Thursday, March 09, 2006

Barry Bonds

Dear Barry,
Under no circumstances are you allowed to quit, exit , leave, retire, walkout or any other form of saying bye that would equate to you aborting the mission. This is not your mission alone. This is baseball's, and millions of baseball fans mission. For all of us who played the game and the love the game, to see you walkout while in earshot of the all time most prestigious record in the game of baseball would be a slap in our collective faces. Don't let the bloodhounds shake you. You have to realize and understand that sensationalism sells. This new book timed for your historical season is strictly business and nothing personal.

Bloodhounds smell and sniff out blood. Every story written about steroids means nothing to us in the know. While we don't endorse, support or condone the usage of steroids in any shape or form, we also are keenly aware of the hand eye coordination and science of hitting that is necessary to hit on the level of excellence that you do Barry. Nobody does it better. No one has done it better. As you close in on the record, and the day of reckoning is at hand, there will be many attemps by the bloodhounds to shake you and force you to quit. Old girlfriends, used car dealers, former barbers, and even fix and repair men. You name them, the stories are coming. Each one meant to somehow discredit your skills and accomplishments even though they have nothing to do with the game. They want to discourage, pressure you and stress you out, literally. Barry don't let them fool you. You are loved by many. I love you. You have brought me so much joy in your mastery of the game of baseball. Don't let the bloodhounds win. Finish the mission. Do it for San Francisco, do it for baseball, do it for your kid's, do it for your Dad (R.I.P.), and do it for yourself.

you deserve to be the all time greatest homerun hitter in baseball history. The hounds, they deserve the dog pound.


BE YOUR BEST said...

You don't need a lot of people who believe in your dream, but if Barry Bonds has MC Hammer and Jesus as dream holders, then that's all that he needs. I praise the Lord for your powerful words to encourage Barry Bonds. I pray that he gets to read your blog.

Mandora the Explorer said...

Everyone in every profession faces this sort of pressure. It's just that if you're in the public eye a whole lot more people get to join in the action. It doesn't mean that what a million people have to say about you or your work (or in this case, not even work but a personal issue) is any more valid or credible than what maybe 3 people might say about mine.

High Power Rocketry said...

Aww poor millionaire...

He was a great player before the drugs, he didnt need to take them. If pete rose doesnt get in (and I understand why he should not), certainly BB should not.

I am sick of baseball players. The greed, the violence, the switching teams so often, the drugs... Frankly, I dont really care for the sport that much anymore.


Mr Q said...

I agree with Alex. He did not need the stuff to be good. We all make mistakes, is just that some pay great dividends to the media more than others and that's Barry's case, Canseco tried to get some by himself and no one bought his pitch, sadly this seems to be the show that hungry and greedy media conglomerates have hopes on.

jason dominy said...

With all due respect to His Hammerness, I totally disagree. While I too see the media as pit of sharks looking for the vague scent of blood, what's true is true, and we all know Mr. Bonds used steroids to attain his records so far, and will continue to receive. ANY sports star using supplements and cheating their way to success should be dealt with accordingly, and all the records or achievements they received taken back. It is not just the right thing for the sport, but it is the right thing for our kids, who we are trying to raise the do the right thing, the right way, and the fair way. Steroids are bad, and any sports professional who makes their living off the public, and uses steroids to get to where they are, is bad to. Period. I don't care if it's Canseco, McGwire, or Bonds, it's wrong! Say Nope To Dope.

John Burkholder said...

I disagree with jason and april. In history, we continue to strive to better our athletes. You continue to develop beter methods of playing the game, improving your strength sources, creating better golf balls. But when a human takes steriods, they are merely creating a stronger human. I respect those who do not take steriods. But I also am not willing to punish those who do.

During the first Olympic games (in modern times), track races were raced with everyone standing in an upright position. Then when someone figured out that your could start off better it the lower starting position, everyone threw a fit and called it "cheating." How about when the first racing bike was made from carbon graphite, or when the first golf ball had a rubber core? These are advancements. Well, in the evolution of sports, steriods has entered into it. Granted, it has huge and terrible risks, but so do the sports as a whole.

