Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Is This The Yankees Year?

Apparently A-Rod says it is. Now I know A-Rod personally and he is one of the finest all around athletes to ever play the game. Not to mention he is an incredible basketball player. I played in a few charity games with him and he was exceptional. But what should certainly be a wake up call and a warning that the Yankees are ready and will be a team to be reckon with this season is when A-Rod starts talking (he's not a talker) and making world championship promises.

Throughout his stellar career his excellent play ( in the field and at bat) has done all the talking. Now he takes it upon himself to add pressure to the coaches, the management and his team right out the gate. No slow starts, no slumps and no control issues. Just win in the beginning and when at the end. You gotta love it! These are the Yankees. We all want to beat the Yankees and now we have locker room billboard material to motivate us courtesy of A-Rod. When you are as good as he is and surrounded by an excellent team somehow I don't see this as an advantage.

If you were going to fight Ali in his prime and he says he's going to whoop you good, and all night long and become the heavyweight champion of the world, I don't think his words would be to your advantage. On the contrary, I think it may be to your disadvantage and bring on some uninvited fear and trembling. Confidence is not a negative. Over confidence is. A-Rod is confident (another MVP year) based upon what he sees in his team and what he doesn't see in other teams. It sets the table for a more intriguing season now that Alex Rodriguez is confident (good for baseball) and he's talking (bad for us) and the rest of us are waiting, watching and hoping we will beat the Yankees and close his mouth! Go A's!!


brian said...

Every year the Yankees think its their year. The A's have the best team they have had in years so I think we have a good shot. Anyway, should be a fun year. Hope we can get more butts in the seats so they don't move the team!

Unknown said...


Zay Amsbury said...

Hell yeah Go A's.

You read the Athletics Nation? The award-winning A's blog. Beane interviews, A's comix, and great celebration, comiseration, and conversation during the games.

If you can't make it to the Coliseum, that is.

maryjanejeff said...

Let's Go Red Sox!

Seriously, if the A's can score enough runs, they're a threat. I can think of a lot of teams that would like to have pitching like Zito/Haren/Harden, namely nyy.

Adam said...

Yanks will get beat in the playoffs. Their pitching still isn't up to par to their lineup. I just hope the Braves make it out of the first round. Hammer, how was the batting practice with Atlanta?

It's me said...

go red sox!! I hope Folke does well for us this year.

Kaufman said...

Dude, your title needs an apostrophe after the 's' in the word Yankees to denote possession.

So, just to recap: Is This The Yankees' Year? is the only way the title will prevent you from seeming like a chump who failed English classes (notice the plural form?).

Good luck with that whole 'I'm living my life through the success or failure of a team in which I have no participation in' thing.

It's a winning formula...For sure.

Oh, and don't forget about the real reason that A-Rod said what he said in the first place: a microphone was placed in front of his fat head and all other thoughts had long ago escaped from his ego tripping mind.

You try touching this.

OhPunk! said...

Hammer! Don't be dropping that Yankee's year thing! This is the year the Yankees & Red Sox fall - you know that!!!

I'm a die hard A's fan from the Toronto area -- so imagine how tough it was for me back from 88-92ish so I've been rooting for the A's since then.

It's too bad we didn't make the playoffs last year -- we crumbled near the end *sigh* but let's see if we can make a run this year!

I seriously think it may be Toronto's year though. They're stacked. Overbay, Molina, Glauss etc etc etc... I didn't even pull up their pitching yet.. scary stuff!

Anyhow.. go A's!!! go A's!! Go A's!! :)

** Shaun **
My awesome blog:


Josh the Hippie Killer said...

no it aint! yanks suck!

Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

Unfortunately I have to agree with Andy K on the grammar issue, even if you are one of my heroes.

Speaking of grammer...

For years I thought you invented the word 'burglarising' for your own ends.

Only recently did I discover it is fact a real word.

You can touch this if you like.

S said...

I'm not a huge fan of baseball; football is more my thing, BUT I'm a fan of anyone playing against the Yankee's & love seeing any other team move to the World Series BUT them. That being said, I do cheer for the Texas Rangers & the Houston Astros even if they are not considered the teams to beat this year.


High Power Rocketry said...

Meh, all the team money can buy right? I am happy for every year they lose. Always been METS with me, the yanks have been the snobs of the sport.


Read This said...

They stil play baseball? I thought once the steroid train dried up that most of those guys went back to selling insurance. Who knew?

A. M said...

Go Yankees'

MC Hammer said...

Thanks Andy on the grammar error. I dig yo style!!

Kaufman said...

Dear Mr Hammer,

I would like to formally apologise for my apparent disregard for your feelings in the comment I made above. Since that is not possible, I would like to apologise through the electronic mail medium.

Sadly, but factually, I suffer from a variant of what some call Multiple Personality Disorder. I do not label it as such, although others tell me that I frequently do. It's a rare strand that affects the central nervous system, primarily targeting the part of the human brain with established grammatical knowledge.

