Wednesday, March 11, 2009

BLAST24: @ABCDUDE 4 questions.....replies

  1. LadyG007LadyG007@MCHammer I'll tell u who is winning, those that watch this:
  2. Diane GoellnerTweeterSnap@MCHammer Loan mod cos are "cleaning up" by hiring 36-year-olds who r tech savvy & DON'T have 14 kids-but for the grace of God in this econ.
  3. Pete Yornpeteyorn@MCHammer Hammer, when is your next show? @peteyorn
  4. Sid MansonDemoLeont@MCHammer stop ... Hammer time !!
  5. ohmygothohmygoth@MCHammer RT the best ones!
  6. joncontentjoncontent@MCHammer not mad at the cash for gold commercial. lol
  7. Jeremy AhnJeremyAhn@mchammer Hammer, y u b ignoring me, yo?
  8. BradmanTV®BradmanTV@MCHammer Are you busy Tomorrow night at 9pm central?
  9. DYS DealsDidYouSave@MCHammer please hammer, don't hurt them. 2 legit. 2 legit to quit!!!
  10. richbirchrichbirch@MCHammer answer 4 questions in one tweet by using
  11. Christopher MichaelTrafficSoup@MCHammer D.C is getting rich while making law restricting freedoms of men too old to be hot or adopted so we E scape into the bizarre :)
  12. vicki whickervicki_whicker@MCHammer 1-actors in blockbuster movies 2-no 3-their youth and their hair cuts, wait what is the question here? 4- angelina jolie nightmare
  13. Michael SheaDJMidnight@MCHammer @ABCDude 1) Auto/Pharmaceutical/Insurance Execs 2) Uh..No 3) Just tell Brangelina you're from Zaire 4) feel better about ourselves
  14. Livia ValentiniLivia_orKnot@MCHammer 1. we r all losing 2. no thanks 3. U r only as old as u feel. 4. the same reason tornados and trailer parks are funny.
  15. ccf_8002ccf_8002@MCHammer GOOGLE.
  16. peggymadsenpeggymadsen@MCHammer 1.Short sale Realtors. 2.No. 3.Yes; new cutoff=22; Jonases: hormonal preteen appeal. 4.Notoriety. BTW, Berman needs to get a life.
  17. Anthony Minerdiggidee@MCHammer good questions hammer.. you got me ....
  18. brian botkillerbrianbotkiller@MCHammer 1. no one - 2. dude can clean my car anyday. 3. not too old, just too boring. 4. she's not, she's annoying, and also boring ;)
  19. benkwellerbenkweller@MCHammer #1 cheap necessities MickyD/Pepsi & Certain Hedge Funds #2 NO. #3 Not too old. #4 Tending another human is the greatest Task. 14?
  20. Nick DeStefanoNickDeStefano@MCHammer Hey Ham there are a bunch of ADULTS who haven't got it yet..........! kno whut I mean.....