If an athlete feels that there is a performance edge with steriods, caffeine or using the same pair of underwear over and over again without washing it, so be it. That athlete understands the risk and is willing to live with possible consequences.

Let's let them use steriods...and let them play the game better than we have ever seen before.

Taking you outside the box...

Phil said...

Barry is undeniably a superb baseball player.

I must admit, I want to see Hammerin' Hank keep the record, though.

Munchies said...

Ethically speaking it's wrong. However, he's not the first and he won't be the last. Undoubtedly, Barry is one of the greatest in the game, but at some point he made a decision, albeit unethical, to elevate his game and it worked. If he would come clean it still wouldn't matter as we see what it did for Canseco and McGwire (hope I spelled that right). We'd like to KNOW the truth, but it's really none of our business. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes right now. Just pray for his strength during this test...that's all we can do.

Heath Quinn said...
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La Voz Rebelde said...

u must be crazy hammer. This guy is the poster child of steroids.

Donny said...

I sure hope your post is taken to heart. How disappointing would it be to get so close, only to quit. As fans, we want to see history written, and done so by a man who richly deserves it.

Reach said...

n8ivwarrior brings up some very good points; however, we do need to keep the playing field level. Barry, please remain and endure. As long as you maintain your integrity, never let anybody tell you no. You can acheive all you desire with focus. Do not make the mistake again and take the throne.


Andrew said...

Barry Bonds plays baseball. Think about that!

Guide_to_life said...

I couldn't have said it better

Bobby Nakka said...

Somehow I could only feel sarcasm as opposed to kind or inspiring words. I hope Barry steps down and soon be forgotten. If you need an edge you are not good period.

Ryan K. said...

What up Hammer! I agree with you and thought I'd leave you with my thoughts on Barry.

North said...

Dear Mr. Bonds; I echo MC Hammers most eloquent thoughts to you!!

I played ladies fastball for 22 years; many of my joints being succumbed to the wear and tear.

I was a fast-ball, whip-arm pitcher. In my day; there was no women's advancement in the game; I played town leagues. Now, women have advanced in the sports fields.

IT takes blood, guts, sweat and tears, to play ball; when in such excruciating pain to the joints.

YOUR record alone, shows the self-sacrifices of body, mind and spirit; you have "given" to the world; to play "your game"!!

Walk tall, young man; God is walking right beside you always, no matter what!

MC is right; it will come from all angles of your life; but, that's OK:

all debrit must be cleared of clutter; to make way for your future...

paved with success!!


Brad said...

Yo MC, I used to have your song title, To Legit to Quit, underneath my baseball cap in highschool. I was a pitching and used it as motivation when I took the mound. But I've got to disagree with you on Bonds, being a life long Braves fan myself, I don't want him to break Hank's record. I want that record to stay with the braves. I always thought Barry was a hell of a player but you can't dismiss the fact that the man took some kind of steriod knowingly or not. Hank got that record the honest way, let it stay that way.

Peace MC

MC Hammer said...

All of your comments and thoughts have some merits and more importantly it's your opinon and voice. Thank you all.

High Power Rocketry said...

Steriods are ILLEGAL DRUGS. Would anyone here defend him if he was smoking crack during a game?

Dont forget that he is also supposed to set a good example. Millions of kids watch the sport. Probably shouldnt for get about that.

How about a metal bat? Would that be ok? What about if he drugged the other team? What if he had a special ball placed in the rotation that could go farther? Where does the acceptable cheating stop and the problem cheating begin?

I hate to be rude, but hammer could you be supporting him in part because of the hard time you had with the media? In no way would I compare you to a drug user, but like B Bonds, your financial problems were your own, not ours (the public) or the media.

CTK said...

