Thursday, February 23, 2006

Art Of The Dance

What a good feeling to see that everywhere I look, no matter what name they put on it, everybody's dancing! In the Bay Area we "goin' dumb", "thizz'n", and gettin' "hyphy". In LA they "krump'n" and gettin' "buck". The dirty South they doin the "snap dance". The west coast dances have evolved from the emotions and culture of the environment.

One "goes dumb" because he can escape the reality of feeling abandoned and left out from a society that isn't addressing his pain and frustration. The lack of hope, opportunity and employment eats at a man's conscience and psyche like maggots on the dead. My value and contribution to family and community is found in my ability to provide for my family and support the community with resources. I escape the pressures of this reality momentarily in my dance. In the dance I let go and I'm free.

I express myself. My dreads, my bald head, and my grill are a part of me. They are not "me" because I am not what I wear. They are to me as war paint is to a warrior. My dance is my cry. Feel my power and yet witness my grace. I speak through the dance.

I am not being heard but hopefully I will be seen. My movement is a call to action. The quiet before the storm. I "go dumb" to echo the voices that are saying we will not be denied. I lead the charge like an Elder should. I understand. There is no age requirement or limit and no respect of persons to this dance. If you relate to the conditions and recognize the symptoms join in. I'm hyphy. Hyper. I can't stop moving.

That's why here in the Bay we say, "do it movin". There is no time to sit still and allow the world to move and walk on me. When you see me, "goin' dumb" with my brothers and sisters I am saying I relate and I am here to support and bridge the gap. All gaps. Race, religion, purpose and missions.

The art of the dance is in the imperfections. It is in these moments of correction that we are made whole. We practice and communicate to iron out the problems and challenges. I MC Hammer am back dancing because the world needs to dance and Hip Hop needs leadership. No leadership is like no father. Wisdom comes from living life. Life in this time has grown more complex and the world has become more violent.

Through the dance of life we can communicate, embrace and understand one another. The dance brings us closer together. I purposely released the first video from my upcoming album, "Look, Look, Look"(Look3x) as organized pandemonium rather than a choreographed music video. It reflects the times and mind frame. In the freedom that is free style dance is where I see the real you. I love to let the art of the dance be spontaneous. There is no wrong move. Do you. We "goin' dumb". Just express yourself. Get it out.

This is the first leg in an eighteen song journey that will take you places you have not gone before. This is the warm up and the stretch. The depth and heart of the album comes later. Prepare your mind and your heart and I promise you there is no way you can leave this project without being affected and changed for the better.

I will bridge the gaps through music, video, blogs, melody and dance. We will communicate one with another. There will be communities to support the four chapters that make up the album. The video "Look" (see both "Look" videos: Look 3x, Look 3x/Dance Solo) is taken from the Club Look chapter of the album and is the sound of the crashing symbols and the blowing of the trumpets saying, "Here We Come and Here Comes The Hammer."

I am physically as well as mentally and spiritually prepared for this mission. It was a long time in preparation and now is the time to release my algorithm that is ,"Look, Look, Look" (Look3x).

The engine and power of the movement is the blog. The blog will allow us to link hand in hand, one to another. Even those who are not Hammer Fans but appreciate blogging's empowerment are welcomed supporters. The blog is our commonality. My goal is to connect with Hammer Fans. Make new Hammer friends and meet with like minds. Those who believe in God, family and community. Through the blog I will eliminate sensationalism. You will have access to my many thoughts and truly get to know me without an intermediate.

Video on demand will allow you to see my art, my life and work on demand and without the infection of those who have hidden agendas. This is the revolution and it is on demand. There is no stopping this movement and you can't contain it. The music was built from the vibrations and the call of the people.

We will dance.

There will be many steps in this dance. Learn the movements. Respect my get down. Notice the strength of the women in these videos. See the joy of the kids. The young man at the end of the first "Look" video is my ten year old son Stanley Burrell Jr. I turn them loose and lift them up. They are strong and beautiful. I applaud their strengths and I create an environment that focuses on their gifts. When I launch The Look Tour you will witness what the power of music, dance, technology, God and community truly is on another level. Witness the maturation of Hip Hop.

I won't be just performing but we together will be celebrating the Art Of The Dance.


Keith said...

Rock on, man! Rock on. very cool blog you got here. Good job. Keep it up and keep on Hammering! :)


MC Hammer said...

thanx Keith.

Matt said...

Hey Hammer, this is cool. I have 2 questions.

1) How do you think the current Hip Hop scene will react to your inteded role of leadership?

2) Any chance of bringing back the pants from "U can't touch this" anytime soon?

