Monday, March 30, 2009

My Tweets : 5 months !!!


  1. @ev Thanks to All !!! And Thank you EV and an early Happy Birthday to you !!! wow a day apart !!
  2. My Birthday & I'm increasing my drive still working !!! my new album.. I'm bringing the FullBlast Family !!! DASIT
  3. @setpihi March 30th is my Birthday... I've been in the music business since 1987... I'm a Blessed Man !!!!!
  4. My Birthday..30th Glad to be.. and Blessed to be here... Life is good when you are among the living.Thank you Lord for another year !!!
  5. @TheRealOmarion O if this is you..what do we always laugh about ?
  6. On my way to a photo session...
  7. @latinprince Hit me on the DM...
  8. @latinprince Longtime man. Good to reconnect.
  9. @PleasureEllis We got some people in Vegas looking for it. Hope we find your gold.. before it gets melted !!
  10. @caseygotcher Thanks Casey..My Birthday is actually Monday March 30th..they mixed it up in Hollywood 20yrs ago and said the 29th..I get 2
  11. @ThePick Thanks.. I'm about to watch "Into The Wild' that movie !!
  12. @lofa Create one. Don't wait (sit still) on someone to hire you... if possible.
  13. Earth Hour..I rode my beach cruiser bicycle for about 8 miles ... the family burned candles... we did our part... good intentions..
  14. RT @RealTalibKweli @MCHammer earth hour, ok sounds good I'm in. People no power for one hour! now!!
  15. Earth Hour starts at 8 30pm PST... I'm in !!
  16. @TJsDJs Earth Hour
  17. Are you participating in Earth Hour ?
  18. @itsDoubleBarrel The Substance of things hoped for ..the Evidence of things not seen !!!
  19. Thanks (movies) Now for a little sunshine.. it's 70 degrees here in the Central Valley... Need my bald head to get the summer (tan) look !!!
  20. I'm working today and tomorrow... but will have a few hours later tonite..What new movie should I see ?
  21. OZ...I'm going to sleep a lil while.. you guy's man the " twittches" (switches) for a bit. Take over and fly this ship !! Good DAY !
  22. @barelyberlee I do sleep but not too long !!! I've got to reach my goals.. this is the time...the world crumbled.. I'm in it not of it !!
  23. Thanks and no worries. One can chase a 1000 and two can put 10,000 to flight... I have preparing Angels that go before me to do my biding..
  24. Just got home from Vegas... we got a lot done. Driving home from the airport got hit by wreckage from a diesel..we ok.. (kids) Thank God
  25. Q
  26. What's your plans for the weekend?
  27. That's all I needed... steam shower and I'm out !!! Have a great Friday !!!,,, OZ (Sat).... Last day in Vegas... "Keep it In Vegas" !!!
  28. @bekabooboo Thank you ..I'm rocking on to sleep now for a few hours..Good nite OZ.. Good morning NY...Good day America !!! Bless the World!
  29. @Melza28 I'm in Vegas it's 3:51am Friday morning ..I just finished filming some club scenes for my show with my was fun !
  30. Then make sure you get your Friday night dance on... Go OZ !!!!
  31. Australia what time is it there ?? What day?
  32. @robertHarper Maybe they plan on melting it !!!
  33. @topherc U know I got your copy Topher !!! Pleasure is here in Vegas and his gold is missing !! He left wit a couple ladies... Oh boy !!!
  34. Radio station was Hot!!! Now on to the recording studio... And then The Moon and Ghost Bar to film, party and .....
  35. Pulling into Hot97.5 in Vegas..Dasit..Stooge Playaz..Pleasure Ellis.....
  36. Steam shower (now) get dressed and next I go to radio ... "Keep It In Vegas" my new Vegas Anthem (from new album) debut on Radio here ...
  37. RT @mashable $25 covers a prescription co-payment for a leukemia patient (RT & donate!)
  38. Back to work !! 5 more hours and I'm going to the hotel and get some ...tweet!!! when I know I need to sleep !!!!
  39. I've seen our common enemy and he's not who he said he was !! All of his victories were and are temporary !! Push On People up..up !!
  40. I'll say it again... have a great one and I won't take no for an answer !!!
  41. I insist that you have a great day !!! I won't take no for answer !!!
  42. @12id Singapore ? wooo.. Ellen don't play she's everywhere !! Thanks
  43. @TheDuCrossBros The song I was dancing to on Ellen is called "SOCIALIZE" it's from my summer 2009 album called DanceJamtheMusic....
  44. RT @mashable $25 covers a prescription co-payment for a leukemia patient (RT & donate!)
  45. @Shezz78 Australia , Thank You !!! Ellen is everywhere ! ..go @theellenshow !!! Oz is the place to be !!!
  46. I have to say thank you to all of you. Your kind congratulatory words about my Ellen appearance today just made my day !! and My Moms!! Thx
  47. Virgin America thanks for allowing the extra (production) and thanks to everyone on this fight for being on our show !!! HammerTime !
  48. my Mom is 70 today !! she lives in Vegas going to surprise her and move her back home near her grandchildren !!!
  49. Vegas in 2o more minutes!!!
  50. I am 3o thousand ft. in the sky tweeting away with the family on board !!! Virgin wifi in the sky !
  51. Vegas here we come videos, tv, Moms, Pops and thanks to my friends at Virgin America (wifi in the sky) "Keep It In Vegas" video in the sky !
  52. @Shea_Alicia Thank you @theellenshow (Ellen) is the best !! Her love of people is 100% authentic I will always love and support her !!
  53. @VinceVWHJewelry Thank you... I promise you that I was searching my soul to say the right words to help, heal and encourage.. Thank U.
  54. RT @mashable $50 pays for a CT scan for a patient with leukemia or other blood cancers (RT & donate!)
  55. RT @mashable $25 covers a prescription co-payment for a leukemia patient (RT & donate!)
  56. RT @mashable $5 pays to send support info to a newly diagnosed leukemia patient (RT & donate!)
  57. This is important !!!
  58. Just landed in the Bay and reading your Vegas tweets !!!! LOL
  59. What's your best Vegas story ?
  60. What a day in LA !! It's beautiful ! Have to get right back on a plane to the Bay..then it's off to Vegas in a few hours !!
  61. @atonyb it was great , Ellen is the best!!! Very kind and real. Ellen is a good soul. Love her !
  62. @theellenshow was fun !! I enjoyed it, Met her mom and she is a doll !
  63. Rolling on Sunset ...70 degrees..headed to Ellen ..listening to and Missing Pac.. I hear you this homey ..2 in the Air !
  64. LA Sunshine.... That's better ,time to move around a little. Forgot the vitamin paks !!
  65. @TheAmHamShow Tech and music go hand in hand... the future of all artist is in Techs hand. I traverse both spaces.
  66. Welcome Brazil !!
  67. @pdotr I had a great time in Australia and look forward to going back.
  68. @TheConglomerate Thank U Sir .
  69. @icadon It's album this summer !
  70. LA it's a windy night...looking forward to the day light !
  71. Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #music #tech #socialmedia
  72. @MistahFAB I got U.
  73. Leaving for LA..with my Family !!.. They all Love Ellen !!
  74. @rosiego Yes, music both reflects and influences doubt.
  75. @m_dot_reilly Mike that was part of the point indeed. Fame is powerful.That's the very reason why it shouldn't be used to belittle & insult
  76. @drivesavers never needed bodyguards they where always there for your protection and for you to see what you need to see ,I gave them work.
  77. @jodi54 He didn't need 5 bodyguards but he knows that people worship image so he created one.
  78. A man walks in a room with no security,orders coffee and service is slow..he walks back in with 5 bodyguards,you say wow who is he? same man
  79. @InsuranceTwitt Living ? Seeing beauty in the handy work of God..mountains, trees, oceans, interacting with people,creating, love, freedom
  80. I sought to impact the world on a positive level (did it), see the world (saw it) change the world (helped) I live to help you see it..
  81. @InsuranceTwitt I've got it....Wife (love me),Children (love me), family(love me) friends (love me).. life Eternal and a love of community
  82. Define friend ?
  83. What do you want out of life ? What is living to you ?
  84. I live alone in the crowd... the perspective from inside the matrix looking outward would change your perception of life..yet I live it up !
  85. still working (tv) ..miss the sun and now it's raining !!! cool..sending some music to Ellen (dance) and writing theme song for my show
  86. Trying to see some day light...still working !!!
  87. @thezenor I'm about to DM info !!
  88. This is Horrible !!!
  89. The music continues...Debra Laws (Very Special) and John Legend (Quickly)... I get mines in....
  90. That was sooo good !!! A Natural Mineral Hot Bath !! I feel good !!! With Switch (They'll Never be) and Roy Ayers (You send Me) playing!
  91. Going to be a Blast !!! Ellen !
  92. @SisterMarie Looking forward to it.. Ellen is going to a blast next week !!
  93. Sun is shining again ! ...I'm grateful to be here.. have a fantastic Friday !!! Time for the fish oil..greens to go..glucosamine..protein
  94. @Jazzydiva821 They did really well !! I was proud ! Thanks
  95. Going to watch my daughters sing together for the first time in Livermore , Ca ..go girls !!! My 15 year old never has sang in public !!
  96. I'm out....on the road again !!!
  97. Need that gas!!! Hold up ..2.25 ? Next time you rob me.... Use a gun!! Not a pump!
  98. 70 plus degrees !! Jumping in the 425hp (Boss Hog Dukes) Challenger and mashin' to my nephews track meet !! Working all the way ! I GOOO!!
  99. First meal....Fish Oil..protein..greens to go..glucosamine..mens vitamins.. Then...Watch Out !!!
  100. @Merle2 I never heard of Dutch eyework !! oh.. do tell !
  101. The writers of that story and the director/writer who contributed have No more credibility than Mr Perry. All Writers. What's The Problem?
  102. In the same Neighborhood where there is "Murder".. there is "Love"... is the writer of Love stories a sell out ?
  103. Spirit, Intent and context of the author would have to be factored to determine if a statement or character is "Stereotypical" when true.
  104. And if the majority of Martians eat green vegetables is it "stereotypical" to say it or depict it when it is a fact ?
  105. Is it possible for a "Martian" to write stories about authentic "Martian" life and not include by definition "stereotypes" ? Majority eats ?
  106. Define "stereotype" ......
  107. @damonnoisette Ok.. Mr. Damon lets have this brief debate... I'll engage because beyond the obvious I understand perception, control, image
  108. I will now go back into the booth and change back to the humble, lovable, Hammerman !!! Oh Boy !!
  109. @CrazyNLazy I look fearless men in the eye an cause the spirit of a coward to posses their soul revealing their true nature as bed wetters.
  110. @Phyneprint 100 million fans 10,000 critics !!! Critic ? critique.. but can you create? execute? perform? I never hear nor see them !
  111. @Phyneprint Yea I'm angry...I better back off the keys.. never even met Tyler Perry but I know his story.. so I'm rollin' wit him period.
  112. @michaelgriswold Not Wall St. !!! The Hard Streets !!!
  113. The Streets have ruined the lives of many and you have cats with MBA's exploiting our stories under the guise of being down.I can't take it.
  114. Tyler Perry is an inspiration, I support his work, art and community commitment. Tyler Keep on Blessing us with your gift and example.
  115. @lysg06 What I'm mad about is I know the inside game in this article and I take issue with giving a platform to an envious director, writer.
  116. What does this mean? I'm mad about this article !!! Problem?? Here we go again.... Why.. Why???
  117. Just finished filming !! Now I'm hungry....NATIONS !!...egg whites, chicken breast, grilled onions, tomatoes, hash browns, wheat toast !!
  118. RT @gary1116 @MCHammer I'm very sad that Natasha Richardson passed away after the 'minor' skiing accident. Keep her family in your prayers.
  119. The A's play the Dodgers in LA June 16, 17, 18... June 16 is a Tuesday...good day to drop a dance album for the Summer ..hmmmm???
  120. @DaymondJohnFUBU Man good to hear from you... FUBU did it first !!..opened the doors for us on that clothing biz..Thank U.. I owe U.
