Wednesday, November 26, 2008

BLAST24: Tweet Question: define a "Real Man"

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Nate Schneider
NateSchneider @MCHammer I have a few good quotes that I use with the high school team that I coach. I use them at different times to make different points
reggae griffin
SupaPhly @MCHammer a real man is a responsible, respectful, considerate male that's unselfish. That's my politically correct definition.
David Marsh
iamDavidMarsh @MCHammer I don't think that's fair to say, there's plenty of us that handle it in our own way maybe not physical but respect wise, tisk ... ...
Carla Lynne Hall
carlalynnehall @MCHammer A real man takes care of his responsibilities, and isn't afraid to tell the truth or shed a tear.
dweaver28390 @MCHammer a real man is a man who accepts FULL responsibility for his actions, whether good or bad. Civil, thoughtful, loves his work.
Tim Walton
Deadcrayon @mchammer it's respect and love and being a man. It's doing what a man should... Hit me up hammer. I got u.
dnicest @MCHammer Takes care of his and vulnerable-wrong,right and righteous. He puts familiy first, hard pressed to conform-a thinker.
K581 Icon_red_lock @MCHammer man dont get me started writing a thesis on men! LOL
K581 Icon_red_lock @MCHammer he is about his B.I., caring, loving, protective, provider, teacher, scholar (in the studies of life),
koreelove @MCHammer Man: someone who takes responsibility of their own actions, someone who has respect and is honest
dmackdaddy Icon_red_lock @MCHammer did you hear about MC Breed? RIP @ 37!
GeekDad Ken
fitzwillie @MCHammer It's a misnomer. A "real" anyone is someone who takes responsibility seriously - for family, work, community, and so forth.
K581 Icon_red_lock @MCHammer Is diligent, makes mistakes but is not afraid to take the weight, honest (as honest as humans can be - we all lie sometimes)
Justin Rogers
jdrogers923 @mchammer A real man takes care of his family, isn't afraid to work with his hands and can dunk a basketball.
K581 Icon_red_lock @MCHammer A man that deserves honor and respect is a man of his word, accepts responsibilty because he knows that it produces growth
andrew ho
andrewho Icon_red_lock @MCHammer well for starters, real men dont need the "real man" label
K581 Icon_red_lock @MCHammer The saying A Real Man is so cliche - men and women are real some are just misguided and full o' sh!t - lol.
shannatrenholm @MCHammer interesting. I completely agree. Depends on how you define "real" but I do agree.
Dr. Letitia  Wright
Drwright1 @MCHammer a Real Man is a man who can take full responsibility for his actions no matter what they are
Gwen Jimmere
gwenj @MCHammer you couldn't be more correct. Superficial things seem to weigh more heavily than substance...but we are out to change that, yes?

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