Keep up the good work!

MC Hammer said...

Many of the artist are already in my circle of influence and I'm there to support them so they look to me for leadership.

The pants could turn up in some form (2006) on the tour.

lucy said...

hello Hammer, from a scottish lass in south Wales, UK. Its really good to see someone from the music industry and someone with such great abilities as yourself posting his Blog with such freedom. One of my first loves is music and I have to say that dancing comes a close second, its just a pity that most of the UK population are so far thier own butts with stiff upperlipness they wont feel rhythm or allow themselves to relax with the beat.

Perhaps you could take this on board and work your personal magic on, at least some of, them.

I wont back pedal now and say that you do work your magic on them and that its not like you aint known over here, 'cause that would just look so uncool and creepy, and this wee scottish lass sure doesnt want to look like that. ::giggles out loud::

So, to you over there, from me over here in the south Wales hills, I wish you good luck in everything you do.

sam x

MC Hammer said...

The art of the dance is for everybody!! so tell your friends to get their groove on.In my soon to launch "Club Look" community I will walk U through step by step with video on how to execute some of these dances.

(SR71)Atomica said...

Hammer---Great blog and great commentary about the art of the dance and how it relates to music and to video. I must look for the new CD Look look look at some point in near future.
As a longtime fan I applaud your efforts.

Dossy Shiobara said...

I just had to check this out thanks to the link from Niall Kennedy's blog this morning.

I'd really like to see, a year from now, you do a speaking tour based on what you learned and what you accomplished by blogging here. You're so unbelievably cool and cutting edge and I really hope others can learn from what you're doing here.

This world needs more positive influences and you're definitely one of them. Don't stop dancin'.


I have to admit there’s nothing like a good dancer, and you are one of the best, I remember your music videos and I was with my mouth open It was like a twister it had rhythm., speed, coordination, great choreography, original dance steps wow. You amazed us big time. I heard that Paula Abdul is going to do a show named something like SO U THINK U CAN DANCE its kind of the American Idol stuff but now with dancers, you should be a judge and you are great telling people that the Art of Dance is for everybody that’s because you are a good spiritual person but u really know that aint true. I cant dance LOL. You a good role model and well…. MAKE US DANCE MAN!!!

Anonymous said...

You're talking about leadership in the hip-hop community, which is great. But I'm wondering how you are going to reconcile that with things you have done. Maybe I have just heard the sensationalized side of the story, but I did see you in a commercial. In the first frame, you were dancing and on top of the world. In the next frame, you appeared to be broke and had your house for sale.
That is the image you have put out, so I'm wondering how you will say, "no, that wasn't really me or my life", and then present yourself as a leader, role model, and mentor.

MC Hammer said...

In reference to the commercial comment, I live in the real world and I don't take everything so seriously. If you can't look back at your pass and learn from it, laugh at it and move on, then you will proably end up stressed out and sick with ulcers and unable to function. I took responsibilty for the challenges in my life never blamed anyone, gave jobs to over two hundred families from my community (a payroll that reached over 1 million a month) and sent kids from my community to college and paid for it and supported them. I started a baseball program in my community (Hammer baseball) and bought all the kids their shoes, gloves, and equiptment for ten years straight. The jobs and the sports programs saved lives. I also supported and boy's home with finances for years.I did'nt talk leadership I led by example and put my money behind it. Not to mention the checks to Jesse Jackson and many others who needed me at the time. My former dancers now work with Usher,Ciara, Destiny Child,Justin Timberlake and more. I taught them discipline and how to choreograph and work with others.I could go on but I won't because I don't won't this to be my reward.In my world everyone is subject to challenges and mistakes.If you think for some reason that I must be perfect in order to be a leader in Hip Hop than I don't won't your vote. People make mistakes and hopefully by the grace of God they recover.

Jade L Blackwater said...

Hi Hammer,

Welcome to blogging! I’m enjoying your thoughts on art, and your desire to continue investing yourself in your community.

You said that "the art of the dance is in the imperfections." I couldn't agree with you more. Thank you for sharing your thoughts online – I look forward to reading more.


David Andrew Gagne said...

Hammer, what kind of difference do you think you can make? I mean, there have been countless artists who feel this way, but their ideas get trampled on by the mainstream sex/money/drugs/violence that seems to be so popular. What makes you think that you have the ability to change anything? This isn't a stab at you or anything, I just want to understnad your vision for how this can happen and what you are going to do to change things.

Also, what are you thoughts on the underground hip hop movements that seem to have more of a purpose? For example the underground Christian hip hop scene ( is a popular hangout for many of them).