  121. RT @Tyrese4ReaL"God will NEVER give YOU something somebody else is suppose to HAVE" I have more to share with you..... Follow!!
  122. Respect The Dancer !!!..Bill T. Jones love you and your work !!
  123. Headed to the studio....Work on some music with my Daughters...
  124. Love that there are so many MLB fans on twitter !!! We will connect on this often !! I love my baseball !
  125. This is what I love about what's next in a social media meets tv... this is Hot! @Harpers_Globe /, it's hot!!"
  126. @TheEllenShow looking forward to our dance party !!! Your Mom is the Best !!!
  127. @LT_VT Yes that's the history... Go A's always... but I also support the Giants (NL)...
  128. Baseball fans check in !!! It's spring training ..Opening day in a couple of weeks ..How's your team looking ?
  129. @mlbtv Oh yes !! Free Agents get all the loot in the music business !!!
  130. @mlblogs I'm going to post my batting practice with the Tampa Rays video ! first pitch off the left field wall !!! Hammertime !
  131. @JessicaHansley I lift weights, run, dance, walk etc...glucosamine is like oil for joints.. good stuff..but um..check with your Doctor !!!
  132. @dovemarketplace Yes.. it's excellent ..I need that in my system..greens and fruit..also the Mens Vitamins (GNC) excellent read the label !
  133. Good afternoon...time for the fish oil, greens to go, Mens Vitamins and glucosamine...then I'm ready !! Have a great day ! In God We Trust!
  134. MIT/Stanford VLAB was very productive...good exchange of ideas and information... Thanks to all who participated and supported.
  135. Say what's up to my friend since he was 16.. @Tyrese4ReaL .. this a good dude ! Proud of him !!!
  136. RT @TheEllenShow it all started here @TheEllenShow Ellen, Sorry I missed your tweet !!! Love ya !
  137. This is fantastic !!! Ellen you and Mom are the Best !!
  138. Happy St. Patricks Day !!!!
  139. Great and funny lunch with Warren Hellman and Ron Conway ...what a day! 70 degrees ..beautiful !! Just arrive at Stanford... Hammertime !
  140. Hittin' The City (SF) and then Stanford.. Y'all have a great day !! We still here... I'm grateful !! We can handle the rest !
  141. @poyapictures Great shoot !! we enjoyed it.. That camera (RED) is amazing ! Thanks from me and The Hammer Family !
  142. Early to bed for me.... Good Nite all !! ... have great (prophetic) dreams and remember them in the morning !!
  143. @djwaldow Thank U !
  144. @vickyv1 Stay Tuned !!
  145. @PleasureEllis Can't wait to see it !!!
  146. @ChyannaLang Thank U....Love U BACK !!
  147. @TheEllenShow
  148. @TheEllenShow Ellen, Sorry I missed your tweet !!! Love ya !
  149. Akeiba. One of my Daughters.
  150. Another Son...Jeremiah... 5 kids and a nephew...
  151. Dinner with my family ... A great evening!
  152. Busy a lot done and still have 6 more hrs of work !!!
  153. Another beautiful day !!! Air in my lungs...I'm Breathing !!! bout to get it ! Y'all have a great one. I'm grateful.
  154. @soleaddict1 There's room for it all. Radio's limitations becoming obsolete. Play list..IPods,communities etc..Just make hot creative music
  155. @youngdilla Yes...make the right song with the right chords and a great hook.. and the sky is the limit. Somebody will hear it !!!
  156. Now that the most successful rappers are all 30 and over rappers understand there is no retiring ..the fire burns and songs are born.
  157. @sohood Both great artist who gave birth to music that blessed our lives. Marvin and Luther.
  158. @JeromeTrammel I saw your DM. No need to answer. I Love TLC. Special memories, time and place.
  159. @JeromeTrammel What About T-Boz?
  160. @ClintonSparks DM me. I got biz in Boston.
  161. @ANGELLAKELLEY81 I got through it by taking the position that I should have never vacated my "Authority".My responsibility of me & the gift
  162. @sueneil Ok I defended Vegas...Someone else take (defend) Hollywood...
  163. @sueneil Process of elimination.Vegas isn't evil...choice (individuals) ..temptation is in every city (mines and yours) gamble..risk,agree?
  164. Of these 4 which is presumed more evil ? Wall Street, Hollywood, DC or Vegas ?
  165. Do you feel that fear and evil has played any part in the current state of affairs in America?
  166. Do you believe there is a devil ?
  167. define fear ?
  168. @ShimonSandler That music business model is dead. There just wasn't a funeral to acknowledge it. But there are plenty of mourners.
  169. @ShimonSandler I wouldn't. Changes the dynamics.They're doing 360 deals. This is a tool to empower Artist. Set them free. I'll show'em how.
  170. Pleasure Ellis...shooting video to this song "Thief In The Nite" ( ) and "Keep It In Vegas" in Las Vegas in a week.
  171. We just fed the Nation 15yrs of evil soup. Now were throwing up. Lets get it all out !! reject the old menu. Feed me new food and new Wine.
  172. @EmpireHoldings Yes.. it's the resilience of America ..!!
  173. @tlipps22 All love Fam !
  174. @MrEdLover Yes Sirr...!! hope all is well Ed.
  175. Have a beautiful day. We still here !! Among the living.. we can deal with the rest !!
  176. @EmpireHoldings Eve in these tough times we had a 30% increase in our turnout. Giving from the heart to others. Liberia. Thx
  177. @KITTILITTER I'm just glad to connect with the people without a mediator... People make life worth living... have a great day !
  178. @TheEllenShow Whoa !!! Ellen... don't hurt me !! I'm a fan ! LET'S DANCE!!!
  179. @LoriGDunn Thank U for coming out and supporting. As I said in my speech I believe that we can "give" our way out of these tough times.
  180. Wrong pic !!!! Here's the Queen!
  181. Phebe Dennis Fortt Founder of Relief Inc. Helping Liberia. I'm here with now.
  182. Going to help friends and host a charity event for Liberia....
  183. Yes Sirrr... This is a great battle !! I got a great team !!! -
  184. @qoolquest Thanks.. I hit her back (DM) yesterday...
  185. RT @jenaew @MCHammer just goes to prove we should all mind our own business
  186. NY DAILY BABY !!!
  187. Daily News Slammed In Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit For IdentifyingThe Wrong Woman As The Infamous"Manhattan Madam"
  188. Distributors sue over New York Daily News circulation numbers
  189. @RealTalibKweli thanks my Brother...out here working ..we gotta break bread soon...
  190. @BIGGKEMP That's true.. I'm doing my auto-bio first !!! and will gladly settle (lawsuit) on the other book... business...just business...
  191. Y'all in trouble !! I'm back on it ! Good afternoon.. granted me another day.. thankful to be here... Feelin' like Mr Brown.. Get Up Ah !!!
  192. bout to catch a few zzz's but not too many cause @iamdiddy don't sleep either !! Positive people got energy..ideas, concepts, plans
  193. @nanere Sheila E !! My Girl... how is Mom and Dad... and Juan ?
  194. @Taraji_P_Henson Thank you and I'm a huge fan of yours !!! I love you and your work... Congrats on everything !
  195. My daughter...I'll let her tell you ( ) but I do love her voice and I'm proud of her !!!
  196. @midnightsangel I was a good host.....I let'em win ...settin' them up... umm which way did he go ???
  197. @blackcaesar7 They got me !!! but I'll be Baack !
  198. In an hour it's poker nite !! I got the CEO of Cash4Gold (Jeff Aronson) at my house and I'ma try to gett'em good ! down to melting his gold
  199. Pause... Our Troops... Military Families We Love You !! Thank U...
  200. His daughter Joy...signed me to Capitol records to launch my it forward... -
  201. @ChrisManhattan I do love to sweat !! It's something in me that drives me to push it good !!! Sweat Runnin' All Over My Chest... Yes Sirr!
  202. @jonathanwildman London !! When it's time.. I'm going back and Rockin the new 02 Arena !! Watch me !!!! I got it !!!
  203. RT @edshin edshin@MCHammer i'm foll'ing @iamdiddy - very positive indeed! can't keep up! thx hammer!
  204. RT @MrInfamy @MCHammer i got my eye on@iamdiddy 2! Thats human caffine in da flesh lmao! Positive energy, i think i jus join a cult lmao
  205. @edshin @iamdiddy is a fun follow...he's positive and he gets it..he got real game... we see "eye to eye" on a whole lot..I got luv 4 him..
  206. I gotta keep my eye on @iamdiddy that man is a hard worker (won't stop)..we keep each other motivated !! Diddy know tweet'n aint cheat'n !
  207. AOL just got Hot !!! Because Tim Armstrong is the real deal... go Tim go !!!
  208. RT BreakingNewsOnTim Armstrong, former president of Google's Americas operations, has been named the new CEO of AOL.
  209. @RealGhetto Thank U my man ..
  210. @philconner The fish oil is the best !!! so many benefits... google it ! personally it helped with cardio, skin, mental focus, leanness..
  211. @CMajor SXSW will be great !!! I would love to have been there.. gotta stay local that week...I'll be looking for you and @repcor updates
  212. @tristanwalker We talked about doing something with the Biz school last year..with respect to VC's.. ton of respect for Stanford.. DM me..
  213. @tristanwalker Stanford... Yes.. working on the details....(VLab) hopeful...
  214. meal one (internal clock is off!!) 3 fish oil (triple strength) , greens to go, glucosamine, acai, mens vitamins..protein..water..Watch Out!
  215. @Alonis They got tired on me... homework, baths and bed !! maybe tomorrow ...
  216. @frankwettert I'm willing to find out...I figure that knowing each others thoughts is healthy for a family,I tweet my Spirit,my words..
  217. Just grilled fish for the family... My Pops is in town, so now it's dinner time... and then the family is going to tweet together....
  218. @sarcata While I was in the fire,I saw the hearts of men, they laughed at my wounds..celebrated my pain...I died. To live again. Hammer
  219. I have said nothing to some..and a mouthful to others...twitter is powerful.. and 140 is yourself... socialize..stand up !!
  220. @JeremyAhn back?..Sent...Called...does he leave? repo the ghost? contradiction? Divided Kingdom? him..Whole...first in the pool..
  221. @ninjaharlot drunk? are these men drunk?..I heard that a few thousand years ago..good to know you still have the same tactics ! behind me...
  222. Can you comprehend captivity being held captive ? My Dance is my mask... I speak in part..give me that water!.. my old house?..Many Mansions
  223. There may be a "storm" all around us but as long as we don't focus on the storm, we "walk" the water, I'm embracing a great summer now !
  224. Spring is here... Summer in 75 days...can it be a good one in spite of the economy? What things can you do now to make sure it is?
  225. @ValentinaVH I'm going to have our first family tweet tonite.Since my Wife and oldest kids all tweet.Were going to sit at the table & tweet
  226. @Unkoolneo I went light weights (legs are strong) but a lot of reps.. I'll do it again today. Plus add 30min tread mill...(legs)
  227. @AdamMuskiewicz you must detox !! are you might take a final fall !!! cycle on...then off....
  228. @PleasureEllis Filming you in Vegas in a week ! Palms..Maloofs.. you better go hard... do not tweet what the project is !! Not time yet !
  229. @boycaught Trainer ? Motivation ? Self motivated !! been working out 30yrs you have to want it.Period. I love my body hard. I Dance my best.
  230. @MarieStroughter I gave my system (body) a two week cleanse of all the supplements and training (kept dancing)..Now ..back to it.. SPRING!!
  231. re introducing my system to my daily fish oil, greens to go, glucosamine, mens vitamins, protein combo shake etc... my legs sore (weights)..
  232. @steelydaniel 100...long jump.. 4x4 relay....
  233. I see the sunrise!! Bout to take my nephew to school...his car is on a flat !! Woke up his Uncle..(told me last nite)... track meet today..
