Sunday, February 26, 2006

Jeremiah and Dad

From my sidekick


Sali said...

He's beautiful. :-) Stay blessed--I love your music and all that you're about. Shout out from NY.

Amber said...

your son is soooo cute! your so lucky. you have the awesomest song with cant touch this

coolin96 said...

True family man..this is what "keepin it real" is all about. You're the new future of hip-hop....a man whose album i'm not ashamed to roll with with the windows down and a clockwise turn on my bass knob. Take care, from MI.

SoW said...

you guys are the cutest things! ^_^

Kevin Gillese said...

Hammer, you are the man!

I guess that's why they call you hammer man.

Let me show you around Canada some time. I bet you'd dig it.

Keep on posting bro, you're one of the good ones.

Daremaster Spoodle said...

Keep on blogging, Hammer! Awesome job! Can't wait for the new album to drop!

North said...

Dear Mr. MC, your son is magnificent!! He looks like a mini-sculpture of his Dad!!

Jeremiah is a beautiful, but handsome boy; and the wonderful father-son-love, as in the first picture; envelopes you both in your smiles.

very nice to see this bond of love between parents and children!! Thanks for sharing your beloved family with us, MC..children are our future...let us treat them that way!


Mary said...

What do you think about the war on terror?

Glauber Meyer Pinto Ribeiro said...

Hey, good to see you out there. Congratulations on the family. I gave you a link in my blog.

Chuck Scott said...

Way too cool that you are bloggin'

You are blessed bro..


jk said...

Too precious for words! Great to see father and son on an outing. Great role modeling for other fathers out there and providing cool memories for your son :)

sandy said...

Hammer! How did I find you? Very cool site. Love on, Hammer.

Ally The Strange said...

You have wonderful pictures and you rosn is so cute and loved... When I see the smile in his eyes, it just reminds me of my daughter smiles. Thanks for sharing.
Being a parent is such a great adventure... isn't it?
Take Care,

Roberto said...

Dude. Another blog for the listings... have only skim-read but good stuff

Bouvier said...

Hammer Time!! It is refreshing to see such a wonderful Father/Son Relationship! Just checked out your new song & Still "No one dances like Hammer"!!
You are Back!!!!


britt said...

"One proud Daddy". Is this kid cute or what! Bless ya. U Can't Touch this is 1 of my favorite old school rap songs, love the feel-good sound of it, which brings me in a pleasantly party-mood. Bring back the hammer!
Take care,


Chocolate Brides said...

It always gives me chills to see fathers and their children.

Thank you for sharing!

Harold said...

Hey there MC. I hate to bug people during meals... especially about things like this... but since we are both bloggers.. we are basically related... and since you are famous, you know people who know people.. well.. If you could find me a girlfriend, well.. I'd really appreciate it. A really good looking rich one please. Thanks in advance.

Undercover Social Engineer said...

i just ran into your blog here and what a surprise. I've seen you on the Christian channel here. It's beautiful that you are both an involved father and a Christian man. I always wondered when people made a transition from "the world" to being saved how that process was for them, especially for you as you were in an industry filled with sharks and illusions. With that being said, peace and blessings to you in your spiritual journey. God knows I have a ways to go. Pray my strength and increased focus on spiritual growth.

Johnny Mitchell said...


Nice site! Good to see you kickin it. Check out my blog if you get a chance.

MQ said...

Wow! I can't believe I'm commenting on Hammer's blog :) You were the soundtrack to my high school years.

My husband is an incredible father to our two sons, but right now he is in Iraq. Please keep him in your prayers.

Quim Gil said...

Greetings from Barcelona, Spain!
Early in the nineties, your music was truly loved around here. Many people like me who enjoyed your works during our early teenage days still remember you with kindness.
It is great to see that you're a happy family man now.
Lots of happiness, thanks and best regards!!!

Mister Stevi B said...

Sweet blog!! God's richest blessings to you and your son! Incredible to see you in blogland.

SaGa said...

hi there!

Falkayn said...


Nice to see you blogging, and keeping it real. Looks like your son and you had fun on Sunday (I just hope that's not his regular breakfast! ;-) ).

Adding you to my blogroll, so keep on posting!


Monkey said...

GREAT lookin' son MC!!!

And congrats on blogging - it's a fun, wacky world.

Keep it up!

jim said...

Hammer, I am glad to see you having fun with your son. I have a daughter who is almost two and I totally treasure the times we go out to do stuff alone. Being a dad is such a trip and I am loving every minute of it. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!

Daydream believer said...

