Thursday, February 12, 2009

BLAST24 : The Week In Tweets

  1. The Dudenealrap Icon_lock @MCHammer you must not get much sleep? Pretty quiet here at night.
  2. Daniela's Lairdcap @MCHammer i enjoyed speaking with you tonight. that pic is on my flickr:
  3. Michael SheaShea_Sounds_Off @MCHammer Just wondering when you're coming to Detroit sometime. I'd love to DJ a party for you. You keep mine thumping all the time.
  4. Beverley-Jo TyrrillbeverleyJo @MCHammer You Cant Touch This!! ;-)
  5. Charles Handyhandyman82 @MCHammer I can't lie your new itunes app just might be that finial straw that is going to make me go ahead and cash out for a iphone.
  6. Ryan OrricoRyan_Orrico @mchammer dude you rule. big fan.
  7. Jason_BarrettJason_Smuvrd @MCHammer ah ok - i thought you were one of these that is tweeting all night - heard you had a good night, congrats
  8. Jason_BarrettJason_Smuvrd @MCHammer are you still up? do you sleep?
  9. Stefania Castelli_stefania_ @MCHammer Jeez MC, what a vibes for an old skooler like me.... I have a 12" of Super Rapping n. 2 (Raheem, Melly Mel) that's a pearlstone!!
  10. Murphy Witherspoonwwspoon @mchammer How are you doing this evening?
  11. Hunter BurganTranquilMammoth @MCHammer It was really cool hanging out with you tonight! -Hunter Burgan
  12. Juan PerezSkeeStylus @MCHammer you're definately from the West Coast. The only borough we put the article "THE" in front of is The BX aka The Bronx. What up!
  13. chuckcreekmurchuckcreekmur @MCHammer I wish i could have made it, but i had another engagement. We'll make it happen eventually. congrats!
  14. Joel Commjoelcomm @MCHammer HammerTime v1.1 is LIVE in the iTunes store! Check out the boombox
  15. Jesse KirshbaumJesseKay @MCHammer thank you for being such a savvy pro. I appreciate the gems of knowledge U dropped on me. Artists take notes!
  16. Jesse KirshbaumJesseKay @MCHammer tell'em how we did tonite? & Upload that flick! Thanks for being part of this monumental 1st #shortys. Big up
  17. HanPirateNetRadio @MCHammer I'll definitely check it out. Thanks.
  18. Michael ParagonDevysOne @MCHammer Wassup Hammer?!? Good to see ya man!
  19. Amit Chowdhryamitchowdhry @MCHammer -- Entourage is awesome. I can't wait till the next season. You should get on there as a cameo, that'd be awesome :-)
  20. R. StaehlinLostInInaka @MCHammer haha at first I thought you meant Burger King

  1. Talib Kweli GreeneRealTalibKweli @MCHammer hilarious! Welcome to my hood Oakland stand up
  2. SiobahnPhilemonSiobahnPhilemon Icon_lock @MCHammer LMAO, grab them pants babay. I need a dose of dat.
  3. a_chunga_chung @MCHammer I wore y0' pants in sweats form the other day. Bringin' it back 2 fashion. Oh yesss!
  4. VeeCelVeeIsAnimated @MCHammer the game needs your energy. Keep it going!
  5. HeatherRetroHeather @MCHammer It's the MC! I read your Tweet before seeing it was you and thought, oh this is Awesome - who is that??
  6. Andrew ZarickA2Z @MCHammer is coming to DUMBO Brooklyn tonight. Hammer can I buy you a beer?
  7. viaubuRNsteelers @mchammer please come on our local radio station with jared morris (wgmd) we are an incredible bunch of listeners and you would have a blast
  8. shanshanshea @MCHammer NYC is beautiful today!
  9. Ranma SaotomeDJRanmaS @MCHammer The weather is just beautiful isn't it.
  10. Howard Greensteinhowardgr @mchammer welcome to NYC. Come on down to the Community Unconference #ocue2009
  11. VictorSlick17VictorSlick17 @MCHammer Lol keep it shining
  12. SylusSylus @MCHammer I'm heading to NYC this spring break, what's a must see/do for a first timer??? Go Hammer!!!
  13. Mike BelgroveEvorgleb @MCHammer My boy @skeestylus got to do a video interview with Melle Mel. That dude is pretty deep
  14. Talib Kweli GreeneRealTalibKweli @MCHammer you aint hitting in new York! Hammer! Lol
  15. radiant radiatorsdesigner_rads @MCHammer NYC favorite radiator
  16. Jared Morrisjaredmorris @MCHammer Hammer, I noticed a while back you had a recent album listed on iTunes, now its gone? + I'd love to interview you on my radio show
  17. Daniel Lloydlloydsoldout @MCHammer come into Apple on 5th Ave today. ill show you around.
  18. HondoMesaHondoMesa @MCHammer if you get to Syracuse today, stop in. I'll make lunch.
  19. Matthew Caldecuttmcaldecutt @MCHammer Welcome! Looking forward to seeing you tonight at The Shorties!