Dear Hammer:

That was truly an eloquent, moving ode to Barry Bonds. However, your plea for him to keep swinging for the fences and reach the HR summit just *screamed* for a 2 Legit 2 Quit reference, yet you chose not to do so. I feel a little bit let down by that.

Your pal,


PS - Whatever happened to that dancer who had the big pointy cement trowel-looking thing sticking up in the front of his hair? He was the shizz. He was especially awesome in your Taco Bell commercials.

Darth Roker said...

Dear Mr. McHammer:

It is my position that one Barry Bonds is indeed not legit and should quit. In reading excerpts from an upcoming book, I find that his bumps and or pumps were artificially enhanced.

Word to your mutha.

BTW, can you recommend a good tailor? I have a couple pair of pleated Dockers that I would like to look like your pants -- I think it would be great if I could walk sideways into and out of meetings in our conference room like you do -- I think that the baggy khakis would help!

Your Pal!


Nathan Giesbrecht said...

Barry Bonds should break that record! He shouldn't be personally held responsible because MLB screwed up and has turned a blind eye to steroids for the last 15 years.

I still think that Bonds is the greatest player to ever play the game. He and San Fransisco deserve a World Championship!

TheMemoWriter said...

Hammer, I still love you...but how you stick up for Barry I'll never understand. I have no proof that he did steroids (and several other performance enhancing drugs), but suspicion is reasonable based upon his MASSIVE gain in size and strength. Furthermore, Barry has constantly been a jerk to the fans and the media. I love watching people accomplish great athletic feats as much as the next guy, but for whatever reason, Bonds has always rubbed me the wrong way. I personally believe he cheated and I don't like his attitude, so I'll be one of the people rooting against him. If it turns out that I'm wrong about the drugs, then I will own up to that, but he'll still be a jerk.

Anyway, I'm glad you started a blog. This could be very interesting.

Tom Reagan said...

MC Hammer,

You're one of the coolest performers ever:
1) You've got to pray to make it today...exactly.
2) I heard about how you originally were selling CDs out of your car...that's awesome, man.
3) That Super Bowl commercial a few years ago was the best commercial in a long time

Okay, enough of that...don't want you getting a big head...

God bless,

ylmurph said...

He's one of the top 5 baseball players of all time. He just is. He was the best defensive left fielder in baseball for many years (even if he's not in the top 10 now) He could hit for power and average...and could run - even before his head grew to the size of an ottoman.
He's a sure fire - first round hall of famer - no's just true

CTK said...

Hey swag,

Nobody likes a jerkface.

Darth Roker said...

I think Mr. McHammer will agree with me in evoking the great words of The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeffrey when I say "this is not a matter of black and white, it is a matter of wrong and right."

Parents just don't understand.

Darth Roker said...

You go Hamma, Nationwide is on Yo Side.

Mike Heine said...

He took drugs Hammer!! He is nowhere near too legit to quit!

Amanda said...

wow is this the real mc hammer blog! WOW i feel honored and sorry for you, you broke ass bitch

sithkhan said...

Bonds* will never be that which he desires; he* will always be associated with steroids, and his* records will always be suspect. Even if he* passes the mark of Ruth, Bonds* will never be the complete player Ruth was. Check the pitching stats Ruth had before becoming a slugger. Bonds* wishes he* could achieve this purity of being.

luke46219 said...

This is in response to n8ivwarrior and all those who support Barry Bonds. Some of the advancements that you mention were not cheating because there were not rules prohibiting it. For example, it was not against the rules to start a race from a sprinter's position but people were more comfortable and used to standing at the start. Only after noticing a significant improvement did they switch. However, the PGA tour does ban certain balls and clubs for whatever reason and if players use them they will be disqualified. While using performance enhancing drugs was not illegal until recently, it was an ethical decision. Now that these are banned it is no longer just an ethical choce, but the only way to enforce it is mandatory testing for every player before every game. If Barry ever did use them, he will have a tougher time keeping himself in shape without them. The bottom line, though, is that he is getting paid millions of dollars to play the game the right way. He is 41 years old and could be the father of many players today, so if he has always played the game the right way I applaud him.