MC - what a treat! I had no idea it was THE Mc hammer. Fun! Cute little guy you have. Isn't parenthood grand? Isn't it wonderful how it takes years off of your life?

ha ha

God bless.

High Power Rocketry said...

Looks like a good kid! :)

I think he can be proud that his father had the guts to rap without stupid violence or constant money talk: even when that wasnt what was popular.


Gerald San Jose said...

NATIONS! Awesome burgers and breakfasts! I used to go to the one in Berkeley all the time when I was living in the Bay Area.

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

Hi Hammer! Just found your blog, LOVE IT!

Quirkie said...

Dear Mr Red Peters,

You seem to be interested in what celebrities think about "the war of terror".

May I respectfully refer you to There are enough celebrity opinions (neatly edited) over there to mollify your fascinatingly insatiable interest on the subject.

Meanwhile, Mr MC Hammer (whether or not it is really he) is sharing some delightfully non-political commentary, just like an ordinary person.

Please allow him to continue unhindered.

There's a good boy.

Nuno said...

I never heard from you again man... All your music touched my childhood/teenage years. It's nice to see you are doing fine!
Welcome to this "world"!

From Lisbon, Portugal.
Take care!

High Power Rocketry said...

You know, I was 7 - 9 around the time you came out. Pretty wild to think back on how things have gone since then.


R2B said...

I used to dance like crazy to your music!Maybe someday he will be as famous and as great a role model as yourself.
Keep Blogging and a big shout out to Australia!

;P said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
;P said...

Me encantó encontrar un blog tuyo, soy una admiradora de Chile... Tú hijo es muy lindo.
Carños ;)

Jose Rizal said...

Are you really MC Hammer? How can we really know you are the one?

Julie K said...

You write beautifully I feel your words.

Big Heavy said...

right on Mr. B!! i have a tremendous respect for you. you are the american dream and spirit personified. May God's Love shine on you and your family always.

Unknown said...

You wore some funky pants in the 80's!! It's HAMMER TIME!!! I remember all of that from my high school days. :)

Glad to see that you are enjoying fatherhood. Come over to my blog for a peaceful time, anytime!


Alessandro_PPG said...

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Ryan K. said...

Philly loves the Hammer!

Daremaster Spoodle said...

Jose, it is REALLY Hammer. No joke. Check the comments on other posts.

Again, Hammer - awesome job on the blog again! I'm going to give you a plug on mine.

kimcheemonster said...

Keep that boy away from the parachute pants, whatever you do!

Anonymous said...

Great pics!
And loved your music when I was growing up ;)

Northbaywriter said...

Very nice pictures of you and your son! I'm heading out to Nations now...

hodag said...

Hammer, I'm a white guy in my 40's and I still like all your tracks. Good luck on the new album and with your family. Jeremiah is lucky to have a father like you!

SB said...

man I miss Nation's I'm out in Tempe, AZ now

keep loving the Lord and your family bro

you and Jeremiah seem like two peas in a pod

MC Hammer said...

Thank you all for your warmth and kind words.

David M. Glass said...

It's ALL lookin' REAL good, Hammer! What a beautiful young man you have there :-D

I'm about to become a Daddy myself and it's my first time. Sometimes, I get a little nervous about that, and your blog is inspiring me toward greatness. Thank you for being here.

Please, please please! have a look at my blog. Any question or comment from you will be most gladly appreciated. Again, thank you.

dawn said...


You need to get your butt booked on the next season of 'Dancing with the Stars'. You would rock that show. They need a brother to go on there and show 'em how it's done. And Master P wasn't the one to do it.

Continued health and happiness,

Bo Nee-Nah said...

your blog is fresh!

Şirin said...

So lovely!

Manamsim said...

You are a great dad.

Milonare said...

Nice foto...

Man your moves had us grooving all the way in Kenya.

You sure rock Hammer!!

OhPunk! said...


** Shaun **
My awesome blog:


Johnny moo moo said...

Duhhhh....My name is RED Peters. I dont understand that Hammer does'nt care to discuss politics.

I suggest to you RP that Hammer prefers to live life rather than think about it.

Read your profile tough guy; profanity is the sign of a weak mind. However, if your seriously tough, try my friends at

If I dont see you there I,ll assume your a chicken.

Tell Lydia, and everyone there, Johnny sent ya. :D

Hammer: Nice family pics. :)

themoonsplit said...

You little boy is so cute! Mashallah!(God wills it)

Nelda said...

Jeremiah is as handsome as you are. :) What a beautiful smile!

Would you allow him to be a Singer if he wanted to?

What is the best advice that you have given him?


Candice said...

your son is adorable! that plate looks bigger than him! LOL

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