Saturday, March 04, 2006

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Emelia said...

I think it's great that you are a family man, and 'can't touch this' is still an extremely popular song. I'm 13 and my friends and I always sing that song :D

Mocha said...

You're making me jealous with your pictures of San Jose, but luckily I have a trip planned for this summer. Give us some restaurant recommendations and where to visit some nightclubs, would you?

I think it's great you're blogging. You may yet get addicted like the rest of us.

Joann said...

Some of us in San Jose would love to see the A's come here. How perfect if you came too.

BornAgain5683 said...

Hey Hammer, Just came back to see what was updated on your blog. Again, Your Look3X video is tight. I really liked the dancing. Is there a name for the dancing? The beat is sweet. I liked the part of the video where the 2 girls were dancing in the club and then all of a sudden you are Looking like "What in the H??? are these little girls doing in here" and you escort them away. That face you made was funny. Knowing that you have a blog too makes you seem more real, ya know? Anyway Hammer, you "Keep On" doing what you do. Love Ya

Anthony said...

Sounds like you had fun. I'll try to check the place out when I can. I just gotta keep my grades up in school.

Ruth said...

It's always "Hammertime"! Cos, they can't "Touch That"!

taft said...

hello hammer,

ya hows ur family... I remeber seeing a show about you after you stopped rapping...going through bankruptcy must suck..and if i remeber correctly...u lost that big house...that was really nice...

Artey said...

Hey Hammer,

Nice pictures there, would love to go to cali next summer.
Hope to see and hear more of you soon! I loved your surprise performance at last MTV music awards, watched it on, they only showed the beginning sadly.
It must have been great to be up there I bet.

Terri said...

Hey Hammer, when you coming to South Africa? You'll definately leave with some amazing memories and photos for your blog!

Sezzers said...

Hammer you still rock dude. Im still trying to master that cant touch this dance whilst drunk in the club on every friday night.

keep it real homes

SAHM of Color said...

Great pics! You've got a pretty good eye! Is photography a hobby?


Funky Brewster said...

california is beautiful--personally I'm Los Angeles bound-- I hear its a very heard town to live in--one that feeds on insecurities and sucks U dry-- any thoughts on that??

Abraham said...

Hey Hammer!
I heard you're in the mortgage business?!
Is that still going?


MC Hammer said...

I had fun doing that video. The little girls at the end, one is my daughter and the other was a friend she met at the video. The names of the dances we are doing is called being "hyphy" and "goin dumb". read "Art Of The Dance", it was my first blog.

MC Hammer said...

I like shooting pic's and directing and editing film.

MC Hammer said...

I have family and friends in the business not me though.

SsidiousS said...

MC HAMMER.. i saw you in concert in philadelphia in like the early 90s with GUY, KEITH SWEAT, etc.. you were like the 3rd act to come out..

But then the concert came back later in the year.. and you were headlining over guy, keith sweat, etc..

Nobody could touch you!!! 2LEGIT!!!!!!

MC Hammer said...

going thru bankruptcy actually fined tuned my business acumen. I learned a lot and moved on. It was a part of my journey and I perservered by the grace and hand of God.

MC Hammer said...

You can make it in any city. LA is no different. Focus on your goal and stay in your circle and in your lane. When you get tired, rest. Workout, drink water and knock'em dead!

jubbathehog said...

Yo Hammer, my hommy Matchews turned me on to your blogg, we comin at cha from New Zealand. I still wear my bop pants as pyjamas, and have Adams Groove as my ring tone. Maximum Respec

matt said...

yo hammer whats going on man you dont know me but i found ur blog and thought it might be cool to talk to a celeb

R2K said...

Fun trip man, im going to MIAMI soon so I cant wait to see that kind of tree soon.

BornAgain5683 said...

Hammer, I read your first blog entry "Art of the Dance" and learned a couple of things. Man, that song is stuck in my head. I found myself muttering "Look Look Look" while cooking dinner today:-) Is that your son doing the dance solo at the end of the video?

Media-KB said...

Hammer, I have to say your story is inspring. Growing up on hip-hop and seeing you just explode on the scene, and take hip-hop music to a level never seen before. I watched your showstopping performances and unique spin that forced even the hardest "hip-hop head" to agree, that you truly enfused the entertainment factor into traditiinal hip-hop. I watched the media expolit your struggles and still you rise again. All the while maintaining your integrtiy. I have to give it you Hammer , us thirtysomethings can't deny that even amongst the Jay-Z's and 50 cent's that when you "Put on the Hammer, you will be rewarded," with memories of one of the brightest stars in Hip-Hop history, who still remains humble in his own shinning light of talent and humility. Keep do what you do! You've been truly blessed....


andres said...
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Zepplinlady said...


How are you? Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics of Santana Row. I don't know my way to San Jose but after seeing those pics, I need to find it.

I must favorite pic is the last one.(you relaxing with your sidekick, notebook, & coffee) Enjoy! *Love & Peace*
-MaryAnne (St. Louis, Mo.)

Merlin said...

Keeping the dream alive!-MC Hammer's comeback is on the horizon-I can feel it!
check my blog for a different type of music appreciation,
peace X

K.T said...
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Killired said...

I just HAD to blog about you today after seeing your blog featured on the Blogger "blogs of note"

Come check it out... short but sweet: Killired: Look, Look, Look

MC Hammer said...

that's my boy. He's 10yrs old. Stanley jr.

MC Hammer said...

Santana Row is the best! You gotta visit one day. I'm always connected, laptop, sidekick, razor.... and I pick my moments to relax and have a cup!

MC Hammer said...

thanks I appreciate the love.

BornAgain5683 said...

Stanley Jr is very talented, I wonder who he gets it from?(You of course) You are doing a good job with updating your blog and answering everyones questions. "Keep On" doing what you do.

P.S. I know this sounds crazy, but could you autograph my blog? If not I understand, then everyone would probably want you to do it. That's ok...but if you can...

MC Hammer said...

good to meet you. welcome.

MC Hammer said...

I will one day visit South Africa.

This life of mine said...

Love your site.

hotrod said...
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hotrod said...


Glad to read you liked Santana Row. I am an architect. I spent four years working on that job. The buildings in the park - those were mine, as were many of the storefronts. And I'm sure it's nice on the inside, but I wish the Valencia Hotel wasn't so ugly on the outside.

I still have somewhere, actually, a T-shirt from my junior year of high school with "You Can't Touch This" on the back. That's gotta be a copyright infringement. You may want to contact the Tiffin (Ohio) Cross Country Carnival about that.

Best of luck,

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Hammer,

were you by any chance in Philadelphia last week?

Did you ride the El subway and lose your cell phone?

Did you then go to the holiday inn to get it back?

my friend says she met you there, and i do not believe her. please settle Mr. Hammer.