Anonymous said...

This may sound bad, but I don't care that he did steroids. Athletes do lots of things and make lots of sacrifices to be great. There is a reason the life expectancy of an NFL player is about 57 years. They sacrifice their bodies for their sport. if an athlete wants to sacrifice long term health for short term gain who is to say that he shouldn't? It's his body.

Scary personals

The Stories You Cannot Tell said...

Barry Bonds is a cheater. He knowingly and willingly took performance enhancing drugs when he saw that MacGuire and Sosa were hitting home runs on a regular basis. Jealous of all the ink they were getting, he stuck a needle in his ass and the cycle's begin.

He does not deserve to be in the hall now. The sad irony is that he probably would have made it in to the Hall already, as he was a MVP and great player before he started juicing. Now he deserve no respect, no accolades and certainly no love from anyone that loves the game of baseball.

Judging by your words Hammer, either you are a good friend of his OR you are a good friend of his Blackness. It's gotta be either one of the two. I know Black folk gotta stick together but, sometimes you need to step back and take a look beyond his skin colour.

He's a cheater. Nuff said.

Malaika said...

you are addicted to blogging now i see. loving it more and more. keep posting. malaika

Anonymous said...

If baseball cared about steroids they would have been fighting their abuse. They didn't. In fact, if you read the rules in place at the time they weren't even against the rules. If a doctor gave you the medicine, it was legal. Only illegal drugs were banned and tested for.

The truth is, Barry is not the exception, he is the rule. And the players that are pretending that is not the case are either lying to you or themselves.

Scared Bunny

Nicole said...

Nicely written and an interesting take on the steroids scandal. I think it would benefit HIM to read this...

JD_Janelle said...

Barry is the MAN!!!

North said...

Two of my fave poems, for Barry!

(Edmund Vance Cooke)

Did you tackle that trouble that came your way
With a resolute heart and cheerful?
Or hide your face from the light of day
With a craven soul and fearful?
Oh, a trouble's a ton, or a troubles' an ounce,
Or a trouble is what you make it.
And it isn't the fact that you're hurt that counts,
But only how did you take it?

You are beaten to earth? Well, well, what's that?
Come up with a smiling face,
It's nothing against you to fall down flat,
But to lie there --that's disgrace.
The harder you're thrown, why the higher you bounce;
Be proud of your blackened eye!
It isn't the fact that you're licked that counts;
It's how did you fight and why?

And though you be done to death, what then?
If you battled the best you could;
If you played your part in the world of men,
Why, the Critic will call it good.
Death comes with a crawl, or comes with a pounce,
And whether he's slow or spry,
It isn't the fact that you're dead that counts,
But only, how did you die?


(William Shekespeare) Merchant of Venice

the quality of mercy is not strained;
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath: it is twice blest,--
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes:
'Tis mightiest in the mightiest; it becomes
The throned monarch better than his crown:
His sceptre shows the force of temporal power,
the attribute to awe and majesty,
Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings;
but mercy is above this sceptred sway,--
It is enthroned n the hearts of kings,
It is an attribute to God himself;
And earthly power doth then show likest God's,
when mercy seasons justice.


Mike V said...

Barry Bonds cheated. He would have been a Hall Of Famer without taking steroids, but the steroids made him superhuman. If he breaks the record it's a farce, and baseball fans have been robbed of the chance to see Barry Bonds, a naturally gifted athelete chase the record without chemical help. This deate over hand-eye coordination will not end until he dies prematurely from abusing his body with these drugs.

Miguel said...

yo Hammer,

your blog is 2 Legit. Nice work, brah.

D.R. said...