  234. RT @jspike03@MCHammer FBI picture of Ashley Summers
  235. RT @dlayphoto@MCHammer Can you please retweet? Missing 15-year old girl, Cleveland, OH area. #fryretweet #missing
  236. I was just up ! did I go to sleep? Whatever !! I'm still here...Thankful for another day.... Where is the sun ?
  237. @Godfellow Gotta get up in 5 hours and get back at it... good nite to all !!! May we all see another day... God Bless
  238. Here's the replies on the 4 questions (@abcdude)..... lots of good ones.... Thanks !!
  239. These answers are real good !!! ya'll the best !
  240. Who can answer these 4 questions best in one tweet ? ...??
  241. @yoadrienne Thanks... the concert was a lot of fun... Utah was full of good energy ! The people had a ball !!
  242. @midnightsangel He's 13 and loves twitter now !! I just caught my 15yr old daughter about to do the same thing ! Gotta sign out lol...
  243. My Son got on my computer and said follow him while I was out... ignore him !! gotta teach him some twitter rules and regs !!
  244. follow my son xSuperbrax
  245. RT Geneva, Alabama mayor confirms at least 10 killed in bloody shooting massacre; others wounded
  246. Bout 65 degrees ... I can't complain... It's a good day...
  247. @musiclee "Almost Tired"...Love it !
  248. @supplementguy he did have some people tweet me up... and I called him myself from the Bay Bridge... nothing serious
  249. @supplementguy I serve the living God... don't mess with Baal and the Golden calf.. or Meni and Gad...Google it !!!
  250. @supplementguy what story ?
  251. @midnightsangel Trying to out last my 3yr old !!! He got "eye game" ..keep's them open and he knows he's sleepy !! How does he do it ?
  252. @supplementguy My Family..
  253. @brant That's funny ! They were just kidding... got to have a since of humor!
  254. @KerryOnWorld I might see it soon tho... I miss my base. 7yrs attached to Moffet. Go NAVY !
  255. @Bigdubz All good. A little late night tweet'n ...
  256. @fuzeb You know sometime you just gotta check a cat... he let the smooth taste fool'em !!! lol
  257. @LucasBlack Good Morning my man.
  258. ok.....forget about it...but it's a geek thang baby !!
  259. mad..none of my phones have stereo bluetooth
  260. This is a hot song by @solangeknowles ...feels good and soulful ..
  261. Trying to take Women back 50yrs ! I love this look... and yes making love is healthy...(Should try it sometime).. that -
  262. @Zombie_Phil South Africa ? Yes..
  263. RT joelcomm@mchammer our Hammer Time application won a Mobie Award! ...Good Job team !
  264. @warrengeezy I just hit you. Good show at the Will. I. Am event.
  265. @twoname Thank you
  266. @Cole_Smead I love the idea of melting something that's worshiped and it's a smart business to be in...check the price of gold ...
  267. @joybailey Wayne, Hale, Joe, Step, Michael, Jean etc... you made them all happy and rich... cause you signed the gift...
  268. @Blagica Glad to be of service and support. Keep up the good work.
  269. @mdgruener Confirmation. Thanks for the post.
  270. @gabek I respect the song and the how my fans like to hear them.Every show I choose a version based upon gut. It was a party and celebration
  271. @mdgruener I shall never push religion. I will only share my relationship based upon experience ,anchored in love.Opt in or not.
  272. @mdgruener I was told directly as well. Mercy. For all do not want to hear and will not be made to hear. They will misinterpert it as fear.
  273. @swiffmusic bout to go to sleep now ! Peace..... peace
  274. @andyfied Thanks.....I love it !!! and it's for a good cause ! Go Dom Go !!!
  275. @DPZRAMON Thanks ...They are doing good , no.. great things and should be rewarded for their efforts ,humanity and love... God Bless Them
  276. RT @karitas Why didn't you say it's for Breast Cancers !!! @sleepover20 ...great cause and job... what's the number...DM
  277. @tracey1972 I approved it but have not seen it. You have a link ?
  278. RT @photoverb @MCHammer Dom Joly just danced "U can't touch this" on BBC1 in the UK for charity..including trademark pants..was funny(link?)
  279. @ShianneCampbell Dakota was excellent. Well seasoned. The natural.
  280. @paperboyfabe Yes... Summer.
  281. @hectorgarcia yea...did remind me of HEROES ! Cool tho.
  282. @Rachness 15 kids !! No. I have 5. All by the same woman (Wife). I had a party for me and my boy's... The girls had a spa day.
  283. I saw Push...interesting concept... I get it... it was entertaining..good fun with the kids.
  284. @enjaysauce the list is good information. I'm making sure the next time a journalist is..hmmm dumbfounded and got writers block here's help
  285. @Life_Love_Soul I let it go on that day almost 15yrs ago... knowledge defuses agendas of liars...We couldn't think of anyone else
  286. Enough is Enough ....I'm not your whopping Boy...
  287. Wait wait..hold up !?!?! I can't take other peoples kids to this after what you just told me ! That would be out of pocket !! No waaay...
  288. @bossRickRoss Everyday I'm hustling !!! Respect in return. Do yo thang.
  289. RT @Robinznest Here's the link for Preemie Purple hearts again. My Son Sammy was 1lb 11oz
  290. Just finished cooking for 15 kids !!! Now on to see the Watchmen ....
  291. @MariusOna Newpark wow... memories !!!
  292. @jamiegangel Yes but monitor them... I watch mine !!! Social Media is good for the kids as well. Let them tweet away. Then Follow them !
  293. @JustinMcKeown thanks.. yes , I know because I approved it... A Good cause...
  294. For The record I got a lot of love for Vanilla Ice ...
  295. That was A pocket TweeT !!! but good to hear from all and have a great day !!!
  296. A
  297. @kokupuff Leading a difficult life is the very reason one should seek peace. No one has an exclusive on pain.We all struggle but still seek.
  298. @kokupuff Peace seeking (Personal)....Peace Making (Corporate)... Peace Keepers...(Host)
  299. @kokupuff I hope the best for all. But all are not seekers of Peace. Blessed are the Peace Makers.
  300. @Rambleredhead Never lost a penny. Know to whom I invested in and what I got in return. Bow down Sir. Speaking above your pay grade.
  301. Money worshipers are like crack addicts..they will sale their children for the appearance of wealth.Children of the Golden Calf now suffer.
  302. Resting In Peace is not an option unless Peace is found in life and then rested upon in death.
  303. @kellonwheels I greet you from within the Matrix where I began and have my being,holy in me but I'm not apprehended, I seek a prepared place
  304. @Timaay Jealousy is seductive. She has power but cannot transfer it. The Angels got high on envy, soaked in jealousy and romanced evil.
  305. @kellonwheels The War is in and for our minds ,that's why I listen, read and study the opposition. Naturally and Spiritually. Denounce evil
  306. @kellonwheels They (Angels) were manipulated unto jealousy like many men are today.They have "free will" they embraced negativity and fail.
  307. @Starsong4u God?.. in the depths of an encouraged soul that was waiting for confirmation of a love that was all consuming and ever present
  308. @allaboutenergy Old men dream dreams, young men have visions !! I'm a visionary... (young mind) dreams are prophetic symbols.. a terror
  309. @mkrigsman question. Strategic and thoroughly planned. There was no room for growth (housing),stocks inflated & health inaccessible
  310. @brycemain I agree...but 140 is more than enuff to say the right words !! Whateva it is !
  311. I offer and propose the inquires that I do to stimulate thought, small talk is cool for a minute, then I'm bored... I need substance..
  312. @DankThomas symbolism.... evil, darkness, Satan affiliated , rebellion, anti God... "Leviathan"
  313. @mdgruener The question is why have the powers that be chosen this time to reset the global economy ? What's Going On?
  314. Are you willing to go to modern day Nineveh's ? Locally ? maybe you should just go to sleep but oh yea, there is a storm issue. bail us out
  315. RT cnfi12 @MCHammer isn't that the issue with most of us though? We want God's mercy, but want Him to bring judgment to others?
  316. @cnfi12 Very well said.
  317. Jonah was like I might as well sleep I know where this storm is originating and only my God can calm it. I caused it. Willful disobedience
  318. RT nathanbrisk @MCHammer He knew of their wickedness, and wanted God to bring judgment--not mercy
  319. @swiffmusic soon. I'm getting my food truck strategy together. Feed the hungry is a must. Sac is on my list.
  320. @NCConch Why didn't Jonah want to go to Nineveh?
  321. @pdavidy8 Was Jonah sleeping while the storm was raging ?
  322. What was Jonah about anyway ?
  323. @swiffmusic I'm focused man !! always good to hear from you !
  324. RTJakeyG @MCHammer great and timely song ... Thanks
  325. Global condition= NINEVEH
  326. @johnmcclelland A bailout would do you great harm on a personal level.. this storm is for your edification and learning you gotta stand!
  327. Can you survive this economy and yet remain who you are ? Will you stick it out with your family? Are you close to the edge ?
  328. RT TXBrad @MCHammer Just heard on local news that the Texas A&M is all cleared and there is no gunman.
  329. RT Texas A&M University says there is a possible gunman on campus and is urging students to seek immediate shelter. (corrects university)
  330. RT Texas University says there is a possible gunman on campus and is urging students to seek immediate shelter. No shots fired at this time
  331. @lmk71 Cool. Thanks
  332. @jamiegangel meet .. @xSuperbrax
  333. @jamiegangel He's just starting (two days) .. but he likes it... ask him @ xSuperbrax he'll tell you.
  334. @QtipTheAbstract My Brother, it's always good to hear from you Tip... Hope all is well. Ricky is Fam. We gotta break bread, you a good dude
  335. @xSuperbrax you better be in class !! and focused on your school work.. tweet after school !!
  336. My 13yr old is a dancer!! ..started tweeting last night!! @xSuperbrax ...keep your eye on him..intro socialmedia
  337. Thanks ...My son is a happy boy !! Go Diego, will beat Go Hammer everytime !!
  338. THANKS TO ALL !!!!!!! (Dora, on Nick !) whew !!!! Back to Daddy duty !!!
  339. Parents Help !!! My 3yr old wants to watch Diego, which cartoon show is he on ?
  340. @djksar Thanks ... He ( @xSuperbrax) likes it ! so tweet it up !!
  341. @ariherzog Thanks...he's a good kid and he loves gadgets.... social media is right up his ally....
  342. @xSuperbrax you did good son..welcome to twitter !!! be gig' lil Ham !!!
  343. @xSuperbrax This is my 13yr old son.....
  344. @JVsworld Welcome Back JV !!! DM me the contacts.. we will hook up soon !
  345. @DJMoRadio DM the call in number. We'll make it happen.
  346. @cessnet poverty and struggle are not new.. but new to those who haven't known it...compassion isn't new but yet remains hard to find
  347. @THEDIAMONDCOACH Thank you. I appreciate the kind words.
  348. @PleasantKJ Were having fun !! The video and song "Gigs" is pure dance music..
  349. @vijaychattha if it's the new Hammer pants..then it will make a global impact.. and 20 yrs later be included in the new best in category !!
  350. Rehearsal ...Gigs video... a short clip....
  351. @GMA @MCHammer Also if anyone wants to see our story about the overqualified here it is:
  352. @GMA Great piece on " American Jobs"... and "Survival Jobs" ,telling the story of our current reality although painful is helpful...Thx
  353. RT steveplunkett @mchammer T.O. in a raider uniform? (RT:Trent Dilfer - ESPN) I would love that !!!!
  354. RT Shuurei @MCHammer Emergency Hammer: I'm ready when it's not an emergency !!Go Ahead break the glass !
  355. @tristanwalker we got the interface right. User experience is dialed in.
  356. @Valholla It was fun !! Jeremiah my was happy to have his Father there and I was happy to be there. All the Dads were good guy's, good stuff
  357. finishing Daddy goes to school day ....with my son Jeremiah
  358. @uprisenuplift The hunger issue becomes number 1 from my compassionate capitalism perspective ,If you can't eat, you can't hear clearly.
  359. @uprisenuplift I will (Leno). Hunger ,not being able to feed your family can change the culture of a community overnight ...act vs react
  360. @TJsDJs TJ ..hit me on the DM.... and I'll give you some info.
  361. @gma Welcome to the world of twitter !!!
