like you. : current location

donnadoreen @MCHammer its a cold snowy sunday here. still in Germany? Stay Blessed, dd/north

SeanAMcAlister @MCHammer----Where have you been? oh...I know...Buying up all of the Good Stocks

klaatu barda nikto
klaatu @MCHammer Insurers Pull Cover From GM And Ford Suppliers Even their international plants are hurting.

klaatu barda nikto
klaatu barda nikto
Josef Sandoval
erbal210 @mchammer damn hammerman 17yrs l8r u still turnin this mutha out in s.a.

dmackdaddy Icon_red_lock @MCHammer Only those of you who actually own an American car should comment on whether we should save the car industry or not!


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