I used to be a big fan when I was in Junior High, but I have to say that I am no fan of this post. Barry Bonds is not being singled out here because he is close to the record -- he is being exposed for what he is, a steroid abuser. And that, in my opinion, is enough to conclude that he does not deserve to take the title from a man with the integrity of Hank Aaron. Hank didn't use steriod, but if he had, Bonds would never be able to touch his record. He is not on par with Aaron and thus does not deserve this honor.

Sorry, but Barry is not Legit enough and he should indeed quit.

MC Hammer said...

D R,
U are tugging at my heart, as U know I love Hank(The Hammer) Aaron. However, this issue is bigger than baseball. Yes, Barry will learn some hard life lessons. The band wagon is going to be miles long against Barry and he is not the only possible guilty party. Why should he bare the entire burden? The issue of drugs and baseball is'nt new. Drugs are defined by generations. The 70's, speed, heroin and coke. The 80's crack, the 90's meth. How these drugs enhanced the play of players is open to debate. what's not is the fact that they were used by the players in each respective era. If we start removing records from the books based on drug use it won't be a book but a magazine.

MC Hammer said...

well said. and deep.

North said...

Hello, Mr. MC,


I read it often, when in doubt, or I have been slighted, etc. It is a nice "grounder" of logic.


KG said...

Barry is the best hitter of all time

Blake said...

Thanks for sticking up for Barry - he is the man.

Uncle House said...
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Off the Grid said...

He still juiced though. That's so obvious, it's painful. He didn't need the HR record to be remembered. Bonds solidified himself as one of the greatest all-round players of all time, THE greatest player of his generation. Why, Barry, why?

Unknown said...

Amen Hammer. Amen.

Me said...

Baseball turned a blind eye to this issue for too long. No there weren't rules against it at the time, and others juiced too, but IT WAS AGAINST THE LAW. And rules or not, people are naive if they think taking steroids isn't cheating.

Other players were doing it too, probably more than most of us think, so for that reason Barry should not be singled out of the crowd. Yet he is the most prominant figure in that group, and last time I checked, the only juicer to currently be close to breaking a sarcred record among baseball fans.

What's sad is he would've gotten into the HoF anyway (his numbers were incredible). Hitting a baseball is one of the toughest things in all of sports, but don't give me eye-hand coordination. His batting average is not some astronomical number. If he hadn't juiced, he wouldn't have gotten the extra 20-30ft he needed to get HRs, it's that simple. Never mind the fact that he took some drugs that improve eye performace, but I guess there's an excuse there too.

The proof IS real, and Barry has already "admitted" to taking things but not knowing. The only question left, and what this book is accusing, is that he DID know.

He should be allowed to play just like McGuire and Giambi were, but please don't cheer for this man to become the greatest.

Controversy said...

Way to stand by your man, Hammer!

Bonds bashers need to go on Spike TV's “Pros Versus Joes,” because just like those men with Al Bundy mentalities, they are jealous of what they couldn't do - living in some past glory day of how good they THOUGHT they could be.

Let's be real - ain't none of you people bashing Bonds as a steroid user concerned about Hank Aaron's record. What you are concerned about is Bonds passing your Baseball God Babe Ruth. These books coming out now amount to nothing more than a literary lynching - racism in 2006 form.

Anonymous said...

Wooahhh!! You're reading way too much in to it, Aaron. Your Babe Ruth reference really came out of left field, pun intended.

Jonathan Rundle said...

First off, Ted Williams is the greatest hitter in baseball history, not Barry Bonds.

I think he took the roids, but I dont think his records should be stripped. Like Hammer said, roids was (is?) part of the times and no one is to blame but baseball. You can't go back and erase everything just because baseball was slow in acting and the players association wouldn't speak up about its problems. If Barry did em, then so could have everyone else. The man never failed a test. Baseball is to blame, and if they didn't catch him, then the MLB has no one to blame but the MLB. How many of you cheated on a test in high school or college? Should we go back and erase your academic record because it was found that you cheated on a Western Literature Exam?