  362. I'm having fun with a clikball and twitter combo...check it out...
  363. @Craigmackk After I speak with Larry Jones (Feed The Children) and get with my team and form a scalable plan I will tweet the info..Thanks
  364. RT jarvie @mchammer here's pictures from your Utah concert - anyone can grab them of the site if you're down with it.
  365. I believe it's time for me to dance4food... Mr. Leno you got jokes.. but do you have heart ? I'll dance on your show to raise money 4 trucks
  366. I'll huddle with my team(friends) and get in touch with Larry (feed the Children) my old friend. This effort is important and must scale.
  367. @whatsthefuss Fame or wealth doesn't make someone care... lets just do it. The trucks are 5k to 10k.. a couple of dollars each. period.
  368. Hunger (The Coldest Winter?)
  369. Pulling together a group to be prepared to send trucks (food) to the hardest hit areas. Hunger or starving in America... not on our watch.
  370. @Honeygrip Unfortunately they want be able to escape it. This is the real thing. It's not going away anytime soon. America is pushing Reset.
  371. More reality...
  372. Food Lines....
  373. Did you see the story on the "food lines" in America this weekend ?
  374. @MusicBizGuy Thanks Dave good to hear from you. Chat soon. DM your updated numbers.
  375. @DarrellInman Thanks my man, taking sometime to knock out some tweets, play with my baby boy... and get a little R&R in....
  376. @dankillah Thanks for the positivity and love, have a good one !
  377. @DeeJaeTee Thanks for the love Fam !
  378. @TwistedThicket Thank U !
  379. @JDGreer You looked good last night, keep working out and writing .. can't wait to tell your story... from "Pain To Gain"...JD Greer...
  380. @Athenabeans Akeiba is doing well..You will see her on our show, she's singing her heart out and going to University Of Texas, and filming
  381. @captainjack63 Good to see you Captain ! I did 7 proud yrs in the USN.. Anti-Submarine Warfare.. (VP-47) We did that !
  382. @NorineJackson Welcome, glad to have you in our world... positive is how we live,even in dark times We embrace the light & Renew our minds
  383. @Pleasureellis Coming from Utah, Wisconsin, and Vegas in 48hrs and then the surprise party,I was glad to be home. Good to see FullBlast !
  384. @theoompaloompa In America ( The past 50 yrs) since the 60's, it simply means PEACE...
  385. @akeiba Thanks Keeba Weeba !! Glad you're here too !!!
  386. Provo, UT .... Excellent ! before I left I went to Kneaders and it was fantastic (French Toast) so good it's sinful ! Good People. Thanks
  387. RT @davidlay @mchammer turned it out tonight! Concert of a lifetime!
  388. RT @ilivemybliss @MCHAMMER that show was legit! Props to your son for some great dance moves! Thanks!
  389. RT @timmcgaffin @MCHammer Greatest concert ever! Never Quit! We got to Pray just to make it today! You are the King! You are a Champion!
  390. @grumpyjanitor We had an encore performance & party that featured my upcoming album DanceJamtheMusic...The songs blew the roof off !
  391. RT rachelhagen @MCHammer great performance tonight. your son has got some moves! Looking forward to your new CD this summer.
  392. RT @garrettgibbons Thanks for the great show in Utah!had a blast.And man, your son can DANCE! Glad to see his father teaches him well! 2L2Q!
  393. @timmcgaffin Thank you and all of Utah !!! We had a ball ! I'm headed to the airport now...It will be hard to explain the Love and Power !
  394. Hippie Love Baby !
  395. The 70's is how we rolling... PEACE!!!
  396. Let's do this !!!
  397. Oh King live long !!!
  398. Just landed in Utah... Had to get the dancers through and around an ice storm. Close call ...almost got stuck in Madison! But we here !!!
  399. @paige40 the God that hung out with drunks, the fallen,& undesireables ? The same that created the Heavens &earth That God? Yes !!!
  400. @MistahFAB I got U.... All love Lil Brah
  401. @lovejudith the Hammer Men beat the Ladies ! I had a 132.... Not so hot... But I led the guys....we do it for 4 luv !!!
  402. Me and the Hammer Girls!! They go hard!!
  403. Bowling with my dancers !!! They was raw tonite!! Off the Chain!
  404. Bowling with my dancers !!! They was raw tonite!! Off the Chain!
  405. @VirginAmerica it's true I did !!!
  406. @owndamtalkshow see ..... For more understanding... Dance and music reach all generations ... Babies dance!
  407. @owndamtalkshow I don't focus on the new borns who don't know me... My strategy is the 2 billion who do.
  408. My Son with me....hitting the stage.. He tight...
  409. Chicago, a little rain, a little cold..... I'm changing planes... man..forgot my coat !!! too much Cali Sunshine in my head !
  410. Have a good one... I'm going to meet Robbie Van Winkle....Ice Baby!
  411. @barryridge When the airplane is going down, give yourself oxygen first and then help the next man. If you die, you can't help...
  412. @twittbiz who cares about fame ? Fame is a whore with no respect of persons, everyone wants her but she will never love you.
  413. @JULIANBRAY You don't have to be in this movement, Negativity has it's benefits, stress, ulcers, heart attacks, nervous breadowns, death
  414. @sarah_taylor00 By the time the "Secret" was written I had lived the fudamentals and principles in front of billions and that's no Secret !
  415. @benruco When things don't go as I planned ? I defer to the conclusion of the matter and react accordingly. I adjust. New vision. New plan
  416. @reluctor If Family is negative (bye) ,send an e-greetings and keep it moving. "Family is not a license to disrupt peace and ruin lives.
  417. When you reject negative influences in your life, you will no doubt lose a few friends? but ultimately you gain peace of mind and strength
  418. I'm building a network of people who believe in the power and influence of positivity. Good over evil. Family. Humanity. Life over death.
  419. The War has intensified (positivity vs negativity) , Negativity is a "Cowards" favorite drink. It's erotic to him or her (gets off on it !)
  420. we'll invite etc...
  421. @crinklequirk I love the Jesters (King Claps his hands) will keep him, eat, drink !!! and today will invite more clowns !
  422. " Persona Separation " is essential in our lives.. rather we talk in the 3rd person or not, we are many personas, each one has it's place..
  423. We live in the 3rd person but we bought into the concept of not speaking in it... Name 3 of your persona's first (1) Daddy like that !
  424. Do you ever talk in the 3rd person ?
  425. It look's like we gonna have another beautiful day in the Valley and if didn't look like it, I would still make it good ... I hold the keys
  426. @electedfreedumb I dig that !!! That's Hot !! Good Job Man !!
  427. I like it !!! I'm a biased ? ok, ok, .... -
  428. Top 5 things to do today : 1. Gym 2. production meetings . 3.Dancejam 4. rehearsals. 5. Be grateful and appreciative to be among the living
  429. 2nd Rehearsal...... after this a warm bath and some rest !!!
  430. Try this link....for ABC
  431. RT @EvgeniaEliseeva Your 2nd video and pictures are up on ABC news!
  432. Headed to rehearsals ...first of 2 today... ready to engage the music... body to beats, before and after the to the entire groove
  433. @brianshin I found Joel to be a great guy and loved the culture of his office Boston is fertile ground I'll see you on the next visit !
  434. @ikotka Oh cool, I will see you soon !!! Thanks
  435. Twitter at it's best Take a look at the beautiful minds who participated in our "I Am's" " Has Beens" and "Never Was"
  436. I have to go to rehearsal now, hope this "has been" fruitful and thank you for your thoughts (tweets) ... Oh by the way..."I AM HAMMER" !!!
  437. Clearly the distance from "Has Been" to... I Am"... is shorter ....and subjective...leaving "Never Was" ...tortured and angry.. and such is.
  438. One is working hard "to go", where one "Has Been"...... the "Has Been is a strong position, ask.." Iron Man" and Mickey at the Oscars !!
  439. He said he has ,"Been to Spain, Been to Japan, Been to, Russia, Been to Romania, Been to Germany... and it "Has been" a rich experience ...
  440. With that said... and not withstanding define "Has Been"...
  441. Life is made of memories, without memories their is no soul.. to have memories you have to "go" somewhere, to have gone, is to have "been"..
  442. RT @podboy @mchammer the "never was" is a sad story. barstool dreams. Talk and no action. Always the victim.
  443. RT @alix_says Never Was isn't the angriest, they're the bitterest, the saddest. Sad because they had so much, and didn't use any of it.
  444. RT kennethbarrow @MCHammer "Never was" Those who never believed in themselves enough to take the risk. Not dare to be incompetent.
  445. RT @Lee_Rod "Never was "Those who kept saying "I CAN" while others said "I DID". Not trying to reach their full potential, settling for less
  446. RT @brandonmat @MCHammer never accomplishing what you sought out to do; never grasping the opportunities you were given; not moving forward
  447. RT @MsLfavorite @MCHammer Was'nt there to begin with. Dont exist or never did exist. Am i right?.. lol
  448. RT @leojeanette the never was is the one who ALMOST got this or ALMOST landed that but never got it. Decades of hard work but no pay off.
  449. RT @littletales I find that 'Never Was' is the angriest. 'Has Been' had something to be proud of. Never Was hate reminders they never tried.
  450. "Never Was"..... define this...
  451. Authentic human interaction is essential for growth both natural and spiritual. I Am's have a invincible disposition that rejects compassion
  452. "Am's" at the highest level for an extended period of time become isolated by default ,isolation is punishment. you lose the common touch.
  453. On the highest level of "Am" the human experience is no longer authentic, everyone laughs at your jokes,yes you to death,see you as currency
  454. RT @jose3030 @mchammer missing teen was found.
  455. While we ponder these thoughts let's define the groups.... What does "Am" mean?
  456. RT @betatime I'd say the I am's are the most angry. Once you are "it" that's all there is.Only way to go is down and that will angry anyone.
  457. RT @djimperial @MCHammer yeah but the I ams are mad only cuz everything is expected of them and pressure can crumble the strongest man/woman
  458. RT @takeoutcreative i'd say it's a toss-up btw I AMs & HAS BEENs. like the way, pretty women are the most critical of their own looks.
  459. @DEDADDY1 @MCHammer people who make the statements are the angry ones. In sports the average announcer talks as they can do it better job.
  460. RT @allovertheplace I still say has beens....never weres are bitter but don't the feeling to have and lose. Has beens do. They r angry.
  461. RT @bluecinema The answer very clearly is Has Beens. To have been there and lost it, spending the rest of one's life mired in bitter regret.
  462. RT @deestbie @MCHammer The man on the couch "Never Was" even if society thought he was at one time because he didn't believe in himself.
  463. RT @scottsummit The "Never Was" group is the most angry because they wade in a sea of regret that crashes down on them on a daily basis.
  464. I'm going to post this stream so you can see the thoughts later, very interesting why and how you see the 3 groups.... here's a few RT's
  465. Another man sits on a couch and lie's to his son saying he used to go school with the football player and he was better than him etc....
  466. A Football player catches 10 touchdowns in a season.That year he is clearly in the I Am family.Next year he has 1 and is called a "Has Been"
  467. Let's go back and analyze the 3 groups we talked about, The "I Am's", The "Has Beens" and The "Never Was"...Which group is most angry ?
  468. Missing Teen Girl -
  469. Try this link
  470. RT @abcdude hope you got a chance to watch. Segment too short, but fun, I think. you did a great job @abcdude
  471. I think this can be helpful if you are new....Check out this SlideShare Presentation : How Twitter Changed My Life
  472. Welcome to all who are new on Twitter !!! Get ready for a ride !!! Have fun express yourself, follow people, .....Socialize!
  473. I'm still in the "Real Clouds" Now over Las Vegas... 267 miles to go.. -80 degrees... time for a power nap !
  474. http://briankenny.wordpress... hopefully this works !!
  475. http://briankenny.wordpress...
  476. RT @bckenny check out my new blog entry about Hammer's stellar visit to HBS this week! http://briankenny.wordpress...
  477. MCHAMMER - Thief In The Nite by Pleasure Ellis via @SoundCloud ...this should work !!!
  478. MCHAMMER - Thief In The Nite By Pleasure Ellis via @SoundCloud
  479. Pleasure Ellis "Thief IN The Nite"
  480. @Pleasureellis Yes Sir !!! and working on your short film concept "Thief In The Nite"... Cash4Gold and I are brainstorming.. "Keep It I ...
