Monday, October 23, 2006

The Bible, Wall Street and Coffee

Things in common. All three of these are eye openers. You finish the
rest... tell me what they represent you.
From my sidekick


hotpink said...

You can find strength from any source that you chooose. But as for me and mine I will serve the LORD!

Hammer GOD has truly blessed you abundantly! When all is lost he gives you double for your trouble when he is head of your life. May you continue to tell of the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ while entertaining the masses with your swift feet and continued dedication to being a family man. With our Creator you can do and have ALL things without him you can have all things and do nothing! When GOD is driving the car you are always headed in the right direction to the narrow path of salvation! Keep using the gifts that he gave you to motivate the youth and win over the masses to the Most High GOD.

Anita said...

What the Bible means to me: It is definitely the guide to life and to all situations that we find ourselves in. Just follow the word and you can clearly see alot of things coming to pass. The bible is my strength and encouragement to keeping the faith.

I drink coffee only when I'm cold and I don't read the Wall Street Journal, but I do keep up with the news from my local newspaper though.

But the other thing that gets me going on a daily basis is some great music by some great artists, that usually get me started on my way!

We go about our daily activities without really ever noticing the little things around us so thanks 4 the reflection, Hammer!


Rachael said...

Blessings to you and your wife and Samuel.The imagery of the Bible, Wall Street and Coffee reminded me of Ephesians 1 vs 18. This reads,"The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that you may know what is the hope of His calling, and what the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints,". The Bible can open our Spirit to both spiritual and natural riches, Wall Street can open our pocket to opportunities to gain riches and coffee can help to keep our eyes open to see both. I am visiting your site after hearing your revelation on TBN,about the need for prayer on a geographical basis for deliverance from crime. I too got a similar call from the Lord. You may see more on this at my site.
To Victory in Jesus name,

Textbook Postmoves said...

Bible- Full of Truth

NY Times- Full of Lies

Coffee- Full of Caffine

I see one true "eye opener".

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

They represent a good way to start your day with, by reading each while drinking your morning coffee.

Larry Linkler said...


Petielicious said...

The bible opens my eyes to my spiritual responsibilites. It is a book of laws that we can not keep. It is a book of love that we do not deserve. It is a book of hope that keeps us going when we do not want to. It shows us how to live.

The WSJ helps you keep your eyes on your finances, and as men of God who have (or hope to have) families to care for, we need to read it to be good stewards of our "talents". Although I will admit that it's often times more information than I know how to take in.

Coffee is what I need to keep my eyes open and myself mentaly awake through my reading/speaking times with the Lord in the morning, so that I can be alert enough to see what God has to teach me. As someone still living in a largely college town, coffee shops are where I came to know the Lord's word, and where I have been built into and built into the lives of those Christians around me. Coffee represents a lot to me.

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