Saturday, January 31, 2009


I was just thinking about the people whom you will never here from again as a result of these tough economic times. They were built and made for good times and in good times. Now that times are tough, they will fold and quit because they have never known adversity. They laughed, joked and even applauded the adversity of others and now they will have to show what they are truly made of.
The intestinal fortitude rent is due. Do you have anything inside of you to make the payment?
Witness the real you. The God of Silver and Gold is melting. Leaving his worshippers for dead.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

BLAST24 Music: Celebrating Our Women !!!

AfriDigiDiva @MCHammer if you have to ask you don't need to know. The answer is in the question
capetales @MCHammer celebrate my need to nurture. To love my man and be at home with our children.
ifeelgod @MCHammer my wife @pastorlinda is the best preacher in my house, can out preach me any day of the week & did just yesterday, chk out #twurch
Tom miller
millertime1987 @MCHammer I can't believe McHammer is on Twitter. Me still listening to "Please Hammer don't hurt'em" is even better now!! :)
adorkablegrrl @MCHammer that i have a resilient heart, lots of hope and compassion for others
Irene Prekeges
GoodNightIrene @MCHammer You can celebrate my love for my family and friends!
guerillamilk @MCHammer i thought you dropped the MC and was just Hammer? Rev. Hammer? or was that Mase...quick another shot of gingko biloba
Nancy Myrland
nancymyrland @MCHammer What about you? What can we celebrate about YOU! Your turn, okay? :-)
Nathalie Cameron
bone2pic @MCHammer Celebrate about me? Lol, perhaps that I am an odd little individual who really enjoys life ;)
Snookss @MCHammer Celebrate or courage, raising children today takes just that! Celebrate our strength, we learn to bend and do not break!
EnglandsDreamin @MCHammer You can celebrate my hammer pants!
Lyana Muniz
lmprideny @MCHammer the love in my heart, the warmth of my soul, the endurance of my faith
Karema Nugent
Rema16 @MCHammer Our ability to hold things together even though it seems like the world may be crashing down! ;-)
dana dowell
DanaDang @MCHammer my general fabulousness?
workfromhomepro @MCHammer Celebrate the strength of a woman... Single full time mom, full time job, full time student! (me) A lot of men couldn't do it! :-)
saliqa @MCHammer the curves of the mind, not just the body.
sw33tz Icon_lock @MCHAMMER celebrate our minds and the nourishment of a woman hammer!
OliverRanch @MCHammer Re: helping women, help me help folks (women or men) figure out what meat to eat if any.
kimberlyarnold @MCHammer my loving heart! My strength. And my passion!
jackieguerra @MCHammer We do everything a man does only backwards and in heels-Ginger Rogers:)!
Cathy Smith
zengal @MCHammer, celebrate how much women give love and support to other people.
Tommy Jackson
Elaine Hanson
ElaineHanson @MCHammer Celebrate and accept the changes that come with age.
Jacob Metcalf
8bitjoystick @MCHammer Oh Sir Mix a Lot wrote a song about celebrating woman. Baby Got Back. @jonathancoulton did a sweet cover of it.
IdaRose Sylvester
idarose @MCHammer wonderful to reach out to women! you can celebrate the entrepreneurial, can do, make things happen spirit many of us have :-)
Stephen C Vanderver
scvanderver @MCHammer there's a link here to 50 most powerful women in social media...pretty cool http://www.resourcefulmommy...
KnowMeLoveMe @MCHammer I'm a woman who works full time, raises 2 kids, is always there for my family & friends. I'm compassionate, loyal & honest! :D
oregonkat @MCHammer celebrate that i haven't let my hubby starve 2 death as he doesn't know that the thing with the clock on it in kitchen is the oven
The Fearless Blogger
faryl @MCHammer That I honor & embrace my emotions & have learned to trust my woman's intuition!
AprilTara @MCHammer How about a woman's ability to overcome adversity and come out even stronger on the other side
stephaniedm @MCHammer You can celebrate my understanding that I am fearfully and wonderfully made...a jewel in His indubitable QUEEN. ))xo((
NatLuv @MCHammer Celebrate the beautiful balance a [strong mature] woman can bring to a [strong mature]man!
auset1 @MCHammer i can cook my ass off!!! lol
tracy apps
tapps @MCHammer oh!! can i join in the celebration? :-D
realrenaissance @MCHammer my intelligence, compassion, & ability 2 give a man what he needs emotionally when he needs it
The Southern Mama
ajsouthern @MCHammer the list is too long my friend...:)
inkedopinion @MCHammer You can celebrate our us as a whole. The fact that we were put here to produce and be your strength.
dreams2reality @MCHammer celebrate the REAL WOMEN out there, day after day, on the grind.. work, school, kids & still very classy, intelligent, ambitious
Aronado @MCHammer well, dude, If I were a woman, I guess you could celebrate my nice round booty?
cashmiracle @MCHammer Hey Hammer, you celebrating for any particular reason, or just feel like it?
Alix Ito
alixito @MCHammer our different perspective, warmth, sensibility, and curves!
Raptastic @MCHammer Our undeniable softness and ability to love. I love that abt being a woman.
Cortney Gift
CortneyGift Icon_lock @MCHammer celebrate . . . celebrate our assets :) Bosom, Behind, Brains! and not necessarily in that order hahah!
eD! Thomas
eDThomas @MCHammer Not much you can celebrate about me as a woman, what with me being a guy and all. ;)