Sunday, March 05, 2006

I Got The Feeling

This week I 'm going to hit the weights some more and perfect a few new moves I've been working on. This is a good time of year to workout. The weather is warming up and summer is ninety days away. I got ahead because I danced for the last six months and now I'm lean. Still, I like my muscles hard because it helps me execute my moves with more power. I train specifically for dancing. I do full body days. Three days in a row. I work my chest and lower back and abs a lot. No heavy weight. I have to be able to explode and be quick and fast with my hands and feet. My calves and thighs are most important for the hot moves out today. Squats with no weights will do the trick. I will also do some leg presses with about three hundred pounds just to keep the thighs and hamstrings firing.

I stay about ten days from show ready, so working out and staying fit is a must plus I love it! I've already been performing and perfecting the live versions of at least ten of the new songs and I'm itchy!! They play great. My dancers and I love the freedom of the new music. We only lock up on the choruses, the rest of the song you have to freestyle with power. I'm off to the gym.


Maidink said...

I could never do even half the moves you do, hammer. I'd be in traction. The other half of your moves would make me a perma-pretzel.

portuguesa nova said...

Fabulous. This post was almost zen-like in conveying that you clearly love what you do.

Phil's Life In Rewind said...

Go Hammer, Go Hammer, Go yeah man you gotta stay fit Keeps up good vibes and gives you a good stage apperence


MC Hammer said...

just do you. Express yourself. Read my blog called "Art Of The Dance" in the archives. Have fun.

I do love it!

U know what it is!

Daremaster Spoodle said...

Keep it up, we're all rooting for you! I also set up a link to your blog. Go, Hammer, go!

The Great One said...

M.C. Hammer?? How are you doing?

Bryan Bradley, here! Nice to see you on the web. I hear what you're saying about exercise this time of year. I personally want to get back into shape so I can get nice and lean for beach season. Summer is in fact 90 days away, and I am truly psyched!

Good luck man!

The Rev said...

Please Hammer, don't hurt yourself!

charlotte said...

hey - good site. Question for you. in ur video look 3x where are the sunnies from?! They're cool. like them alot. and also, as a newly qualified PT, what are you doing for your lower back?? Mine is giving me gip as per.. Anyway, all the best. Charlotte

Randman said...


I, too, am 10 days from show ready. Unfortunately, that show is "Grumpy Old Men".

Seriously, I've always admired your positive attitude, and the dignity you've carried yourself, through good and bad.

Thanks for the blog!


Rafael said...

You da man Hammer!

William T said...

Yo! Hammer, finally you are active again! As a long-time fan I've been waiting for so long for this.

My question is, to give your workout better results, how is your diet ? And special drinks ?

from Hong Kong

n8ivwarrior said...

How much time do you spend in a day maintaining? You mentioned the three day full body, but I don't see a regular workout for each day.

I think dancing in itself is an intense workout...not that I spend too much time doing that. It is all work, commute, and family.

Butchieboy said...


outdoor freak said...

My, my, DO look different to how I remember from the 80's...or was it the 90's...I forget.


Boy; I wonder how you keep those youthful looks.

Dark sunglasses?

Super puffy jackets?

Bad-dancing crowds blocking your amazing profile?


Actors in videos?



Hope you share it with the group!

The Buss said...

I'll tell you, that's more working out than I do in a month. I wish I had that motivation, I just can't seem to keep at it. I don't know if you use a personal trainer or if you're just really disciplined, I wish I knew your secret.

matt said...

this has absolutly nothing to do with anything i just wanted to tell u that i loved your song the adams family groove they do what they wana do say what they wana say think how they wana think play how they wana play the adams family i think that was right well anyway i just liked that song im not much into rap and stuff but it was a cool song

April said...

Good luck Hammer. :) I seriously need to get my butt on a treadmill, lol.

dancerinthedark said...

Hey Hammer! Great blog! Greetings from Sweden!

Kamal Aanand (Kamz) said...

Wow! MC Hammer's blog? For a second I thought it should be a Fan's post. And when I checked, it was not to be.

Ian McGibboney said...

I can't dance at all, but I do anyway. Your lyrics in "Dancin' Machine" made me feel like I could at least try. "Turn to the left, turn to the right. Now spin around, that was tight!"

People have been entertained by my attempts ever since. You have my admiration, because I know it isn't easy.

Adz said...

We got to pray just to make it today!