However, I've been receiving treatment in a centre somewhere in Turkey. I am not permitted to disclose the actual location because of strict Internet regulations in place here and, quite frankly, because even I don't exactly know where here is.

I know for a fact it's Turkey because of the dancing bears we inmates are expected to train every first Friday of the month. Tomorrow will be utter Hell. I can sense it already. There's also a distinct odour of faecal matter which can only derive from Turkish cuisine. Don't get me wrong, Mr Hammer. I'm not complaining about the coffee for a single moment. It has inspired the hair follicles on my chest to reproduce like rabbits in a room filled with candles and mood music.

Anyway, when I posted my previous comment, which, I might add, I am ashamed of and disgusted by, I was very angry before I stumbled on your site. At that time, my room mate, Viktor, had taken fifty-six of the allotted hour made available to us each day to email his family in his native Poland. I swear I have yet to see anyone with dyslexia to rival his.

To cut a dull story short, by the time my fingers finally touched the communal keyboard, I didn't have time to read and establish whether your site belonged to THE REAL, ACTUAL, NOT-AN-IMPOSTOR MC HAMMER. I thought it was someone who had assumed your identity and started a site pretending to be you.

I now know that my assumption was entirely wrong.

I realise this does not excuse my actions or rudeness, but I'm hoping you're able to forgive my faux pas with the promise, from me to you, that it will not happen again.

Judging by your response above, you are without flaw a forgiving man, capable of seeing beyond such puerile behaviour. For this, and for bringing me countless moments of memorable entertainment during my formative years, I humbly thank you with every ounce of my beating heart.

I hope you won't mind if I add your site to my list of people that have inspired me throughout the years. It's one of the few avenues available to me in this vile facility where I am able to express my feelings without the desire to suffocate Viktor with my pillow.

Please take care and thank you for understanding my plight.

Andy Kaufman

JSilverman said...

This is not the Yankees least I hope not. I can't stand the Yankees. I hate the Yankees more than any other sports orgainzation and team. I don't live to hate the Yankees, I just can't stand them and I don't think the sports world; mainly baseball revolves around them. Let me further that I don't think the world revolves around New York too. Their free spending over the past six years has even surpassed their free spending methods yester year. With all the money they spend they should at least 90% of their games. It's clear that they want to stack their line-up with as many superstars and potential hall of famers as they can. How is that being competitive? It's so sad and unfortunate that the Yankees have the ability to make moves not to better their team, but to hurt and take away from other teams. I would love to see them not make the playoffs, so that we will have something else to talk about.

BRUISER said...

Its The Year Of Derek Lee ---so that my friends makes it the year of the CUBS ...and yet another World Series Set In Chicago---GO CUBS!!!!!!!

Justin said...

Sorry sir. It's once again the year of the White Sox.

Unknown said...

I'm a Met's fan (always have been), so I hope the Yankees get beaten, too!

Let's Go Mets!!!

And 'A's'!!!

StrangeNights said...

This is a message in a bottle. If you are reading this and you are an idiot, go to


StrangeNights - The weird side of the web.

Anonymous said...

I just saw Andy K's lengthy apologetic comment up there, and I must give him kudos for his darkly creative use of...sniff, sniff...what seems to be burning sarcasm, if my nose is correct.

Isn't the blogosphere amusing at times?

Back to our regularly scheduled madness.

MC Hammer said...

you are back on my christmas card list!
I do love the way you write.

Kaufman said...

Mr Hammer: I don't think a greater compliment exists than the one you bestowed upon me. You don't know how much I'm anticipating that one day in December. :) I thank you in advance.

By the way, I've reciprocated my genuine feelings of regret for my initial intrusion over at my site. I don't know if you were aware of this.

Again, I thank you for your humility.

Mystic Heart: Your kudos arrived intact with the remainder of Monday's mail. Thank you.

Professionally, I'm not qualified to diagnose your faulty nose and was at a loss when it was time for offcial group hypothesis time. However, following lengthy discussion with Viktor through the aid of a translator I shall call El Bottleo De Tequila in order to avoid naming names in the hydrotherapy suite, where no lemons were harmed, we determined through low-pitched grunting and sign language that the most likely cause of your nose's way-offness (a term which, unless I'm mistaken, is readily catalogued in medical journals) stems from the presence of excessive nasal follicles. Good luck with that, etc.

Matt Ortega said...

Street, Crosby, Johnson, Herrera, Swisher... the A's are young and gunnin' for the AL West title. I would not have it any other way.

Side note: Let's hope Kirby comes out of this stroke okay.

MC Hammer said...

our prayers are with Kirby and his family.

Matt Ortega said...

M.C. - I second that.

Rest in peace, Kirby.

Mr. Faded Glory said...

Thanks for linking my blog.

Please Hammer, don't hurt me.

internum1 said...

I think that Yankees is unlucky team ((((((

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