  481. @CMajor I'm not able to make it... but I'm following you and @repcor so I'll be there vicariously through you both !!!
  482. @e4VoIP Sammy is doing well... I can't wait to get home and have him lay on my chest and let Dad hug & love on him.. 4 more hours... Thanks
  483. I think I know this man !!! -
  484. @VirginAmerica Cool... Thanks for the new route.. Boston to SF etc... Very helpful... Boston is fertile ground.. I'll be a frequent flyer
  485. RT@ rickburnes @MCHammer Here's a clip from the @hubspot interview:
  486. 35,000 ft in the sky.... over Toronto ...-60 degrees... but um... I'm cool ! Virgin America...oh boy ! This is how we do it !!!!
  487. Doors closed...wheels up....wifi in the sky in 20 mins.... Great time to be alive!!! HBS..... It was lovely.
  488. The way I "See" it.....You have three groups, The "I AM's"...The "Has Beens" and The "Never Was"... Who do you think is most angry ?
  489. @danzarrella Yes... but I leave Boston in a couple of hours..
  490. @RaceTalk Get the Coffee !!! Black , no cream , so sugar and I'll see you in a few.... Finishing a call !
  491. Let me give ya'll some energy (SOCIALIZE) it, workout, run, dance !!! The groove will keep you going....
  492. @RaceTalk I'm at the Mandarin Oriental we can knock it out here if you want... around 1pm ... I have an early evening flight...
  493. @Gingerlatte Here's food for thought. The "Joker" was actually Evil. My laugh sounds different face2 face (Avatar) Homey don't play dat !
  494. RT MamaNita5 @MCHammer LOL Hammer and if he doesn't make you laugh is it off with his head?
  495. I never get offended by the humor of a "Jester" reading from a cue card ! As King I just clap my hands and say we'll keep him ! Eat, drink !
  496. Even during a recession we have the ability & freedom to create and explore new opportunities, birth new concepts & plant seeds to harvest
  497. @JustinVogt Idea=your intention; what you intend to do.. America= Land of freedom (thought, religion) and opportunity.... That Ideal lives
  498. I been traveling all over the country these last 2 months & I'm proud to say that the "Idea Of America" is alive and well in spite of it all
  499. I'm Going on the TweetaThon now.... Water Is Life !!!! - #tat09 less than 5 seconds ago
  500. I'm Going on the TweetaThon in 10 mins.... Water Is Life !!!! - #tat09
  501. RT @kcapelluto Response on HBS campus has been overwhelming! You blew them away!
  502. @doonsie Cool, welcome my friend !
  503. @mmcgovern You are more than welcome !! Joel Cutler is full of good energy ,Who hired all these beautiful women here ? Whoa call my wife !
  504. The Stimulus Plan written by a dead black monkey ?
  505. @abcdude @abcdude I enjoyed the interview and look forward to the show (GMA). You did a great job !
  506. There were so many congrats sent by the Twitterverse yesterday while I was at Harvard that I simply want to say a sincere Thank U to All.
  507. @fedwards08 Thank U
  508. @Joel_Harder Thanks ... will do.
  509. @Arnold08 Thank U
  510. @saundraq Funnnny ! HBS is a great and historic institution, I was overwhelmed by the invitation and blown away by the experience. Go HBS !
  511. @SelfEsteemQueen The YaY !!! Yes.....
  512. @BambiBlue GMA was good... I will tweet the date it shows for you.
  513. @OMAROSA It was great chatting with you... see you in DC !
  514. @CASAofOC Sammys well thanks for asking !
  515. @punkiez Thanks .. It was a great a experience !! Harvard (HBS) was life changing for me.. so much substance.. great minds.. and people
  516. @dforty Whoa Ms. Noble !!! Love Ms. Nobel teacher ever !!! Who is this ?
  517. Still working....long day.... laying ground work for a potentially solid deal... I appreciate the congrats from all...HBS was fantastic !!
  518. 4pm..... And now I will address HBS!
  519. @KikiD2
  520. @abcdude
  521. I'm being interviewed by @abc dude... Check him out
  522. Now in route to the HBS campus...
  523. @joeltorres I am having a good breakfast and then catching some zzzz later meet the GMA... Good Morning America crew for some Twitter biz
  524. @2FST4U2 Thanks appreciate it.
  525. @SpecialKChicago In time we'll be there.... gotta take it a day (date) at a time...
  526. @CJthe80sBaby @mrbispo Thanks It will be good stuff. I have some great kids. All Hams and entertainers !!!!
  527. @jamesbressi Not yet... but I will talk to him about it.
  528. @NasihaRose Ice Man will do his music and should !!! There are a lot of his fans (millions) that have great memories attached to him..
  529. @mbooth Ice Ice Baby... after Harvard ... I focus on the Ice Man... Knew him before we both had major deals, promised him I wouldn't forget
  530. @Ruby_TuTu Thank U
  531. Robbie Van Winkle
  532. @iforwms Thanks...
  533. @btphoto Yes !
  534. @Teresa79 indeed I am... I am relishing in the moment !! U Live once on earth and after that...The Judgment... and not Judge Dread ? !!!
  535. @JillBotterill My dreams are types and shadows, revelations, warnings, solutions, and warfare.... I reset like a bowling lane.....
  536. @_stefania_ Thank you and you have a great day !
  537. @dreem Thank U Russia ? �ӚӚᴟ♥ⒹƦӚӚṂ♥ď℞ƩƩ⒨�ӚӚᴟ♥ⒹƦӚӚṂ♥ď℞ƩƩ⒨�ӚӚᴟ♥ⒹƦӚӚṂ♥ď℞ƩƩ⒨�ӚӚᴟ♥ⒹƦӚӚṂ♥ď℞ƩƩ⒨�ӚӚᴟ♥ⒹƦӚӚṂ♥ď℞ƩƩ⒨�ӚӚᴟ♥ⒹƦӚӚṂ♥ď℞ƩƩ⒨ SHOUT IT OUT! =)...
  538. @Kittycuddleu @OahuAJ .. ok two tweeple who can't sleep...AJ meet Kitty..Kitty meet AJ... now make it happen !!!
  539. @Kittycuddleu now, now Kitty.... can't sleep ? ......TWEET !!!
  540. @LaurenBlaine Thank U. He had a fever today. He's such a fighter. Thanks for asking. That's my boy !
  541. @OahuAJ Aloha !!!
  542. @jberthume Thank U Sir.
  543. @LoriMoreno sssh ...I'm closer to God up here..don't be yappin' about my sins... but he does wink and laugh some time.. and there's Conan !
  544. @CreativeSoul Yes Sirrr !!! I'm about to check on CNN (they Tweet) ...hit me with some breaking news...although I'm plugged into the Matrix
  545. @Julesthenut Pause for a second...I made (posted) that video at 30,000 feet !!! A new meaning to Mile High Club!! Me and my girl Tweety !!!
  546. Everybody sleep (dreamers) but me..old men dream, dreams..young men (me) have Visions (awake) I couldn't talk /4 U
  547. @joelwilliam Yes... Phil Pringle is a good man.
  548. @DanRicci Virgin America... GoGo service... simply awesome !!!
  549. WIFI In The Sky... Tweeting in the real "Cloud" !!! does that compute ?
  550. @Suzboop7 Thank U
  551. Wheels up !!! doors closing... Wifi in the Sky in 20 mins....
  552. @lancegodard I missed them !!! but I appreciate it !
  553. @MarieStroughter Thanks it went well.....
  554. @keithcarberry Ok internet advertising specialist.... we know what that means...
  555. x
  556. We can lay down and die, or we can move somethin' !!! President Obama is a man of action !!!
  557. Mr. President four weeks in office and you doing it movin' Sir !... Took your coat off...on your behalf I say..... Can U buy That ? ......
  558. RT @twittfeed Reuters Top News Obama to unveil plan for troubled housing market: WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Presid..
  559. If they try and close this door at boarding...I'ma fall out on the floor like the Lady in Hong Kong !!! wit a ghetto twist... my back ...
  560. @Dutch_the_Great Ha ha ha !!! Feel ya man !
  561. @TMAC_9127 Home Of The Tea Party and World Champs (NBA) ..Boston
  562. @Buckholtz What up Buck?.. Long way since Japan (1984) and our Navy music days... We made demos... and 3yrs later...... I came back 4 U...
  563. @atraine correct !!! but did you catch the scripture in my tweet about maybe your God is sleep or on a journey ? ....What Say U ?
  564. @marcohansell They do Vegas !!! I got a song about it... you know dat !
  565. @joshpaul Thanks ...I like A&E ....that was an important factor in the deal. It's a great network.
  566. @apenny Thanks the show will be fun !!!
  567. @ryanisimportant The answer to that is like the best way to tweet...change the question...not what ? but Whom !!!
  568. @denisetully Chime in with your thoughts... you have to act !!! Opine !
  569. @KaleoPastor Now that is hilarious !!!
  570. @sunilnagaraj Yes ..looking forward to it !!!
  571. Time to drive to the airport... 5 mins away... didn't want to sit around (ants in my pants)... Hi..Ho.. Challenger !!! and off I Go ! 1950..
  572. @fayeu He's a trooper (Sammy)... fighting a fever today... thanks for asking..
  573. @ricklondon Hilarious !!!
  574. Virgin America to Boston... They just started this route a week ago.. I got favor... My needs are always met....
  575. @Quiel You are a smooth operator ( a rare gentleman)... I thought I was incognito ... enjoy the night my friend...
  576. Celebrity in and of itself is nothing but an empty shell. What did you contribute to society ? Only your works will stand !!
  577. @cwwaltonsf ahhh the incoherent words of a Babylonian, taken by the towers height? or the allure of the ambiance the Golden Calf promises?
  578. I'm just speaking from an American Dollar perspective ....In God We Trust...
  579. Now Run Tell That !!!
  580. the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and for his daughters: but David encouraged himself in the LORD his God.
  581. If we choose the wrong one (and we may have) he could be sleep or on a journey... that would explain all this mess were in !
  582. Which God is the one were supposed to Trust ? Just reading this American Dollar Bill in my hand....
  583. @bryanbartow We know what our reality is... but listening to the do nothing, loud ,negative voices is salt on our wounds !!!
  584. @bryanbartow We can start with some Patti La Belle .. A New Attitude !!! Wall St is Negative... all emotion.. fearful...hurting the people
  585. President Obama just signed the plan. let's get to work.
  586. RT @therohmance Awesome/Incredible: RT @TweetDeck: I never imagined TweetDeck would be like this: (CNN) pretty amazin
  587. @RaceTalk I'll be there on Thursday as well meeting some VC's and visiting Hollywood East Studios.. lets do it post HBS.
  588. @SkeeStylus Perception, Entrepreneurship, Social Media, Branding, Vision and my Social Media driven Auto- Biography.
  589. Going to the Gym to start my day, long day ahead Boston tonite tomorrow I will be speaking at Harvard (HBS) so excited. Let my Geek shine.
  590. Once again Thank you... Sammy's home and causing trouble ....I'm hungry ! Nations Breakfast ..Hammer special.. Sam
  591. - He did so well, A real champ ! Go Sammy Go !!!
  592. Sammy's surgery went well and he's awake! Thank you all from Sammy and the family!
  593. Sammy says thank you..he's a tough one...Born 1 pound 11 ounces.He's watching a movie and saying ..oh Lord ..LOL
  594. Looking at my strong, beautiful son get ready for surgery.... He's now 3 and half... Samuel LJ Burrell....(Sammy)
  595. RT @munkymunch could be this....munkymunch @MCHammer from this?
  596. Anyone in Texas see or hear the sonic booms and see the fireballs in the sky ?
  597. @jackie2906 Thanks... all good... what time is it in Korea ? or are you some place else ?
  598. @jackie2906 is it not? Yes, love and all it encompasses...
  599. @girlwithnoname Cool to meet you as well. Good times... Shorties was good... First ever... next year bigger, better, stronger !