Good luck with the new dance moves!

William T said...

Hammer when you work out, will u play your own music or any other ?

From HK

Angela said...

Fabulous !!! kisses from italy !!!

Nigidivitch said...

You've convinced me to go to the gym tonight Mr. Hammer, so thanks - it's been a while, but my gym is in my garage, and so is seriously cold and miserable in dreary old England!!

Other than that, LOVE YOU MAN!!!!!

Dan said...

Good stuff Hammer,

I'm the same, I train in Wing Chun kung fu, and you have to have the strength, but also the speed and stamina, so the weights shouldn't be too heavy.


Hot T Finder said...

Hammer, I just wanted to say that you are always going to be an "Icon" throughout history.

I remember I was 10 years old and the only whiteboy, in my area sporting some "Hammer Pants".

I am glad to see that you actually care about your blog, and take time to update it. If your really into blogs check mine out, I think you may enjoy it.

Bloggin Hotties

Phil said...

Hammer - do you do any workouts similar to athletes with some resistance while working on things like squats, etc? I find this helps with neuromuscular memory, and helps the muscles fire quicker.

La Voz Rebelde said...

Saludo Mr. Hammer.

I live in NYC, and damn it has been FREEZING up in here. Ill workout in the spring.


Take care

This life of mine said...

Okay, my goal has been to lose a little this year. You look to be in excellent shape. I guess your dancing keeps you healthy.

Amanda B. said...

Yeah, if I tried to dance like you, I'd end up in the hospital.

Will you let us know when you are going to be making t.v. appearances so we can watch? Thanks.

This life of mine said...

Okay, those breakfast from Nations surely add up the pounds so it's good to see that you balance it out. 300 lb. leg presses - ouch. Hammer, love ya' still.

Michael Harris said...

best of his time!!

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makagirl said...

Hammer - who do you play when you shake it? Is it your own stuff, or do you like others? I'm a big fan and have to admit to the love of "2Legit"! When it's time for cardio, I'm down with Basement Jaxx. If you dig house music, they're awesome and really get the blood pumping! There's all kinds of stuff to get going, isn't there!

//\\ ||\|| ||)) || said...

okay keep your scum sucking losers off my site. i wasn't dissing you. GOD! hell man i like your music. i wish your shit was still around why the hell are they bitching me out. i mean come on dude. i dont go on there sites trashing their g/fs. i mean they seriously need to leave my g/f alone. she has nothing to do with this. okay what i said sounded wrong and im sorry. i was up late and i was tired i hadnt gotten any sleep in a few days my words got mixed up and im sorry for the way it sounded..but keep your lil posses hoes off my back!!!!!!!!!!!

MacBros said...

Nice to see another celeb' get into the times. It makes you see them as a real person and not some over glamour fake. Like Wil Wheaton, he's keeping it real too. Good to see you out and about. I'll add ya' to my blog roll.

dxsuckit said...

Remember your early 90s dance wars with Michael Jackson? You kicked his ass!

three midgets and a glass of milk said...

Do you still find it funny when people ask what was it like being famous. Or do you sill have a following. Are you still a rev.?

Deni said...

Full body days, three days in a row? Hammer--what are you trying to do? You may not feel it now, but NOT allowing your body (muscle groups) to rebuild after tearing them down during a workout, is an accident waiting to happen.

You're a smart and extremely talented man. You're working hard at taking care of your body. And I admire you for that. However, I must say, as a fitness expert, that your workout regimen would work better FOR you, if you allowed your body to rest between full body workouts.

Dance on, my brother!

alberto said...

No sabía de tus andanzas desde hace años, desde que regalaban camisetas de pepsi anunciando tu gira.

Andrew Kubalik said...

Hey Hammer,

Just wanted to leave a thank you for shapeing music and culture today. It is much appreciated.

William T said...

If you are not doing heavy weights then a 3-days-in-a-row regime shouldn't be a problem ... Hammer isn't a rookie in bodybuilding (look at his body from Can't Touch this and 2 Legit days) and he knows his body very well.

littlesnoring said...

Hey, I got sent this photo...

it's pretty funny

Kiltak said...

"The weather is warming up and summer is ninety days away"

Oh please, have pity on us northerner. Your pretty lucky to be down there in beautifull and sunny california cuz here in Quebec, Canada, people are still freezing their balls off.

Cheers ;)

[Geeks Are Sexy] Tech. News

Ryan said...