MC Hammer said...

I've never been just an artist check the comments I made above. I can't release my entire model right now but next month We should be finish building what I believe is the model of the future to effect change from within the Hip Hop community.Web based and universal.

I don't know the collective purpose of any movement. Because I don't judge artist by their lyrics but by their actions. And I judge them individually.
I will check out the URL above.

Simplified said...

Aloha Hammer, keep up the good work. I sense your vision is noble - spread the vibes to the U.K!!! Simplicity moves mountains.

Hildegaard Von Bingen said...

Are you the real MC Hammer?

Richard Liriano said...

Hammer... welcome to the world of blogging.

Hope you have fun with blogging as us bloggers do...

Please refer some of your friends to blogging also (there is nothing like it)...

In closing, I've always respected you and supported you however I can.

God Bless...

Phantom said...

¿MC Hammer is writing his own blog? this is so interesting.

Welcome to blogging.

Phantom D.

North said...

Greetings Mr. MC! Just had to pop into the blog and let you know; I quite enjoy the vibrations here.

You have a wonderful, absolutely delightful talking process; your passion for "The Dance" is entirely addicting!

Keep writing, MC; and I do hope you are giving solid considerations towards penning an autobiography;

because your writing style; and your ability to talk from the guts in the heart/spirit/mind of the man; is both evolvement, and all encompassing!

Keep touching the world with your heart, MC; it is a very bright light ON this world of man's dark hours without peace.


Marv said...

You are true person of the people. Much respect from me (Marv Irv). I also really agreed with you when you stated that Hip Hop artists are glorified because they were shot before. It is riduculous. Like you said "The person in the hood who did the shooting is the real ganster". I have been rapping and making music for about 15 years, however, I dont even know if I wanna be mainstream these days. All I know how to do is rap. Im not a gangster and dont want to be. I battle an rapper if I knew it would remain just a battle. Unfortunately, its not that way anymore.

DontSeeThis said...

MC Hammer,

It is indeed the time to link up and weave us people together. I greatly appreciate your blog. We are fundraising for a most worthwhile film which not only sings with beauty a new york story of two brothers (a teenage graffiti artist and a nine year gifted with uncommon vision), their single mother, friends, friend's families and neighborhood but also connects the world at large to the hood, through the "magic house", in the community garden, which acts as a portal hole. This screenplay has numerous marketting possiblities, meaning their is money to be made, but its true point is to get out the messages with-in. The calls for people to stand up and self-educate and act thoughtfully. We can make a difference working together to restructure this messed up world where profit is all that these fools care about while destroying family, neighborhood and environment. This is an international enemy. You know this. Media is the masses educator and so we work with it, never forgetting the beauty an image can hold. Please check out the site to see if you are interested in participating in anyway. We are planning to shoot this feature length on 35mm in July.
thank you
writer/director ALice.ia CAriN

JM said...

Sup Hammer? U have always been the man!
Stay Strong, and God Bless!

virtualdude said...

Go Hammer, Go Hammer, Go Hammer, GO!! Yo, Man, wassup. Dude, I was a huge fan back in the day. No offense, but I haven't followed your recent stuff or reality things, but you were a big influence on my life from 14 to twenty something. You inspired me to start dancing which I got to be pretty good at back in the day. Now I'm 30 and have slowed down along with the strains of corporate life and other things.
Dancing used to be such a huge part of my life, but after getting out of shape and some other things, my feet just aren't as quick any more.
But music still moves me totally and completely. Especially the whole hip hop movement. In music, I find my release and I think a large part of that is from the dancing I did back in the day.
I was voted best dancer in my high school.
Now I live on the flip side of the bay from you. I'm reppin 415 but have been for only like 6 months.
Congratulations on the start of a blog. It's a huge way to get yourself out there. I'm sure you've got a million people asking to meet you, but if you're ever in the Western Addition with nothing to do, hit me up. I'm the next to the McDonald's on Fillmore & Golden Gate. Red Door on the right in the cream house, on the GG Side. I work at home! It'd probably be a better idea to e-mail me first or something... =D

AMINO_ONE said...

the last Hammer i was interested in was the Hammer March in the video of The Wall..
your hammering too is cool.
th kid is cute..
best of luck on your onward Journeys...
visit my blog 'aminolife.blogspot'.
i am an Indian.
thank u for your time..

North said...

Dear MC.. re-read some of your comments above, and must mention again, about a Self- bio-book!(wink)

MC you are so direct, there seems to be no veils or curtains drawn which hide you from the Universal Great Audience. Very admirable!!

