Wednesday, November 12, 2008

BLAST24: Tweet Question: Would U like to be 20 again?

These tweets are answers to the question...Would you like to be 20 again taking the "Butterfly Effect" into consideration? ...... and random tweets from today's conference which ended with a kiss on the cheek of the lovely legend..... Katie Couric....

kissing Katie Couric..... a legend.. love her..

Replies — Updates beginning with @MCHammer

BREWERY33 @MCHammer I knew you too legit. Go Hammer, Go A's. Stay positive. Thank you.
Frank Evans
frankevans @mchammer Nardelli is evil. Just so you know...
Matthew Spencer
ch1v4lry @MCHammer how's the book coming Hammer?
linda walters
lindaannwalters @MCHammer Truth + tears; we want to hear it all! :)
simononly @MCHammer - Wow lucky man! Kissing Katie Couric is something not many have the pleasure of experiencing
Michael Andreano
mandreano @MCHammer Katie is a strong woman - tough life and took a big chance moving to CBS.. and yes, she is a legend.. .
BREWERY33 @MCHammer why don't you ever answer tweets? If you don't answer this one I am dropping you.
brybear @MChammer dude, where are you with all these bigwigs, especially my boss, Brad Anderson???
RockCandyRags @MCHammer Please tell her your friends at twitter would like to give her a gazillion high~fives as well! lol
Jeremy Bingaman
Gregory Wild-Smith
abritinthebay @MCHammer - congratulate her on the Palin interview for me ;)
Joel Vincent
juicecowboy @MCHammer I know you got a camera phone - kick down some pics!
Queens Only
QueensOnly Icon_red_lock @MCHammer I love her for making Palin look clueless. LOL
jamesbressi @MCHammer please Hammer, don't hurt her ;) I see you are having fun in NYC.
SeanAMcAlister @MCHammer You Go Man.......Is she a good kisser?
Queens Only
Gerry Corbett
gfcorbett @MCHammer Please ask Dan Hesse opinion of Sprint campaign. Responses from not very authentic.
dbl_jay @MCHammer I would do it but the things that i would change would be very minimal

Replies — Updates beginning with @MCHammer

mtlpursenality @MCHammer Yes, but I'd like to know everything that I know now...
Dave Keffen
DavidKeffen @MCHammer Why? Can you arrange for me to be 20 again? ;)
JohnInGZ @MCHammer Knowing that my children would most likely never be born if I did go back is probably the only thing keeping me from saying yes.
Earl Gray
Earl52 @MCHammer No way - I think I learned a lot from my bad calls that enable me to make better calls as I get older. Every day is my replay!
firedancergirl Icon_red_lock @MCHammer Never would want to be twenty again....Nuh Uh. I'm happy aging just the way I am.
Theo Baskind
TheoBaskind @MCHammer 2 b honest w/ u my man I couldn't imagine my life w/out my wife Chantel so my answer is no. I like things just the way they are
tameraclark @MCHammer Do I get to keep all things I know now when returning to 20? If so sure why not, 1 do over seems like a good idea.
Myron McDaniel
MyronMcDaniel @MCHammer sure why not...Doing some things over in your life could change it for and even better out come than what you presently have.
tameraclark @MCHammer You look so young in that picture!!!! Looks like you were having a great time.
debxter Icon_red_lock @MCHAMMER do you remember VQ-3 at Barbers Point?
milesdowsett @MCHammer Are you going to persuade Lionel to get on the ol' Twitter train?
Hugh Weber
hughweber @MCHammer do you have personal coaches that you would recommend?
tommy payne
tommypjr @MCHammer whatever you do is really really ok with me
Alexandra Popovic
vipvirtualsols @MCHammer - if you haven't already done so, checkout where you can DJ your fav trax as tweets!!! ;))
Brittany Boomhower
b_boom @MCHammer MCHammer, I believe you get the award for most posts in a 2-hour span. :)
Alexandra Popovic
vipvirtualsols @MCHammer - We Want Lionel!!!....We Want Lionel!! All we are say-ing, is give Twitter a chance..... ;)
princesstimetoy @MCHammer Good night - tell him we'll welcome him warmly. :)
Mitsi McKee
Real name: Lacie

chrisylvia11 @MCHammer i do feel that way sometimes! it sucks,but thats life
b2bchristos @MCHammer No thank... Even though some wacky stuff has happened to me in my life. Once was enough!
Neil Kay-Jones
NeilKayJones @MCHammer Tough question, i am 33 on Saturday with 1 son and married, work remotely at Yuuguu and it's Christmas soon. Best time of my Life!
SCJacobs @mchammer Sorry but, what's the butterfly effect? Not that Ashton Kutcher movie...
KristineWirth @MCHammer - LOL!!! No. However, I'd like the energy & body that came with the 20 year old - just with my now-matured brain.
confusedtwenty @MCHammer Butterfly the movie? ;0)
theunsinkableML @MCHammer I'm 20-so let me just point out that you would still make the same mistakes if u went back, haha. I've got no idea what I'm doing!
Mikee Merge
mikeemerge @MCHammer Firstly RESPECT! In answer to your question I'm over 25 and would like to be 10 again! That was the year I was bumping your LPs!!
jamesbressi @MCHammer I don't see the relation. Try explaining again please. I'm curious.
theycallmetater @MCHammer Not me. W/o butterfly effect I might consider it, but not with the risk it messes with my kids
Kathryn Altman
greeneyedkat @MCHammer Not that I regret them at all, just a lot of work invested thus far...and more to come!
Kathryn Altman
greeneyedkat @MCHammer While I would be overjoyed to have the 20yr old body back, I seriously don't want to have all these kids again. =)
wsredneck @MCHammer 20 again no Sir. It hurt too much getting to 44. I am using everything I learned now and it seems to be working out well.
Leejarvis @MCHammer , had no idea you were so involved with so many aspects of the music industry! I'm enjoying your updates :)
carmennc @MCHammer did you get any sleep? did i get any sleep?
Joe Dawson
joedawson @MCHammer I wouldn't mind travelling back 20 years, being an eight year old with the knowledge I have now would have it's advantages!
Landon Massey
Mike McCarty
beerdedmike @MCHammer wife turns 35 today, me in 3 months. Neither of us would wanna be 20 again.