Yo HAAAAAAAAAMAAA! Good to hear you are still bustin' tha moves man! I saw you 12 years ago and it was one of the best shows I've ever seen! I look forward to your next tour! Come to Canada!

Tinker said...

Go Hammer! No one could put on a stage show like you with the dancing. If only I could get motivated to go to the gym more. Or find the time.

Q_B said...

I wish I can get the motivation to workout, I never really liked going to the gym though.

Well I'm glad I stumbled on your blog it's good to see you are still out there doing yo thang, take care.

mike said...

I've been trying to run back here in DC. I was doing good for a while, but it's COLD!! You just gotta keep with it.
Don't Hurt'em,

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

I love your dedication in putting on a good show for your fans - When are you performing in LA? Do you have a calender online?

Fancy said...

I like your dedication to healthy living. Keep up the good work!

When is your next show? :)

Bar Bar A said...

Hi MC,

I can't believe how many people are talking about your blog! Very cool.

I am wondering if you keep in touch with Jon Gibson. His music changed my life - literally. Do you know what happened to him?

Take care and God bless,

Gregor said...

Great blog! What a good read! Thanks for the effort,

Regards from South Africa

Contessa said...

Hi Hammer,
I don't know if you reply to these comments or not, but I was wondering how your spiritual life is going? I thought I saw something on tv a couple of years back about you finding or renewing your faith. Is that true, I would love to here your journey with Christ as a celebrity. God bless you and keep you.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

03 08 06

MC Hammer:
I know you like Baseball, but you didn't mention Kirby Puckett's passing. If you go to the funeral, pls give the family a hug from the blogging community. I hope you are well:)

mcwinkel said...

Yo Hammer!
How´s life treatin´ you?

MC Winkel

Angelina said...

could you please read big mama telkomsa
and see what you think i would appreciate it if you would reply and could you send it to people you know

Love In Christ, Barb said...

I can see that you take your work VERY seriously, my friend!! You are very good at prioritizing and staying focused....something I need to work on!!! lol

emhtee said...

I am glad you set this up.

Regardless of the haters out there I am sure you know you got much love out here especially from the people who appreciate what you do. Entertaining seems to be a lost art and some of the new skool hip hoppers don't recognize it's value just like some don't appreciate musicianship. While I love new skool the old skool was the bomb. I got to see several of your shows back in the day and I got to say that was how you do a show. That is entertainment. You leave people saying Daaaaaaaayyyyuuumm!!! And they feel it was well worth paying for. Needless to say throwin a little funky stuff in and your appreciation for The Godfather (James Brown)made me appreciate what you do even more. I hope to get to see you perform in the future and if you do I hope you list your tour dates here.


Now if you and PRINCE could hook up, Daaayyyuuummmm!!!!

Sali said...

Ah, yes, the gym. And people say being a star is easy. I admire your determination and focus, and the sheer hard work of being in (amazing!) shape.

Keep inspiring all of us--love from NYC.

Sali Oguri

Lorraine DeLuca said...

It's great to feel like you're in shape, isn't it? I call it my "racehorse" mode. Ready to run and full of energy.

slOppyJoE72 said...

Damn! I was gonna use the "Please Hammer, Don't Hurt Yourself" line..but some guy beat me to it!

You also remind me that I need to get back to the weights..

SloppyJoe72 (a celebrity in his own mind)..

R2K said...

Ive been doing 45 min a day, 6 days a week. Nothing crazy, but I highly suggest some form of workout for everyone here.

I think it makes me feel, in the morning, like I had an extra hour of sleep.

Online Degree said...

Alex, I agree with your comment on having some form of workout... it definitely gives more energy.

Donny said...

I've watched tv shows about your biography. It's been awhile, but if memory serves correctly it was one of those E! stories. I sincerely hope this time around will have different financial results for you than last. I think you were trying to help too many people last time.

I'm hoping you explode back onto the music scene like you did before. Good luck. I'll bookmark this blog and watch what happens.

Dee said...

Excuse me for a moment while I act like a sixteen-year-old. Go Hammer, go Hammer... Go! LOL.

Great seeing you blogging.

nicole said...

In my fittest moment EVER I couldn't come close to executing any of those trademark Hammer moves. Trust me, I've tried. ;)

I never understood how you DID it...even back in the day. Keep it up! :)

cd said...

HAMMER TIME! This blog is awsome! keep up the good work Hammer!


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