Saturday, November 02, 2013


Oakland Fight Club "Raider Nation" from MC Hammer on Vimeo.


Rev Paul Sr said...

Dear Mr Hammer, my name is Rev Paul Sr of P.I.G. Street Ministry. Speaking with Mr Riley of 5150 Presents, he said the best way to speak to you regarding a project, then it's best to get in contact with you by letter or request your in person attention. At your God given earliest convenience, could you please give me a call at (916)856-6603

Kerry Kubo said...

Dear Mr. Hammer, my name is Kerry Kubo and I have a business proposition for you. I wrote a song for kids that was based on one of your tunes. It is VERY funny but informative and of course has a dance to go with it. I have a vision for a video, logo, clothing, etc. I have done a test market and I have been told that it will be huge. The way it can be marketed etc is really unique with more to come, meaning this will not be the only song. I have tried contacting you as I think you would really love to be a part of this but I have not been able to reach you or your agent. I know you are coming to Arizona in March 2014 but I would love to speak to you or your agent about this prior to your arrival. At least hear me out and if you are not interested, please let me know what to do so that I can proceed without getting sued. I did an ACE title search and I tried contacting the royalties department in New York via phone/email multiple times with no response. Personally, I would love for you to be part of the entire process. I have never done anything like this before and I would love to have your feedback. I am very passionate about making this a reality.
Please phone me at your earliest convenience:
602-373-1302 or email me at:

Kerry Kubo
10:03 PM

Krzysztof Gorzkiewicz said...

Hello Fame,

I am the organizer of Poland's largest charity project for children with autism.
I appeal to you to inquire whether you would be willing to join our campaign and do the 4 lines from Mr. Hammer to the English version of the song "Helping is trendy" for children with autism?
please about answer, (this is track in Polish version: ).
Music for track make Wlodek Pawlik (winner of this year’s Grammy). Very please, help me !

In this edition also will be amont others: Snoop Dogg, Kurtis Blow, Truth Hurts, PMD, Rakaa from Dilated Peoples, Lil Eazy-E, Curtis Young (son of Dr.Dre) and more

best wishes