Ruth did worse things to his body than 'roids (Cigars, Booze, Women) and paid a price because of his throat cancer. I mean, look at Ruth. What a fatass. He was still belting them. There won't be another Ruth, he was sports' first superstar in a time when baseball was the true national pasttime. Ruth and Aaron deserve the accolades that are poured upon them. The Jury's still out on Bonds.

Remember that baseball writers and Hall members vote on who gets in the hall, and who knows better than they? These guys have the HOF's best interests in mind and will decide Bonds' fate. If it is found that he has used steroids, suspend him according to the drug policy for each offense. If it can be proven that he used it on multiple occaisons, again, suspend him according to the curren policy. His records should stay, like him or not, but I think HOF voters will make the right decision as to whether or not he deserves to be in the Hall.

Good discussion Hammer.

(SR71)Atomica said...

Hammer...thanks for sharing that brilliant letter. You KNOW we have got to PRAY just so he can continue to make it and beat back the bitterhearts, or as you called them bloodhounds, who come from a disreputable newspaper to stir the pot and attack a good man when he is down.
I am suspicious of San Frenchfreako Comicle hacks who go from dispensing yellow journalism to defaming a fine player like Barry Bonds.
I too hope he gets back into the game and hits homerun 756 and beyond.
The San Frenchfreako Comicle deserves to be boycotted. To HELL with the liberal media!
And yo know that those yellow journalism dispensing hounds from the Comicle can't touch this.
Yo Bonds...time to TURN THAT MUTHA OUT!

Monica Roberts said...

And to all the folks in the 'Get Barry Bonds Drummed out of MLB Society' I have two simple questions for you.

If you hate ballplyers that take steriods, then why aren't you screaming just as loud to have Mark McGwire's single season home run record erased from the record books?

Whay aren't you pushing for lifetime bans for Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco and Rafael Palmeiro?

Don't choke on your 2 liter bottle of Hateraid while you ponder that.

RC HAMMER said...

Barry Bonds is 2 Legit 2 Quit (BaseBall).

7FiftySix said...

All of us here at believe in you Barry and can't wait for the day you BLAST number 756!!!

Records are made to be broken...

Unknown said...

ok buddy, your a idiot, i'm a sick of hearing about bondds breaking this record, cheaters don't deserve to play, bonds had his chance and he fucked up....aaron did not take steriods, he was an amazing ball player without performance enhancing DRUGS. Bonds is a cheater with a horrible attitude to the press to such a point that a few espn writers wouldn't interview him anymore, he does not deserve to break the record- and p.s. steriods help your hand eye coordination as well as making you stronger and faster, bonds ball playing was a walk in the park compared to hank aarons. Lastly, bonds was about 100-150 pounds less a few years back, weight lifting normally doesn't turn you into a superhuman.

Colton Mac said...

Love Barry!! And, I'm sick of the Band Wagon Barry haters... they are getting tedious. Everyone of them simply regurgitates what the Barry-bashing media gives them daily...
Check out my website at and get a shirt in support of Barry that says "Screw Everybody - I love Bonds"

Colton Mac said...

For the record, Bonds' numbers WERE NOT that impressive in Pittsburgh. He was mediocre, and at the first chance he had after posting some good numbers, he went to SF, and boy did he post some numbers! If you think that he has natural ability, why did he only break .300 once before getting to SF (and juicing)? Why do so many other players have significantly more bases, hits and higher batting averages. And isn't it interesting how his numbers dropped precipitously after the heat was really turned on him about the Steroids. The irony is that he is ruining a game that so many of us love, and all the while everybody here is supporting a man who is only hurting the game of baseball, and the legitimacy of professional sports in general. Bonds is a sociopath who has been intolerable for his teammates from Arizona (they voted him off of the team, lets recall) all the way to SF. He has treated countless people with disrespect, from the fans of baseball to his ex-wives, and business partners. The truth will come out, perhaps after his trainer gets out of jail, or when the investigators finally locate somebody who is willing to talk. People speaking the truth are never so reticent to talk. Hammmer, stick to preaching, stay out of baseball.