  600. Here are some of your thoughts (tweets) on Who you are...
  601. RT @ootragirl I do know who I am..frustration lies in misinterpretations..of me I live from pure heart always & one day will truly be "seen"
  602. RT @CatColvard @MCHammer Honest answer? Not at all! I am actually just realizing this which has opened the door for lots of learning
  603. RT @WalkingHorse Yes sir, I sure do. I'm a child of God, a wife to the most incredible man on earth. I'm a mom to four outstanding young men
  604. RT @jamesrose @MCHammer A lacuna in time. A figment. An idea. A beating heart. A source of Love
  605. RT @ndyanks99 @MCHammer I think it changes everyday with the people I meet and experiences I go through, though my values never do.
  606. RT @MentalEdge MentalEdge @MCHammer who I am? I am the sum total of my choices and my intentions lived in harmony with my life purpose.
  607. RT @nbaisley @MCHammer who I am is prismatic..seen differently depending on how light shines through me. Color me how u want. I'm still me!
  608. Do you know who you are ?
  609. @GeneDuncan Agreed in part. Construction+ Presentation= Perception is how I would equate the negotiation. Room for both thesis.
  610. @JoshGalt I love that "Forced Perception"... I agree, that's a problem.
  611. @TParrington The challenge with being"yourself" is that "Self" evolves with time and experience. You today isn't the "You" of 10 years ago.
  612. @SusanBratton That's funny. No. I'm articulating my thoughts from nearly 50 years of life, stored and then recalled as needed on demand !
  613. @jmfield Jim I would argue with "Shaping Reality"... altering Reality is expensive and counterproductive (cosmic plastic surgery) ...
  614. @GeneDuncan agreed. With this caveat.. How we are Perceived is negotiable .. Image make overs, change of environment, new jobs, friends etc
  615. Perception is the value proposition (we buy perception) and reality offers a balance (true value)... "Control Perception, Analyze Reality".
  616. "Reality Is". ....there is no marketing or promotion necessary. It promotes itself... it simply "Is". Reality "challenges" perception.
  617. Perception is more valuable than reality... who is controlling your perception? If it's not you, then you (your business) are vulnerable...
  618. @mmiller20910 DC .......@childrenshealth
  619. RT @mmiller Could you help me get the word out about @childrenshealth? It's DC's kids hospital, and they're trying to help more kids
  620. Lance's Bike that was stolen this morning.
  621. RT Hammer, do you mind RT'ing to your followers that Lance Armstrong's bike was stolen this morning at Tour of Calif? see @lancearmstrong
  622. Dior Homme 2009 Hammer Pants I'm rockin these !!!
  623. RT smashgirl @MCHammer did a search on etsy and found these!
  624. @Darragh81 Hello Dara from Ireland !
  625. Pleasure Ellis...
  626. @WhereIsBarstow both... It's part of the FullBlast PlayHouse collection Pleassure Ellis...Stooge Playaz....Dasit...
  627. @WhereIsBarstow ..." I Go" is from my upcoming album... DanceJamtheMusic...
  628. To All The Ladies... Happy Valentines Day !!! We are Celebrating You !
  629. Record Labels Must Work Harder !!! -
  630. @MatthewDonnelly Hey Matt, How are things in Dublin, Ireland ? How's school coming ? Bluegrass was a blast for us !!!
  631. @Lilsony Thanks I been online since 14k modems so I understand social behavior and how even a coward feels like superman behind a keyboard
  632. RT @KBarbour @MCHammer Representing Oakland baby!! SanDiego transplant lovin the hustlers spirit of the Bay area
  633. RT @iStone_ Longing for the days of Catfish Hunter, Reggie Jackson, Sal Bando, Vida Blue, Rollie Fingers, Joe Rudi, & Bert Campaneris? ;)
  634. RT @JonesOnTheNBA @MCHammer Also said to tell you that he hasn't been to an A's game since you were running the franchise in the 70s. LOL.
  635. @JonesOnTheNBA I'm relaxing this weekend. Tell him we'll catch up later at a Warriors game or A's this season.
  636. @joeduck Legacy Thieves are spirits and they are consistent in their methodology .. I write this openly to torture them...make them cry out
  637. Legacy Thieves still control (influence) old media.. the more I interact with the people the weaker their position... so I express myself...
  638. The reservoir I draw from runs deep and is anchored in the human experience and diverse cultures... to hell and back is an understatement...
  639. Hells Angels, Black Panthers, Hippies, Acid, Mushrooms, Vietnam, Gas Shortage, Civil Rights, Patty Hearst, Coke, disco and Studio 54.. 50yrs
  640. @JonesOnTheNBA We also had Marcus King... who manages Jaime Foxx.. we had entrepreneurship in our blood.. and this began in elementary..
  641. @JonesOnTheNBA Yes Aaron and I grew up together...he has done well..from Oaktown to Representing Lebron James and many others..
  642. @eDThomas ha ha ha... good one my friend !!
  643. @tedrocole Sir I am melting gold ,What you worship is but dung to me. Generating income is my supernatural gift...Big bank take lil bank ?
  644. @mlblogs Let's figure out how to optimize my mlblogs for the HAMMERTIME IPhone app.. I'll visit AZ for spring training..take some BP
  645. @perrybelcher Hold Up !!!... gotta RT Muslim TV channel founder charged with beheading his wife -- in New York!
  646. Now that we have had this fervent discussion.. I'm going to the gym and get my body tight... be like Right Said Fred.. To Sexy For Myself !!
  647. Some people are adverse to work.. action..when the President took off his jacket and got to it...they wined..he's taking off his
  648. Doing nothing is not an option, time is of the essence, soon the people will be hungry and that leads to hopelessness and that's dangerous
  649. @Terry007 The same people who's been paying for the War !!!
  650. @cacoportela Then how do we help the people ? Your words sound good.. but we need solutions, action, pro-active.. Tell us how to help people
  651. @micsolis this is all a dream to you... not real..change the channel... these are not people hurting theses are just numbers....riiiight...
  652. @micsolis We are open to your suggestions... 600 thousand jobs lost last month alone... foreclosures rampant...Banks in distress (credit?)
  653. Let The President Work !!... Keep On Pushing Sir !!! Now to address housing. -
  655. Steve Harvey....
  656. RT lancegodard RT @kevinrose: RT: @aplusk Bruce willis is taking questions for the next 5 min (insane!)
  657. @mrskutcher Have fun !!... tell the ex.. my old buddy ...hello for me.
  658. RT @Big_Bob @mchammer Thank you Hammer Its Up In HD now
  659. @Big_Bob This is the best !!! Funnnnny !
  660. @JeffSays Thanks Jeff
  661. RT @lindaleeplease @mchammer thanks! try this link:
  662. RT @lindaleeplease @mchammer your doll is at bloomingdale's! i took a pic!
  663. THE PUMPS !!! .....
  664. @Samxox U ladies fine them ( Tell Me Where?) and I'll get them !!! I gotta see them from the box to the pedicured feet !!!
  665. @scb4vp find out where I can buy those Lambo Pumps(I'll buy'em) and we will have a contest and I'll give them away !!! Them pumps is hot !
  666. @VIDAPR Why did I change clothes ? look at all my videos & witness all the styles from Lets Get It Started I never made a gangster (lol) Lp
  667. RT @kinganyi @MCHammer u steady risin' again.. Im thinkin Pumps and a Bumps 3... hear me out.. I Love These Pumps!
  668. @mattholden I like Lil Wayne's progression as an artist and as a Man. He's continuing to evolve. I love his creativity and passion. ART-IST
  669. @mho2 Love my 3g IPhone !!! combined with Tweetie and the HAMMERTIME app and Itunes ...Oh Boy !!!!
  670. Water, Water, Water -
  671. -
  672. RT max247 RT Buffalo New York Plane Crash - Help Line - 1 8... information for family's about crash victom's pray 4 them. | thx mc.
  673. @Stranahan cool... Thanks... good article ...
  674. @handyman82 What's up Charles? The Shorties in NY was real cool... I'm back in the bay... bout to rest... zzzzzz
  675. RT jakedahn @mchammer @DanceJam should reenact this with developers on staff:
  676. @wandafay Thank U
  677. @iggyp Never heard of her (Ginger ?)....has she ever done anything of significance ...other than read a prompter ?
  678. @JBMovies it works with twitter, to share links, comments and get alerted..
  679. This is really cool... only works w/ Firefox & twitter for now... check it out & let me know your thoughts..
  680. RT @TomRoyce @MCHammer You got some love at TMZ tonight. The young kids were saying they would all pay to see you at the Staples Center.
  681. @PawLuxury Thanks for the dinner and keep up the good work.
  682. @empowermentdiva Thank U..
  683. @Scarecrow1 Money delayed is not money missed !!! I teach (and live by) that concept and principle. He (whomever) is not me...go figure...
  684. @SwissWatches I'm waiting on the limited "Diamond Edition HammerTime Watch" you need to get to me (in stores) in time for 20th anniversary.
  685. Landed in San Francisco (safe) and now at dancejam looking over the game plan and viewing the contest finalist and sending out video shouts.
  686. @PhilBowen I say ole chap ...cherrios and cornflakes with the waffles !!!
  687. No turning back. He will show you. Like it, agree or not. They are who they are. Then the burden to go forward is yours. Clean house.
  688. Ask God to show you your enemies. And be prepared to face some harsh truths and people you never ever suspected. It's know turning back.
  689. Notice how I ignore the peanut gallery and always focus on the substance? Humility is strength. I digress. Do you want the real secret ?
  690. I respect your thoughts... but this is not for the faint of heart... somethings you may not want to know...
  691. Now this next step is hardcore ... if you believe there is a God and you are ready to push reset, this next step is a monster... ??? painful
  692. Since this is transition time, due to the economic down turn (recession).. you might as well do some self evaluation and start fresh...
  693. @scrapplesandwic Laptop...
  694. @SincSerious Thank U
  695. @scrapplesandwic She has on a mink coat, sippin' a bloody Mary & won't take it off, I told her it's a six hour flight She's a bad mama jamma
  696. @pastorjoewood Virgin America... 12$ can't beat it !
  697. @Stealx back to The West Coast.... Home ..Tracy, Ca...Bay Area... Oakland... SF... East Bay...SJ...
  698. 30 thousand feet in the sky ....over Philly right now... you gotta love Wi-Fi in the sky !!!
  699. We Tweet'n up a storm !!! Take a look at yourself.. The Week In Tweets !
  700. @dcap Good to see and chat with you as well ..... Peace.. pics
  701. RT @joelcomm @MCHammer HammerTime v1.1 is LIVE in the iTunes store! Check out the boombox !!
  702. @_stefania_ make an mp3 and hit me with it !!!
  703. @Jason_Smuvrd just woke up for a second.... back to bed in a few....
  704. @TranquilMammoth You da Man Hunter ! Good hanging with you.
  705. @JesseKay You guys did a fantastic job !!! about to catch a few zzzz's... back to the West Coast in a few hours.... Peace ..geeks up !!!
  706. @FreedomWeaver Thank U Sir.
  707. @PirateNetRadio Entourage !!!
  708. @chuckcreekmur The BK was hot ! I always love the culture of the BK...this is the home of some of the greatest MC's ever. I recognize that.
  709. @organicmania You gorgeous "Hot (uh-green!) Moms" are welcome !!!
  710. @JGut Thanks my man.
  711. @prrobin Yes
  712. Leaving the Shorties.... It was cool... Fun people ..
  713. @reelfeed
  714. @marcohansell Out Of The Abundance Of The Heart The Mouth Does Speak !!! What's In You Will come Out... We Shift'n !!!
  715. @marcohansell cool... Out of the abundance of Heart ..the mouth does speak... it's a real a SHIFT....
  716. The Shift is in motion... we all in this together
  717. @huffpost ...The Inauguration Party was killer !!!.. RT/
  718. 25 floors up on a beautiful day in NY.... Gap Band in the background..Seasons No Reason To Change.... life is good..
  719. @RealTalibKweli Thank U My Brother... Respect ... a fan of the flow.
  720. @RealTalibKweli What up Brother ?... gotta Turn This Mutha Out again ? let me grab my pants okaaaaay !!!