  1. SLockhartSLockhart@MCHammer There are no "rules and regs" on Twitter.
  2. SLockhartSLockhart@MCHammer Why would I ignore your son? I'd be more likely to ignore you for publicly dissing your son. Never disparage family in public.
  3. 4INFO CEO - Zaw Thetzawthet@MCHammer @joshberman 1st q answered best here ( - Steve Eisman, can't help on 2/3, but on 4 this is America
  4. Steve Kellymoondoggy2@MCHammer 1) The guys at the VERY top. 2) Doubtful 3) No. Look at Mick Jagger 4) Freaks of Nature are always entertaining. Good Enough?
  5. Geo HerreraHellaGeo@MCHammer are you still out in Tracy? SJ County love!
  6. toiletscribbletoiletscribble@MCHammer #1 Those with $$ (cheap stocks) #2 No #3 You're never too old #4 Why is any freak entertaining? Bearded lady, Tree Man, Octomom?
  7. Diana RiveraHeavenUnaware@MCHammer 1.Film Industry 2.That's not a question 3.Yes you're too old 4. She's not entertainment to me, she's a trainwreck.
  8. Regina Huntergiakat@MCHAMMER 1.who knows; 2.No he can't be adopted; YES we r too old to get the jonas bro 4. the public needs knw way to much about crap.
  9. Sean McClurevisflowstudios@MCHammer I dont know who is winning but I would really like to know the answer to #1
  10. Jennifer ThomasCharmedJenn@MCHammer I think you can delete the tweet he made - just go over to the right of the tweet & a trash can pops up
  11. Yoon Ho Umyoonhoum@MCHammer So your kids are keeping tabs on you now, eh? ; P
  12. Mike Rabideauthebifftannen@MCHammer 1. I am winning. 2. No, no one wants you news guy. 3. No you're not too old. (jonas brothers suck) 4. octomom is wasting my cash
  13. Sherrie Rosesherrierose@MCHammer & @abcdude Answers - 1A: Winners=Those who buy low, 2A: No interest, 3A: Not too old, 4A: Unusual = Diversion
  14. Moira Rosshermajesty777@MCHammer media-driven, youth-crazed, $$$-obsessed culture answers all 4...only when we change that will we win and fear nothing
  15. Wasaname An EmWasanameanem@MCHammer 1. COMCAST is winning 2. HUH 3. No your never to old 4. BABY MAMAS ARE IN!
  16. jennifer anistonfakejenaniston@MCHammer Nobody, No, Yes, Who Cares
  17. Vada Deanvada@MCHammer #???? -- value is in the hands of the many; stay true to your family; you're the right age now; the unusual gets attention
  18. thedutchiethedutchie@MCHammer #1whos winning$-the"black"market- #2- #3he acts old, & jonis bros =pop cuz of kids(duh)#4 octomom=alien+sketchy=entertainment
  19. Loretta Ableslorettaenigma@MCHammer my answer....he who holds his breath the longest wins!
  1. BeatfreeqBeatfreeq@MCHammer 1.the top 3% as normal 2.find the right family 3. age is relative to the person 4. not...but it sell, ppl need to mind their biz.
  2. Jonathan DavisWeirdbaby@MCHammer Hammer is winning cause he cares about people, he will adopt that that white dude even if he is slightly old so that octom doesn't
  3. SkizzleMyNizzleSkizzleMyNizzle@MCHammer a realignment of wealth,people buying RE & stock,not ready 4 kids,never 2 old 2b hip,curious expanding limits of normal behavior
  4. Ericanaturevisions@MCHammer & that was as clear as I could answer in 1 tweet:-)
  5. James Woodrow Lanejames_w_lane@MCHammer China, No they won't adopt you, No the cut off is in the 40, and its entertaining cause a lot of people are becoming idiots.
  6. Ericanaturevisions@MCHammer 1Peeps who believe in winning &work at it. 2Still working, can't adopt. 3No, it's all marketing.4 8mom probs light vs rest of news
  7. ShinesFreshShinesFresh@MCHammer The Walmart family, NO!, NO!, People have NO LIVES! lol ;)
  8. StopBeingFamous.comstopbeingfamous@MCHammer the funeral business is not affected by economy. jonas bros r pure marketing. octo mom= other's stupidity, makes ppl feel smart.
  9. Matt MattsonMattMattson@MCHammer They are. No. Apparently. We suck.
  10. Devin KofskyDaKing240@mchammer @abcdude 1. [They] do 2. No 3. Yes, too old, cutoff is anyone older then I 4. We don't choose what is popular, [they] do
  11. AliciaDunamsAliciaDunams@MCHammer 1/ Cash4Gold. Bankruptcy lawyers 2/ No comment 3/ No comment 4/ We are bored and need a diversion How'd I do?
  12. bigfatdummybigfatdummy@MCHammer I am, but not adopting a man who is too old to know that watching a train wreck isn't entertaining but its hard to look away
  13. Slab BulkheadSillyMonicaMy Son got on my computer and said follow him while I was out... ignore him ! gotta teach him some twitter rules and regs ! (via @MCHammer)
  14. AliciaDunamsAliciaDunams@MCHammer .1. Cash for Gold, Bankruptcy lawyers 2. no 3. no 4. we are bored and need a diversion
  15. jc_losangelesjc_losangeles@MCHammer This vid is emblematic of how old media is dying. We don't need a younger, not-funny-at-all Andy Rooney. A to Qs: Get out the way!
  16. BradmanTV®BradmanTV@MCHammer Entertainment is winning!, I will adopt him as a bro, I am 34, so he's not old (Old is an attitude), Octomom->
  17. jaymo janglesjaymojangles@MCHammer the cable/tv and communications & media conglomerates are banking off propaganda
  18. PizonPizon@MCHammer 1) China, 2) only one per household, 3) if you watch Barbara Walters yes, 4) she had 7 more babies than allowed by our owners.
  19. David ColeColeDavid@MCHammer The answer is Losers! We have all become Losers when no one is winning, 36 is old and the Octagon Mom is entertainment!
  20. Bryce Christensenesonica@MCHammer 1.Twitter is winning. 2.No, already has millions 3. Not missing anything, Jonas Bros bite. 4. 'Octo' in a name rocks!

  1. A. WolfAW0LF@MCHammer 1. Landlords (homeowners renting their homes/properties) 2. 30's the new 20 3. They are the new NKOTB 4. Nutty people are funny
  2. HughEMCHughEMC@MCHammer Deep Q's Hammer and thinking about sum of them are causing me anxiety....
  3. christi lovechristilove1@MCHammer Americas shallow thats the answer
  4. Michael SullivanMikeESizzle@MCHammer @abcdude Canada, If you like hockey, ay!, No I dont get it either and Im 19, Our country is mindless and has ADD
  5. Charles Handyiamcharles@MCHammer @abcdude RT Who can answer these 4 questions best in one tweet ? ...?? Cool video
  6. shayimanishayimani@MCHammer #1Those who R in the job market that R recession proof are winning #2Hell no! #3jonas bro's R the new hanson brothers lmao #4hmm.


claudiapatx said...

The Dollar Stores are winning. Goodwill too!Over 30 is still too old to "get it"...I'm 44!And "ET" needs to pay for the hospital bills for octomom! They want to suck up to her so much. Dont watch it anymore till she is off! Why haven't they mentioned that her latest publicist just quit her due 2 her being nutzee wacko!

Anonymous said...

1 gaming industry is winning. 2 No im to young to adopt. 3 you can never be to old. 4 no comment.

Denise said...

I blogged about you on my parenting site, I hope you enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

what's up stan this is cheets martin just want to say hello.i am coming to cache creek to check out your show.i would love to find out about your mom and louis,hopefully i will get a chance tro see you.much love.

707-853-7544 cheets

Anonymous said...

hi MC hammer my Name is ????? and i from Idaho and a couple months ago i was told by my grandma that money your son is my brother at first i didn't believe but then i talked with them again and it was true i guess i would like it if you could clear things out for me and if i could talk to money maybe any way i hope you look in to it and e mail me sometime bye and have a good day.

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