  1. Jason_BarrettJason_Smuvrd @MCHammer hey - what do you think the chances of a interview for our dj site would be? would be amazing for our members.
  2. HanPirateNetRadio @MCHammer What's your favorite TV show? I need a new show to watch. I trust your taste.
  3. chuckcreekmurchuckcreekmur @MCHammer how was BK?
  4. tonyspheretonysphere @MCHammer hey Stanley, heard yo u were ripping it up tonight! Let's catch up soon.
  5. Bryan ChoateFreedomWeaver @MCHammer Awesome job tonight at the shorty awards!!!! #shorty
  6. coreyandersoncoreyanderson @MCHammer how many batteries does your phone run through in a day. Must be blowin' up
  7. Danna Crawfordpowersellingmom @MCHammer What was the number one song the day YOU were born:
  8. Alexander MachtAMacht @MCHammer - We met this w/e on the roof of the Peninsula as you were talkin shop. Good stuff. The Shift is, indeed on… Om Shanty...Peace....
  9. Robin Schultzprrobin @MCHammer Did you meet @peggyolson?
  10. Eric MEricMueller @mchammer and @ricksanchezcnn thanks for hosting tonight, guys! you made it a show to remember
  11. Josh GuttmanJGut @mchammer couldn't track you down tonight at Shorties, but you looked good up there presenting and representing
  12. OrganicManiaorganicmania @mchammer Thanks again for the ride back! @mcmilker and I enjoyed talking w/you about family - stuff we can all relate to. #shorty
  13. turbotriciaturbotricia @MCHammer hey hammer!!! how was your day?
  14. TMAC_9127TMAC_9127 @MCHammer Hammer they got u on TMZ tonight!
  15. Amy Serrataamyserrata @MCHammer leaving the shorties? I know some shorties in my family in pacticular my dad hes only 5'5 and continues to shrink poor guy!
  16. Ryan Moorermoore08 @mchammer and Vanilla Ice are doing a joint show in Orem Utah on February 27. Thats going to be pretty freaking awesome.
  17. netta p (jeannette)nettap @MCHammer come to NYC twestival tomorrow! WNYC wants to interview you abt using twitter.
  18. bkjaxonbkjaxon @MCHammer, PREACH!!! Please Hammer, don't hurt em. You too much, and you still the man. Keep on pushin.
  19. TMAC_9127TMAC_9127 @MCHammer Have u heard anything about how Chris is doing. I hate that happened w/him and Rihanna.
  20. RODBGUTTARODBGUTTA @MCHammer hammer!

  1. cherishedgiftselegantfavors @MCHammer Glad you enjoyed. My favorite person won in the food category. I love reading his interesting tweets everyday.
  2. Melanie NotkinSavvyAuntie @MCHammer Sorry I missed you at The Shortys.... Hope to meet you soon. Im in NYC just couldn't get there tonight.
  3. Michael Stearnemstearne @MCHammer Thanks for coming to Brooklyn!
  4. Sandi McKennaMcMedia @MCHammer You looked really nice tonight.
  5. edshinedshin @MCHammer go Hammer!!!! You rock!
  6. Derrick MuhammadMeccadon @MCHammer be safe bro!
  7. Matthew OpaliskiMatthewOpaliski @MCHammer Seriously Hammer, please consider taking Jared Morris up on the offer to be interviewed on his Radio Show, it airs weekdays 9-12
  8. Michael PatersonMichaelPaterson @MCHammer Hammer is back! My mum is still in her hammer pants.
  9. HuffingtonPost.comhuffpost @McHammer up close, wearing all black, black vest. Nice handshake. #shorty -EHolmesWSJ
  10. Elizabeth HolmesEHolmesWSJ @McHammer up close, wearing all black, black vest. Nice handshake. #shorty
  11. HuffingtonPost.comhuffpost @MCHammer is a gentleman and a mensch. And is lookin' fiiiine. -rachelsklar
  12. rachelsklarrachelsklar @MCHammer is a gentleman and a mensch. And is lookin' fiiiine.
  13. HuffingtonPost.comhuffpost @MCHammer About to interview you. Please Hammer don't hurt me (for being unoriginal). -rachelsklar
  14. rachelsklarrachelsklar @MCHammer About to interview you. Please Hammer don't hurt me (for being unoriginal).
  15. David BuffaloIRON100 @MCHammer You are on the cutting edge again my friend. Good job.
  16. Felicia Williamsreelfeed @mchammer is presenting the #shorty awards
  17. sammysanchezsammysanchez @MCHammer has a great sense of humor. Too bad he had to give up his Hummer. #shorty
  18. CalebDDRFanatic682 @MCHammer You didn't "let go" of your Hummer... The repo man TOOK that shit from ya! You don't gotta lie to kick it!
  19. HuffingtonPost.comhuffpost @McHammer declares "I'm slowly going green, I just got rid of my hummer...not quite electric yet baby" #shorty -EHolmesWSJ
  20. Elizabeth HolmesEHolmesWSJ @McHammer declares "I'm slowly going green, I just got rid of my hummer...not quite electric yet baby" #shorty