  721. @_stefania_ Yes Melle Mel is my dude !!! 1986 Latin Quarters watched me perform solo and told me I could be the next cat !!! The Message...
  722. I caught the "Red-Eye" and now it's time for "Shut-Eye"!!! I had a little breakfast.... wait.. I might mess up my hair ! oh, Le coconut !!!
  723. @sutkliff I was in Russia 3 months ago.. loved it... the show and crowd was fantastic... I Hit'em with the Hama-Frama-Lama !!!
  724. @princess_louise real easy... driver, hotel !!! lol
  725. New York, New York Big city of dreams, ...... too much..too many people... but I'm down by law and I know my way around !!! ....
  726. @wtf_h4x are U in Russia?
  727. You let me pass on a typo ? Stronger !!!
  728. I'm feeling myself...Ran to and thru the airport... Danced while I waited for my luggage ...legs strong...heart stonger !!
  729. @cag thank U
  730. @russpalmer The Shorty Awards.....Twitter biz...
  731. @LaraAlexandra Listening to Hot 97 now .... Headed to the hotel. Love my man Kanye...
  732. Landing in NY.....
  733. NY. Here I Come! Shorty's
  734. Dancejam Finals ...Get your votes in !!! this is the link !
  735. @ijustine Mother knows best !!! Very cool ! ...Say Hi to Mom for me.
  736. RT @castewar @MCHammer Web comic cameo = win! ... I dig it !
  737. RT @dlayphoto @mchammer help an artist today? help artist Cat Rocketship after being hit by a drunk Driver
  738. Amy and Erin Finalist.. very cool video !!
  739. @rrmurry Hello Class !
  740. @LarryWilson3 Thanks !!!
  741. Dancejam Finals ...Get your votes in !!! this is the link !
  742. @Snoogans194 Ok ... I'll research the link problem and post a new one thanks !!!
  743. Get your votes in !!! We are into the finals
  744. @SWIFTDATSME @Snoogans194 Thanks for the heads up... I'm going to bed on that one...too much.... ya'll be long and prosper..
  745. @Snoogans194 no blame on's just surreal that it happened that way... life is so valuable...
  746. @SWIFTDATSME A Twitter Game of death, that was viewed and tweeted til the real end.... wild..... 2099.. I'm going back to Mars..
  747. @Snoogans194 Shaun.. I just read your timeline.. you got issues.. that was real life... you trippin'... not a video game !
  748. @SWIFTDATSME That's a shame.
  749. RT fokkholmstad We have excellent rappers in Sweden.The best group is called "The Wannabees". They can't dance. Can't rap but they wannabe.
  750. @VinceStreams Why Next Life ? I walk in "Hope" my friend !!
  751. @VinceStreams There is paradise here, I agree... but there is more to come.. and this is not religion but my realism devoid of doubt...
  752. @peggyLL Who is a hero ? I always envied the kids who had a father living with them and I looked at him as a hero.
  753. @dasben Thanks
  754. Next Life, I roam the Cosmos as an "Invincible" enforcing the statutes of God on the "dark invisible" and traversing upon a melody...
  755. @dasben cool..have a good one..
  756. @dasben Where are U ?
  757. @badands the babble of faceless jesters are meant to humor the people... in turn we laugh.. welcome to How- he -would (Hollywood)...
  758. @joshuawithers riddle me this !! nah..... It means I'm focused and I'm on the move... the words before the deed indicates vision...
  759. @NerdyNerak for sure.
  760. With each day I eye the vacant throne and await the demise of the fraudulent royalty who sit around the dais but cannot occupy the seat...
  761. @voppa Thank you.
  762. @davidkaram didn't hear it ?
  763. @pokerinwi Thanks but it was just some random thoughts... sermon nah..expressions and food for thoughts for sure...
  764. @Lynnelle I'm at Harvard on Feb 18... I need to bounce back to the west coast and be with my baby boy (3).. for his final surgery ...
  765. @socialmedium cool, Happy Birthday !!! see you in NY in 48hrs.
  766. @om I'm on your site getting my daily omation !!!
  767. @Fokkholmstad Yes to all 3 inquires.
  768. Water (rain), need it but don't like to be in it, (wet). LA is water resistant.. the rain goes down the drains. At the airport. Lets fly.
  769. @firedancergirl Yes, you too. Beyond the rain and cold is warmth and sunshine. I believe I'll just stick around.
  770. @TaeWooKim Following and being lead.
  771. @TaeWooKim None .... I am a following !!!
  772. I'm done.... 20 minutes is long enough for a good sermon and too long for a bad one !!! lol
  773. @NCConch Yes it is.
  774. Not everyone will see, comprehend or relate to that last tweet but they will feel and live in it's aftermath I promise you that. Hard times.
  775. The God of Silver and Gold has been place in supernatural chains and removed from his throne.... fear is the reaction, markets are comatose.
  776. at the crossroads and threshold of pain, I embraced knowledge and it elevated me to the heavens where I found a flawless hero.
  777. No scars, no life, no flaws, no victories.
  778. Why does society continue to perpetuate the thought that men with gifts in athletics, music, theater and arts as Heroes who are flawless ?
  779. Tranquility can be found in the depths and inner chambers of a heart that has been bruised or damaged, when one chooses to let go...
  780. Time to rest, negativity is pervading the atmosphere ..need the positive thinkers to focus and drive out the darkness.Peace makers r Blessed
  781. @harleyfatboy88b no bot ! just my fingers !!!!
  782. Nice dinner at Mr. Chows and now it's time to Socialize !!! ..... People !
  783. @KrnSidez Going to my hotel room to catch it ! recording it back home. I worked on production today and decided to chill. Ticket in hand.
  784. @VinceStreams LIVING !!!
  785. @stuartshields I love Youtube ! It changed the game... gave power and influence back to the consumer. The WMG issue will work itself out.
  786. RT @joelcomm @MCHammer is going to be appearing on the world's first LIVE broadcast Tweet-a-Thon! - - Hammer Time!
  787. @2wayAlert very well done !
  788. @DFjewelry It went well. Lots of moving parts. I want to optimize for the HAMMERTIME IPhone app , music and the current state of the people
  789. @makinggiants relaxing ... just finished tv production meetings...
  790. @sybrtek Welcome my man.
  791. @ariherzog Why analyze it? Twitter is a "community" and as such people follow people for various reasons, passions and interest.
  792. @scrapplesandwic We should be cool in a couple of weeks.
  793. @jewelfigueras @joelcomm will fix that soon !! we got ahead of him lol !
  794. RT @joelcomm @mchammer has agreed to appear on #tweetathon09! U can't touch this! - mark your calenda
  795. @ariherzog I never underestimate the value of anyone who engages me on any level and I respect and appreciate each one.... you should too.
  796. When I was tweeting from the inauguration I said there was a "Shift" didn't know about this, I felt it in my Spirit
  799. @omahonydonnelly Ireland ? You'll Never Beat The Irish !!! I was mentored by Charles O. Finley (R.I.P.) and I Roll with Ron Conway !
  800. RT @MykalBurns That was a RT but you had to many words and I did not want to edit !!! It was to good !!! THANKS
  801. @MykalBurns The desired effect is what you get when you improve your Interplanetary Funksmanship.Doin' it to you in 3-D, so groovy,I dig me.
  802. @TaiwanBrown George Clinton is the best.. period ! Make my Funk a P-Funk !!
  803. @om My friend Om... miss you buddy... yes, we will catch up soon. Best to you Om ..
  804. @georgie32 The UK ? Love the UK !!! ....I'm that American Boy !
  805. @TheJohnFrye Tokyo ? Avex ? Wave at my friend (The Tokyo Dome)..Avex is a great record company...Fuji TV...The Tunnels..Juilana's..Oakwoods
  806. @annaliselaird Scotland? say hello to the Mc Hammer's for me !
  807. Rain,Rain, go away.... then again, there is a drought here in Cali ..we need the water... Underwater Boogie Baby !!! P-Funk.. The Bomb !
  808. @jennlim cool Jenn you surprised danced well !!! I encompass humanity, love, pain joy, power & freedom when I dance and I study U
  809. This is a great movement.... don't forget the date...
  810. @rafalacerda Yes...may come with the Google Brazil team.. we tossed it around earlier this year...
  811. @AroundHarlem Yes...I'll be at the Shorty's....
  812. @McMedia You are more than welcome !
  813. @handyman82 Yes, we are all here in LA.
  814. @kevinrose you are pure class !!! enjoyed our conversation tonight !! what a room... @zappos ..Rhianna...@janelleMonae (killed it !!!)....
  815. @solangeknowles you did great tonight ... your sound , style and swag is on point !!! Keep doing you, period !
  816. That's not her twitter address ...I'll tweet later. Solange.
  817. @Solange is a good woman. Enjoyed chatting with her.
  818. Solange...Lupe.....Janelle Monae....BEP....Fergie.....more
  819. Will I AM 's. ....Party in LA....
  820. RT @BlackWeb20 @MCHammer Thanks for shaing the link, HOT app BTW and @waynesutton did a great job reviewing
  821. @BlackWeb20 @MCHammer Thanks for shaing the link, HOT app BTW and @waynesutton did a great job reviewing
  822. Try this link
  823. HAMMERTIME APP......
  824. @ jtobin Thanks... I'm looking forward to speaking on this topic (social media.. mkt) & entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School Feb 18
  825. RT @ jtobin You may want to tweet this out to your peeps: Let me know what you think.
  826. We got some great entries for the Hammer Dance Contest ( I love it !!) Check it out
  827. Time to un-pack for a day.... next stop dancejam peace !!!
  828. This was a long January !!! Just in the last two weeks... LA 3 times...DC..Miami... New Orleans...SF...Tampa...Oak... breathe again...
  829. RT @KRose @mchammer Stop! Hammertime! What u know bout that? Doll's ATLEAST 17 yrs old & still looks good!
  830. RT cjreddy @MCHammer Sir You killed it at the Super Bowl.... Cash4Gold was the best... I almost fell off my chair..LOL..Blessings my friend.
  831. RT @brucewagner @MCHammer I think this is something that would really turn you on(sent by demi moore @mrskutcher )
  832. Some of your tweets about the Super Bowl, the commercial (Cash4gold) and my tweets and pics....
  833. RT @moanquivers Cheryl Taragin @MCHammer Thanks for an amazing evening! Thought you might like this article
  834. Super Bowl pics
  835. I appreciate all the love (tweets) of congratulations you sent to me about the Super Bowl commercial (Cash4Gold) means a lot..thanks
  836. This is why I love football !!!
  837. What a game!!!! Super ....Super Bowl!!!
  838. Love this!!! Great game!
  839. @qoolquest thanks... You know I'm one of your fans!
  840. @Weirdbaby The Boss was great !!!
  841. SB Pics
  842. @Sorka 2 rows from the field!!!
  843. SuperBowl pic...more
  844. SuperBowl pic....
  845. SuperBowl pic
  846. steelers got a mean D...
  847. you gotta love a good game!
  848. ref thru a terrible towel lol
  849. Cards on the Board ! West Side !
  850. in the bathroom with 500 Steeler Fans ..yelling Raiders...what?
  851. go raiders ! year!
  852. full of Steeler a home game
  853. whoa...... that was a strong drive! Steelers....look good..
  854. Jennifer Hudson.... Bless her Lord...give her strength..sing for Mom and Family
  855. they have the airwaves jammed here in the
  856. Getting dressed.. listening to Junior Walker's (What does it take? 1969) and missing my Grand Ma(R.I.P) who gave me humanity, love and God..
  857. @Sportaphile Thanks ...It was fun man !!! I think in these tough times a good laugh can ease the pain a bit.... I walked it out !!
  858. Just spotted some guy's leaving the Hard Rock Party (From last nite) going straight to the SuperBowl.... oh my my !!!!
  859. @robertmurray I had a ball with that !!!
  860. Going to bed !!! Good Nite All !!!
  861. @recholes 4:35am
  862. @Choklate That's how I keep the Vibe of the people .... Socialize...
  863. Finished dancing the last 3 hours... HardRock party was great !!! SuperBowl Time !!!!!
  864. Getting dressed 4 the night...dinner and then ...tah-dow!!! SuperBowl Party... HardRock.. last nites ESPN party will be hard to beat !!!!