jackreichert @MCHammer dropping names? wait! you're a name to be dropping... B)
cristalbubblin @MCHammer tell dan to call me...we need to talk...he has my #
Scott Schnaars
schnaars @MCHammer No, I've got it pretty good now. I don't think that I could replicate it again, nor would I want to try.
JayMoney @MCHammer Do me a favor slap Robert Nardelli on the back of the head...that guy still owes me $50 Bucks... :-)
Todd Storch
Josh_Smith @MCHammer Sounds cool, Tell Nardelli I can't wait for my electric Jeep!
Esther Schindler
estherschindler @MCHammer I'd love to know what you, Dan Hesse (CEO Sprint) and Robert Nardelli (CEO Chrysler) talk about. Who has the best advice?
Chad Scott
ChadScott Icon_red_lock @MCHammer nice! Just don't write them any checks... ;)
Josef Sandoval
erbal210 @mchammer can u ask nardelli where my bailout is?
naturallysavvy @MCHammer Sounds awesome. Good luck!
Ravie Rave
ravieraven @MCHammer Nah, I love being 40! God allowed me to see 40 this year and I hope he lets me see 50-100 as long as He wants! lol
Jesse P. Luna
jesseluna @MCHammer I seriously asked myself a similar question this morning! I'm happy at my age. Would never trade my last 20 years.
cynlfg @MCHammer Only if I could know then what I know now. Wouldn't trade maturity and wisdom for anything.
abyssleaper @mchammer Yes, but only if I can take my 38 years of experience, wisdom and deviousness with me.
kconger @MCHammer I've only been following your on Twitter for a few days...but I'm already intrigued by your thoughts and ideas.
The Nun Too Sweet
SisterMable @MCHammer I'm a 47 year old grandmother and I would *never* want to be 20 again, butterfly effect or no!
Aki Spicer
akispicer @MCHammer Curious, have you been able to monetize social media? Is this love...or money...or both?
Aki Spicer
akispicer @MCHammer i gotta admit, you've surprised (+impressed) me with your leadership in ushering hiphop into social media. Respect the architects!

CharleneF @MCHammer if you can let me know about the next meeting/conf. would love to net.
Revsleestaxx @MCHammer what forum? and what does Brian have to say about the future of communications in such turbulent economy.
ms_lenox @MCHammer So is Chrysler getting bailed out or is it merging?? I love Chrysler!! I have my 300M right now..These meetings sound marvelous!!
BREWERY33 @MCHammer what kind of phone do you use?
Nancy Myrland
nancymyrland @MCHammer What did Brian Roberts have to say? Comcast doing big things in their to know as I used to be in the cable TV biz.
Rodney Cordova
rodcordova @MCHammer Let me know when you will be @ East Bay BMW in Pleasanton again.
AlanLamb @MCHammer only if I knew what I know now. It's been a good ride so far for me. Cheers! Morning!
missbumble @MCHammer, my Mommy speaks very highly of you. I want to dance like you.
Jack Pate
arkansas @MCHammer Wow. A room full of FAIL. Except for u, of course, Hammer.
michaelmcminn @MCHammer responded to me via DM! My life is complete, I can now put on the white sneakers, drink the kool-aid & wait for the meteor!
DrPostALot @MCHammer what is the fourm talking about? that's great glad to be following you
Debra Legg
9to5to9 @MCHammer No way would I want 20 again. I've hit some bumps between there and here but, by and large, where I am is OK with me.
Donna M
ElementsOfJazz @MCHammer Good morning! What's Brian Roberts talking about this morning?
Robert Clay
threedimensions @MCHammer It will be interesting to hear what Bob Nardelli has to say, with Chrysler on the brink of extinction
Ms. Riggins
riggins @MCHammer What is he speaking about?
savvyfatty @MCHammer Hammuh! HAMMUH! YOU ARE! HAMMUH! You STIIILLL in the mix! :^p
Lady Legacy
ladylegacy @MCHammer let dan know we want boostberrys - boost mobile services on blackberry phones. give us the throwback 7250's...
chuckzilla @MCHammer Do you remember the Arsenio Hall Show? I really miss it. Such diverse musical guests...I wonder what happened to him.
i am revenue robot
revenuerobot @MCHammer so are you hinting Chryslers are going to come with Sprint phones... hehehe...
keeponrunning @MCHammer Hammer, I bet they are sitting there twittering 'I'm in a conf with MC Hammer!!' At least thats what I'd be doing anyway

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At 20 I was in the military in Germany getting ready for Desert Storm, drinking German berr and discovering the wonders that are german girls,,,,,

Suggestion, everyone should post pics wearing hammer pants, chicks, tops optional