Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lookin' Out The Window

The words that are in the Broken Hearts of Men.... "Lookin' Out The Window"..


Kingpin L W said...

This is Awesome Hammer.
I was suprised to not see a Michael Jackson post though. Did you ever meet him?

Eric said...

Sounds good man. You should come to Wichita and rock this place!

randi said...

Mc Hammer:

Would you be interested in becoming an advisory board member for Survivors In Action, Inc.

We are a national 501(c) crime victims organization that serves all victims from men, women, children, elderly, gay and lesbian who are victims of violence, sexual assault and crimes against children.

We would be honored to have you or your wife.


Peace Out!

Anonymous said...

Sounds good Hammer, Hopefully people will learn from your lyrics.. Bottom line is doin the right thing is easier than doin the wrong.

sanker said...

Your effort worth an ice cream.Check my updated blog

Anonymous said...

hey hammer
write someting on the KING OF POP
a felow black artist
come on now hammer...

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ChikaBebe said...

i love how it sounds.. :D great job

deecee said...

that's hot s. ur mind is rt. so ur life is rt. u do operate from luv. expert and ur return will always be in abundance, i luv 4 that: ur wise hun and dis is what ur teachin da world babii: rt now i'm jus lookn out da window: yeah

Anonymous said...

Great job!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful song! Loves it!

Anonymous said...

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