  1. bobbybbobbyb_ @MCHammer is hosting the #shorty awards right now - dude's the man.
  2. danny blainedannyblaine @MCHammer i loved your cartoon. HAMMER MAN, HAMMA, HAMMER MAN!
  3. Elizabeth HolmesEHolmesWSJ @Mchammer telling people "we are making history" before presenting awards. @ricksanchezcnn comes in with the sponsor reminder. #shorty
  4. Michael Gibsonlovehasnologic @mchammer at the #shorty awards.
  5. kfinsandkfinsand @MCHammer is speaking at the Shorty Awards. He has some type of Iphone app. 2 Legit 2 Quite #shorty
  6. Florent Peyreflorentp @mchammer giving away some shorty awards
  7. Randy Mathesonrandymatheson @mcHammer presenting now on the Shorty Awards now #shorty
  8. Kirk Skodiskirkskodis @MCHammer streaming live on #shorty
  9. Carmen Scheidelscheidel @mchammer in the house! Someone yelled, What time is it?
  10. Christine bydls.combydls @McHammer #shorty is that really you?
  11. Ben Homerben21 @mchammer onstage at #short awards
  12. Elizabeth HolmesEHolmesWSJ @mchammer -- can he make people at the Shortys be quiet? #shorty
  13. glennetteglennette @mchammer on stage at the Shorty Awards #shorty
  14. Brett Peterselbrett @mchammer rock! #shorty
  15. Bryan ChoateFreedomWeaver @mchammer Live at #shorty
  16. Chris RiccaChrisRicca @MCHammer is in the #shorty houuuuuse!
  17. Elizabeth HolmesEHolmesWSJ @McHammer in the house. Band playing "Can't touch this" #shorty
  18. Arleen AndersonAlohaArleen @mcHammer is up!
  19. Julie VazquezJustJulie @MCHammer on stage at #shorty awards now

Updates beginning with @MCHammer

  1. feed him to the pigsfeedhimtopigs @MCHammer you can't touch this,... or i'll feed you to the pigs. http://www.feedhimtothepigs...
  2. Bad ZackTerminator2366 @MCHammer why dont you get involved in alternitive energy ?
  3. David Longoriadavidlongoria7 @MCHammer lt us know if we can help you get your movie made and distributed/promoted
  4. PleasureellisPleasureellis @MCHammer wow big bro 52,000 followers congrats
  5. DavilaDrawsDavilaDraws @MCHammer Just realized that you dont post pics via twit pic or other. Realized it when I wondered what NY looked like around you.
  6. Reebes Reefsreebesreefs @MCHammer are you and the ICE man really coming to utah? that show will rock
  7. wkavanwkavan @MCHammer WOW... The Shift Movie looks really good. Can't wait to see it.
  8. majesty_majesty @mchammer dont knowif u missed it but i sent u a 2-twit question,check ur reply inbox
  9. Rob YardmanrobYardman @MCHammer Hammer, don't hurt 'em!
  10. Marco Hansellmarcohansell Icon_lock @MCHammer exactly! and theres no denying HIS hand in this. Inaugaration was huge indicator. Time to start LOVING everyday in every moment
  11. Justyngonaturalbaby @MCHammer RT- the wave of awakening is here The Shift is in motion... we all in this together
  12. Cheryl Allinvirtuallin @MCHammer If you like that line of scripture, you'll probably love 'Love' by Prince 3121 ;)
  13. izsyizsy_xox @MCHammer my, my, my U CAN'T TWEET THIS! propz to Monssieurr Hammer!
  14. Marco Hansellmarcohansell Icon_lock @mchammer thanks for sharing the shift movie really poweful stuff
  15. Irispi_pi @MCHammer Have you been enjoying this lovely weather? NYC has been beautiful all day!
  16. izsyizsy_xox @MCHammer do u ever write back to ppl? jus sayin
  17. Dorian DavisDorianDavis @MCHammer What're u in town for?
  18. HuffingtonPost.comhuffpost @MCHammer has over 50,000 followers. Awesome. Please, Hammer, don't hurt 'em - just take this survey: (and R/T ...
  19. rachelsklarrachelsklar @MCHammer has over 50,000 followers. Awesome. Please, Hammer, don't hurt 'em - just take this survey: (and R/T!)
  20. vivienne smithspinnersweb @MCHammer hi, i am new to this,but would like to get to know you