Unknown said...

Barry Bonds used muscle building drugs over many years. The manufacturers of the drugs say so. Teammates say so. Bonds denies not that he used these drugs, only that he was unaware that he was using illegal ones. What human being would regularly 'shoot up' their muscles with syringes containing unknown substances year in and year out? Athletes by nature are mirror hugging, self-adoring, narcissistic personality disorder types. They crave the attention being the 'best' brings. Bonds, it appears, is a liar. End of story Hammer.

The drugs Bonds took greatly enhanced his power to hit the long ball. In perfect correlation, his production numbers by season show the difference. He will/has broken some of baseball's longstanding records due to these drugs. Another end of story Hammer.

Use of performance enhancing drugs is against professional baseball's policies, and stripping any league records by a proven, chronic violator of fair play policies will happen... sooner or later. This is the only part of he story not at its end Hammer.

Unknown said...

The year is 2007 and we have a new home run king in Major League Baseball, or do we? That seems to be the question revolving around Barry Bond’s new home run record of 756 homers. Needless to say there is much speculation about how legitimate this new record is. There are polls online asking should there be an asterick beside his name in the record books. One online poll showed a whopping 76% of americans said yes. While this online poll is obviously not a consensus it does say something for the power of the media and how people are forming opinions bases solely on hearsay.

Does this mean in today’s society there is no more “innocent until proven guilty?” Do we simply want to think the worst because we are now a society of so-called “Haters?” Or is it because Barry is black and we (a society of still predominantly white) want the asterick because he is black; possibly calling into question the legitimacy of his record? Regardless of our reasoning the truth in the matter is that nothing was ever PROVEN against Barry Bonds. Allow the man to enjoy his record, allow the record books to show he is the true home run king, and allow not the media to influence our perceptions.

Therefore, unless something is irrefutably proven against him, let us say Congatulations Barry, job well done.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hammer, great post. I agree with you 100% - but let's see what our readers think.

Guys, go to Spock and tag Barry Bonds with what information you believe is most relevant. Also, vote on Barry's Best pictures:

You can also vote on MC Hammer's pictures too! NICE

Unknown said...

Mr. Hammer, Just wondering what you are up to these days? Doing any preaching/church work?

Blog On Books said...

There is some video of Barry Bonds indictment at:

Chuck Gallagher said...

As a motivational speaker, I was recently speaking to a group of high school students about the importance of telling the truth and making the right choices. What qualified me to make this presentation - personal experience…perhaps one of the best teachers in life. Having spent time in Federal prison for making unethical decisions, I know first hand the impact that choices have in our life. I am not proud of those decisions, but, likewise, refuse to hide the fact that I made them and that the impact they had on my life were - well - life changing.

As reported in the Wall Street Journal law blog, MLB’s home run hitter Barry Bonds has been indicted for - well simply put - “lying!”

The post in the WSJ Blog states: “Bonds joins a line of individuals stretching from Alger Hiss to Martha Stewart to Scooter Libby to who were indicted not for commiting an underlying crime, but for lying to investigators. Each time this happens, critics argue that a perjury prosecution is nothing more than an excuse for overzealous prosecutors to bring a headline-grabbing case against a boldfaced name. On the other hand, in pursuing such well-known figures, the feds hope to send a message to the meek and mighty alike: Don’t lie.”

I couldn’t agree more. Whether Bonds is convicted like Martha Stewart or not…the fact remains that the consequences of lying can have dramatic, life-changing effects. Take it from one who knows, “Club Fed” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s prison and no one I know wants to be there.

I routinely speak to business groups and associations on ethics, choices, consequences and their total effect. Every choice has a consequence - and the sooner we recognize that telling the truth is a choice the quicker we control the type of consequences we face. I personally perfer ”positive results” from the choices I make.

Unknown said...

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