It does seem a shame, that most people see celebrities and artists apart from themselves; when in fact the visions an artist "gets" come from thier energy too(smile.)

When I sit down at my PC to create a digital design(hobby/fun) for someone; I reach for their energy!

Like a picture I did last night; for a lady who just had breast cancer surgery. She lives in Detroit. I have never met her.

But, I know a woman whom does; and through her; this woman beating cancer(chemo-March) has captured my heart, and has given me visions of colours, love, hope..eternal creation!!

To them; my artwork is fantastic, but to me; they are just mediochre. I don't sell/promote my art, I merely create them!

Though I would love to see some gracing the walls and halls of peoples homes; I wouldn't know how to start?

MC-if you have the chance to cruise my site: Spirit of the Four Winds

PICK OUT a picture you just love..and it is yours! PICK OUT a picture, you think might be sellable; and it is YOURS; to help fundraise for your good intentions for kids through college! My only child(son) starts in September, and what a huge step it is!

this would be my way of saying Thankyou World, for MC Hammer, and for the gift to create art..

because paying it forward is the name of the game.

Currently, I am just completing design of a book cover for an author in India as a volunteer; last week, I got an offer to design a second book cover for an author in Holland again as a volunteer; and I grabbed the opportunities - to be part of the evolving breezes of creation.

I do these, as a volunteer; for "starving artists" not able to pay for a designer quite yet(smiles.)

sorry for rambling; just wanted to elaborate further; on how much I admire "The Man"!


MC Hammer said...

Thanks for the kind words North,
I will visit your site and I look forward to it.

North said...

That would be wonderful MC; and my offer was a serious one; find a pic you just love, and it is yours(will email you the file) and one for a project you can use to fundraise for kids to college!

Nothing, would give me a greater pleasure, than this; as my way of thanking The Creator/God/Universe, for the gift bestowed upon me...through possibly you MC.

EM me, if you find a pic or two you would like to have at your of course!!!! : )


Unknown said...

Oh men, i just find your blog, you make my day!
Your dance its some of the things that i can't forget.

Unknown said...

Hammer I just want to say I'm just now finding your blog and I can truly say that I am pleased. Have always wanted to stay in touch with what you were doing, but never could find an official site 4 u. Well I believe u had one then it went away and I was so disappointed too.

As ur #1 fan down south, U will see alot of me here supporting u my brotha.

Much love to u,

lifeprinciples said...

What's up Hammer, My name is Michael and I'm a youth minister in NC. I viewed the 3X video today 12/9/06 while surfing the net. It was interesting. If your schedule permits, please contact me at www. I'd like to holla on a few things...

(PS..I'm a Christian Rapper and DJ in NC...I've had to deal with perceptions and preferences...get @ me.


old_school said...

Hi Hammer im 12yrs old and I really want to dance like you.You dance very cool,I tried to learn from your song called "Can't Touch This" but it was hard.So if you have any solution please can you email me at

Unknown said...

Its really nice

Swerf-suster said...

I'm from South Africa. Things get to us a little later than the rest of the world and I've only just discovered your site. I'm amazed and inspired. Over here a nasty culture of crime and hatred is developing. People who would never steal something will now not even think twice if they see an open door or a cell phone just lying around because they tell themselves that if they don't take it some one else will. I got very depressed when I realised that about my country and my people. What you are doing is inspiring because even though it seems small and people wonder what difference it will make in this day and age where drugs and violent crime is at it's height, it is these purely righteous acts that keep society from falling apart and that builds up and inspires a community. And what is the world after all but a big community - so if you can reach the people immediately around you, you can reach the world.

I wish you luck, will do my damnedest to learn to dance (though I suck) and I will definitely check out the site every so often for my dose of inspiration.

I'm so happy that it is yet again "Hammertime"

oh yeah and by the way: You don't need to prove yourself to anyone who judges you on this site because if they can't see that what you are doing is good now, they will see it soon enough if you just keep at it.


James A. Goins said...

I have been waiting on you, Brother! It's time, Hammer.
It's way beyond time. I'm seriously hoping you (with the help of the Almighty) can make some sense of todays Hip-Hop Culture and bring the power back!

Much Love and Honor to you Brother.


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Anonymous said...

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Terri Dillard said...

MC Hammer, its been a long time since I really listened to your music and I downloaded some tracks last week and my workout has been crazy fun ever since!! I saw you on Oprah, you look really great by the way and congratulations on 25 years of marriage!! Had a question for you...ever think of doing a workout video?? One of the best dancers I know and I would LOVE to be apart of that project?? I would be honored if you could check out my blog posts at and leave a comment. God Bless You~

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