  1. Sylvie SteelSylvie7 @MCHammer that sounds lovely. It is also nice to live out in the country MC, no city noise, peace and nature.
  2. DasitDasit @MCHammer Thats Amazing Hamm!!! 50,000 followers!!!
  3. koshadillzkoshadillz @mchammer say word are on the superbowl grind..a true artist that keeps working hard and doesnt stop..whether down or up
  4. GosiameGosia @MCHammer Lucky.... !! wish i was NY today :(
  5. Philip MazzulloPhilmazz @MCHammer Did you really sell your gold pants?
  6. Johnpokerinwi @MCHammer it was still some good words. hit me up about the huggy bear for the kids of our troops. Great project think you would like it.
  7. jamesbressijamesbressi @MCHammer I was just by there Tuesday night and Wednesday. Are you going to the #TwestivalNYC ?
  8. Micah Baldwinmicah @mchammer with all the hip-hop heads on twitter, how cool would it be to have a 140char lyrical cipher? #rapbattle
  9. vincentlaviousvincentlavious @MCHammer but livin in new york ain't always what it seems
  10. TimidTimidMC @MCHammer you rocking out here in NY?
  11. ottokinottokin @MCHammer Hello, just tweeting you and asking to reply to WGMD Delaware, I would love to hear the interview..
  12. santagatisantagati Icon_lock @MCHammer So you're up our way today?
  13. Susan LeonidasChefJerseyGirl @MCHammer sounds like the perfect day - enjoy it!
  14. Dr. Nasir Uddin Khanbanglaman Icon_lock @MCHammer Enjoy!
  15. jaee loganJAEEJAEE @MCHammer Hey MCHammer Its Jay Logan Stopping by to say hello get back at me soon!! ok!!
  16. Talib Kweli GreeneRealTalibKweli @MCHammer thank you sir you changed the game and we still here
  17. Petey Lovepeteyluv @MCHammer Don't hurt em
  18. tim yorktgyork @MCHammer checkout radio personality jared morris
  19. maria pickardourmazza @MCHammer you are so lucky ny is the greatest city in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Richard Loatmozy19 @MCHammer gap band are amazing, they never get old man, good choice
  1. vrinker @MCHammer What's new with you, Hammer?
  2. jakelolipop909 @MCHammer u can say tat again
  3. Esther WilliamsEJWilliams @MCHammer I wish I was visiting there, take a NY pic and let us see that beautiful view! An image of NYC will brighten my day.
  4. PeteWalker74PeteWalker74 @MCHammer You got lucky man... it's beautiful here today.
  5. Carriecurrrry @MCHammer what a day to be in NYC! it's so beautiful out! hope you have a good time
  6. LanaiLanaitheDJ @MCHammer You probably dont remember me, I interviewed you in Hawaii! Friends of YOYO's! jst wanted to say Aloha! And its Always Hammer Time
  7. Stewart Townsendstewarttownsend @MCHammer sounds a cool day......and looking forward to NY in March time, chilling out for a weekend there
  8. Sharon ClephaneBigPinkHeart @MCHammer Sounds like you're in heaven!
  9. Richard Bowmanremax281 @MCHammer You dropped a bomb on that one
  10. Live CrunchLiveCrunch @MCHammer I notice you are lately very engaged with public. Haven't really heard much about you for past few years. Any reasons?
  11. Shevyfieryfemale @MCHammer My-my-my-my music hits me so hard makes me say oh my LordThank you for blessing me with a mind to rhyme and two hyped fee
  12. Oscar CabaCoolOscar @MCHammer life is good :D
  13. scott cobdenc8bbo @MCHammer what i found loving......toooooonnnnnn
  14. Wally Sparksdjwallysparks @MCHammer dude, do you know I thought I WAS you in middle school. no matter what, you are hip hop history.
  15. veracliqueveraclique @MCHammer Yo!!
  16. Bambi BlueBambiBlue @MCHammer Ha! I can just picture the looks I'd get dancing at the airport. I'm sure you pull it off well.
  17. Bruce Wagnerbrucewagner @mchammer Hey, my friend. Am I gonna be able to get you to do an appearance in our new film (The Shift)...? :)
  18. Mr. IncognitoGFTD1 Icon_lock @MCHammer Yo, let me borrow a gold covered spoon or something man, I have a bill to pay! A gold covered toilet... come on ED
  19. Monaram0na @MCHammer what can you do for a black girl with no rhythm. It's quite sad actually. I was ridiculed as a child. LOL.
  20. rahimadatiafunkstop @MCHammer but everything in New York ain't always what it seems!

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