  865. RT @stephenbaugh Amazing spiders.
  866. RT @stefania @MCHammer You can't keep running in and out of my life...My Heart, is yearning for your love..Charlie you hit the mark, brother
  867. Running some bath water.Downloading some Gap Band..Yearnin' For Your Love..My Wife better be ready when Daddy get home !!! Too Sexy Fo My..
  868. RT @TallulahMiggins @MCHammer just got your application: Hammertime indeed! Nice one.
  869. @KRAPPS THANKS !!! Glad You like it !!!
  870. @joshuachay glad you like the HAMMERTIME app Josh... @JoelComm and the team did and excellent job !!! this is version 1.... update soon
  871. On the real ...I'm a Blessed Man !
  872. Maxim Party. !!!!! Oh boy !!! Yes's a Celebration!!! HAMMERTIME APP!
  873. ESPN Party is Hot!!!!
  874. Excited that the new HAMMERTIME app just went live at the Itunes app store (free).... Long term strategy... more to come....
  875. @MistahFAB You know I'm wit you Nephew... Let's do it... back next week I"ll hit you on the DM.....
  876. Interviews in Tampa at the SuperBowl site...
  877. Connect 10 was cool.... Moving on...
  878. @mrjerome radio interviews start in 40 mins ... These are TV....
  879. @LewisHowes There is an official list of thirty parties!!! I'm picking and choosing...when I go ..I love to dance posing !!!!
  880. I'm waiting on the rain to stop....outdoor interview...I'm at the Stadium !
  881. This will be fun....!!! Twitter and The SuperBowl.....TweetBowl... I got you Tweeple....
  882. @McMedia Thanks....
  883. I just played the other Stadium with the Rays Concert Series a couple of months ago.....Now it's raining..
  884. CBS Channel 10 ....10 Connects...Tampa....
  885. Headed to the first interview.... from the stadium... wonder... do they tweet???
  886. Made it back from the party.... have to be up at 4 30am.... interviews until noon..."Melting Gold", more interviews..dancejam, SuperBowl...
  887. Landed Safely.....Hotel and then the GQ Party !!!
  888. Lift off!!!
  889. In stop Tampa....!!!!
  890. off to Tampa in the am ...only had a few hours at home... Got to work that SuperBowl.... " Melting Gold Baby" .... fun commercial !!!
  891. RT @SinnamonS you think it's cold?Ice Storm In Lake Geneva & &
  892. whoa...the mall is empty.... a ghost town...
  893. @dabitch Perhaps...maybe?.. next year.. Halftime show to kick off the 20th Anniversary Tour Of "Please Hammer Don't Hurt'Em"..... hmmm
  894. The Superbowl should be a blast.... looking forward to it. The plot is good... six-pack vs one time!
  895. @kevinrose Thanks Kev
  896. @sunilnagaraj Yes ... I am pumped about HBS !!! looking forward to it !
  897. landed in Oakland safely....thank U Tweeps...
  898. On the plane home... Keep me in your Prayers... Thank you...
  899. @dolemonkey oh...good one , good one....
  900. I'm cool now.The noise and nerve to attack our new President while he's reshaping our global perception, in lieu of what I had just read...
  901. I'm going to take a walk....excuuuuuse me !! I need to get some air !
  902. @nerdyface thanks....sorry on the RT !!!
  903. RT nerdyface @MCHammer Reading that article only makes me angry. I hope everyone reads it.
  904. @cherry14 Reading is fundamental it "London Chap"... and then comment from an informed position... I'm mad because I have regrets..
  905. @derrickhenslee My anger is because of the kids, fathers, daughters, mothers, sons, that died for the cause...politics is subjective...
  906. @derrickhenslee I've never been in that group... I'm All-American..Veteran..respecter of authority...survivor of the crack infestation..
  907. RT PinchMySalt @MCHammer Here's the article online if you want to share the link: 3 minutes
  908. "UNCOVERING THE DARKEST SECRETS OF THE BUSH WHITE HOUSE" .... by Cullen Murphy and Todd Purdum... Vanity FAIR...
  909. Vanity Fairs current issue is a must read !!! I could not sleep last night after reading it..... is this real??? still stunned and angry..
  910. Holding my tongue as I watch and listen to the strategy and re- positioning of the "Sour Grape Bunch"..attacking the President same ole boys
  911. RT @guykawasaki Babies can feel the beat
  912. Ladies here are some of your thoughts on "Celebrating Our Women"... I agree on all points ! with a theme song for you..
  913. Celebrating Our Women !!! What can I celebrate about you as a Woman ?
  914. RT @stevelord @MCHammer I think it's time you admitted the truth about your dance routines
  915. @elidet Nice !
  916. @iEllie Thank U
  917. @upenzi funnny ...... Sweat runnin' all over my chest !!!
  918. @kimberleecline Thank U
  919. @Michael_Franco Yes, beautiful !!
  920. Just got in from Bourbon Street... The spirit of NOLA lives on !!! I'll visit the rest of the city tomorrow. My Ancestors come from LA...
  921. @Lilsony They will listen to those they respect... I stopped a lot of local Wars in my time.... Words are powerful...they pierce the Soul..
  922. The older men need to talk to the youth...explain the value of life and freedom... this is Our chance to CHANGE!!!
  923. The same is true in the Miami area I left yesterday.. Liberty City.. seven youths gunned down by an AK47 a 16yr old dead..We have to Change
  924. @katzmandu Now we must focus on the future...New Orleans must be at peace with herself... I landed to local headlines of violence and murder
  925. @RealLifeSarah It was the final straw, Thus New Orleans became a symbol of the decline of humanity for all....America was globally shamed...
  926. @RealLifeSarah Subsequently, The majority of Americans demanded "CHANGE".... President Obama is "Change" personified....
  927. @RealLifeSarah It means that The Katrina response (lack) played a major role in uncovering the former administrations regards of the people
  928. New Orleans.....The City that travailed and suffered as it gave birth to The first Black President and now it's our duty to restore her....
  929. New Orleans.... Where my b
  930. This is a cool piece....I love fashion, film (Arts) Madonna and Marc Jacob..The piece is well shot and edited
  931. My flight is at 10 50pm out of Miami..... better finish packing !! too many bags !!!... Twit around and miss my flight !
  932. @workfromhomepro That's what I'm talkin' bout !!! U Go Girl ! USN !!!
  933. We have no reason not to get along with one another... look at this ! A dog, cat,& a rat ! thanks @eastcoastvegas
  934. RT @huffpost Newsweek: Why African-Americans Must be Patient with President Obama: African-Americans. -Huf
  935. President Obama's Global impact ...
  936. RT @EJWilliams - Hawthorne Berries Rain drops I Love This Pic !!
  937. @JustinSeeley Nah... The NADA is there this week .. taking care of some business..
  938. Packing my bags...... Leaving Miami and headed to New Orleans...looking at the energy around the swimming pool in January !!!
  939. @JanelleMonae is one of the best artist to come along in a decade !!! check her out... This is one bad Woman !!! Love Her !
  940. RT @JanelleMonae Updating more, thanks to @MCHammer.:-
  941. On the phone giving these business folks..The Bizzzzness !!! If I give you an idea.. I already have the domain name. Funny.. gotta love'em
  942. Miami (Ft. Lauderdale) kinda cool this evening...breakout the leather... still the beach view of ships at night is relaxing....
  943. @workfromhomepro Cool... that's a growing market...
  944. @workfromhomepro Oh ok, cause I don't want nobody getting the wrong idea..Men see things from a "dirty" perspective..drink and a 3 step !
  945. @NamasteMan Friendship... Respect and Brotherhood.
  946. @Archange1 I went to Yokota for the Masters teaching (martial arts) unbelievable !!!
  947. @workfromhomepro Why you have the Patron in your pic ?
  948. @steph_rose I Love Billy Ocean...bout to play some Love Zone right now !
  949. @workfromhomepro Funnny ! Yes I was an AK !
  950. @KingCo915 Cool.... Thanks
  951. @robertmurray Thanks ... Next time !
  952. @darguell yes Okinawa !!! I left Japan in 85.. came back to Japan 5 years later to 60,000 fans 3 nights in a row !!! Tokyo Dome....
  953. @fmendez VP-47 1982-89 I was still active when my first album came out......
  954. @mrchristianlaw here 2 days .... New business that fits into my ecosystem..dancejam... FullBlast (music) and socialmedia in general...
  955. @GatorAidMom Thank you
  956. @GabeCruz Yes Caribbean Queen !! I used to dance all night to that with two girls from Alabama.... We ran all the clubs on the island !!!
  957. Just landed in Miami.....Billy Ocean on the radio...I was in the Navy when this was out...Kadena AFB ...Japan...1984
  958. My Wife and I just met General Powell and his lovely Wife at their beautiful home.... they were wonderful !!
  959. @BJMendelson I did two plays for breast cancer awareness last year.. This lines up with President Obama's service commitment... important..
  960. @gymnasia It was great... unbelievable !!! a moment in time...I'm still blown away... The earth may have paused at the moment of transition
  961. Resting for an hour and this on to the Presidential Mid Atlantic Ball......
  962. we need 8 to complete the work.....
  963. 4 years to it.....4 years to
  964. President Obama about to roll to his new home for the next 8 years....Thank you America !!!
  965. Eating lunch......resting my feet !...Parade in few !!
  966. and now Obama is taking the Oath ...and is Our New President !
  967. Vice President taking Oath......
  968. Aretha Franklin.....sing Mama !
  969. Witness The Hand Of God....
  970. Captain Of The Lords Host !!!
  971. Angels are on guard.....The Host has is in position.
  972. Obama has made his entrance...the earth is shifitng ...
  973. Oscar Grant (R.I.P) we are here ..justice will be served !!!
  974. Oakland, Ca my life and love...we here !!!
  975. Pac this is for you....I know how you dreamed of this...I'm throwing a 2 in the air in your you !!
  976. GodFather Of Soul .....James were all proud !!!
  977. I'm here so you're here Tweeple !!!!
  978. Michelle Obama just made her entrance....I'm about 1000 ft from the Podium..section 13....waiting on The moment of transition....
  979. This is It !!!! MCHAMMER - SOCIALIZE via @SoundCloud
  980. @wtf_h4x wtf_h4x @mchammer - You like webcomics, Hammer? :)
  981. RT @OrenTodoros @MCHammer Your gonna love this -
  982. Taking a shower and getting dressed..... The journey is nigh.... Glorious indeed...!!! CHANGE !
  983. Good nite Tweeple..... These our the best days of our lives... prosperity and the return of respect of "Our Nation" is around the corner..
  984. made it to the under spot ! lay down for 4 hours and then take the 2 mile walk to the Capitol.. I might do the running man all the way!!
  985. Sting, Will I AM, Sheryl Crow, great party....Huffington Post !!!
  986. concert just ended...Queen Latifah joined the fun as well... next stop.. one of the Balls ....
  987. at the concert...Jaime Fox...Michelle Obama.... George Lopez... And lots of kids
  988. going to watch Rhianna, Usher, Jonas Bros.... it's a celebration!!!
  989. The energy here continues to rise !!! counting down...... Thank you America and God Bless Dr. King !!!
  990. @PhillyD ...May God continue to Bless you.
  991. taking videos of later.....capturing the moments...
  992. tickets !!!!
  993. Having breakfast at The Willard....tickest locked's starting to snow...
  994. Picking up our tickets......More excitement !!
  995. landed in DC !!!
  996. on the runway....waiting to take off...DC... Here Comes The Hammers!!!
  997. Landed in SF...headed to San Mateo Bridge..Across the Bay ...and to the Central Valley...
  998. leaving LA....flying to SF...pick up my Wife and leave for DC...Un Real...My God...It's time...Redemption of the Slave..
  999. Still in LA..... getting ready....excited... here's a video for ya'll........
  1000. The Spirit Of Liberty is now resting and flowing across this Nation ...stand fast America and receive your Blessing...witness the tears...
  1001. @verve808 Vodka??? I don't mess wit that fire water playa !!!!


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