Friday, February 20, 2009

BLAST24 : Socialize....

  1. GinaCarrGinaCarr @mchammer way to go with such an incredible donation! and #tat09
  2. Joshua Frayjoshfray @MCHammer So cool to find you on @twitter! Watching you now
  3. Doug ChampignySuperAffil @MCHammer Thanks for helping to raise money for the kids through your a class act, dude! #tat09
  4. Dawn T. ManghamDawnTMangham @MCHammer is the best kinda twelebrity...He's got so much heart!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Susan PittserSusanPittser @MCHammer great job on Joel Comm's tweetathon! Thanks for supporting a great cause! Water Is Life! - #tat09
  6. Steve SchuittSteveSchuitt @MCHammer Good seeing you on the show today Hammer! I haven't seen you in forever!
  7. Jeff Podrazajeffpodraza @MCHammer was very cool on #TAT09
  8. Gregory ReadingNamasteMan @MCHammer Well done!!
  9. Kenneth Barrowkennethbarrow @MCHammer I enjoyed the inter view Tanks for stopping by #tat09
  10. Sammi Tracey/WeberMotMomSammi @mchammer is in the house! Join us now at the Tweetathon! - #tat09
  11. Britt MichaelianMamaBritt @MCHammer, what kind of pants are you wearing these days? Those baggy ones are back in!
  12. WyteriaWyteriaJacobo @MCHammer Watching you on tat09. It's taking me back to my senior year in high school many moons ago ;-)
  13. Amy MiyamotoLotusAmy @MCHammer I so enjoyed your input and contribution tonight on Tweetathon 2009! Very exciting to hear how u have leveraged twitter for good!☺...
  14. Edbronxrebel @mchammer thank you
  15. Joe PerezWebEstate @MCHammer is on live at Check it out its for a GREAT cause!
  16. Sam Philpphilpeffect @MCHammer dont hurt em hammer
  17. C.F. JacksonWontBeDenied @MCHammer - I just wanted to say my respect has been there since '90 when you sign my friends from St. Pete "Special Generation" I think
  18. jerrytrolljerrytroll @MCHammer: HAMMER'S GOING TO KENYA
  19. Chris Darroch BiggsChrisDBiggs @MCHammer > #tat09 Great rhyme! Thanks for efforts in helping tweet-a-thon get water purification straws to Kenya
  20. lodown_entlodown_ent @MCHammer We'll help sponsor a few straws for the Water for Life campaign

  1. Hot Travel Deals.Bizhottraveldeals7 @MCHammer - keep letting us know what's going on "out there". All the best!
  2. Robert Mastersstableroad @MCHammer I think that it is during these times that some of the best ideas are hatched, as good people get laid off and find new alliances.
  3. Mark Fletcherfletch49er @MCHammer: Found you through @MrTweet. - I loved the trousers!
  4. George T. StraughterBishopGTS @MCHammer maybe I've been sleeping or did you tell us about your new reality show in the makings?
  5. Patrick Aherneaherne148 @MCHammer thank you for the follow
  6. Eric Wahlforssericw At #likemind Berlin with @David @csshsh
  7. NORene♥ISAbel [C.]norisaxnouvelle @MCHammer So very true Mr. Hammer!
  8. Rory Scottjapanban @MCHammer Regarding your last tweet. Are you helping people birth new concepts? Or just referring to your own endeavors?
  9. Patrick Aherneaherne148 @MCHammer can you follow me please thanks
  10. ROBERT JONESBLKROCKET @MCHammer Who is we? With out $ 1 has less leverage - ask any farm worker how much power he has
  11. Noel Purcellnoelpurcell @MCHammer Hammer, I heard you're getting a TV show? Is it true?
  12. Nate JonesJonesOnTheNBA @MCHammer that message about the recession is too long to retweet. But I'm feelin' it. Love your positive outlook on everything!
  13. Ken  RenoKennethReno @MCHammer It was great to hear you speak about the Lord on the tweetathon, keep up the great work brother!
  14. T.K. IwataTeeKei @MCHammer Hear hear... I'll raise a glass to that!
  15. lara behnertlarabehnert @MCHammer you win for most inspirational twitterer, love your updates, thank you!
  16. Wise138Wise138 @MCHammer it's the best time.
  17. Marlene Laceymelacey @MCHammer nothing stops creativity man, its what some of us breathe for
  18. Caroline Wander_Lush @MCHammer thank you that made my life full.
  19. Darrell Paynedarrellpayne @MCHammer U doing a reality show?
  20. New_InventionNew_Invention @MCHammer Thats cause we are innovators AND! Necessity is the MOTHER of all Invention! Hard times create BEAUTY ..

  1. Josh "G" McDonaldsophistifunk @MCHammer downturns are the best time to launch new ideas, if your ideas are good.
  2. Justin VogtJustinVogt @MCHammer You are very right. I have found that, even in these times, people are more than ever willing to work hard for what they love.
  3. Scott Dowlingswdowling @MCHammer That's what makes our country great. Get 'em to believe it and understand. Hammertime.
  4. Miguel Lopezmklopez @MCHammer there is thought in my mind about a recession being winter time, when u get to sit down and consume the summer harvest. #dreams
  5. WalkingHorseWalkingHorse @MCHammer news to the's not on the decline. Quite the opposite in fact. :)
  6. WyteriaWyteriaJacobo @MCHammer So true. Home-based businesses especially seem to thrive in recessions.
  7. mike ahujamikeahuja @MCHammer you are def right...its better than spending to find our way out...we need to create
  8. WalkingHorseWalkingHorse @MCHammer Do believe you just defined America. An ideal connotes a perfection one strives to obtain. That is who/what we are and despite
  9. Bad Rabbitsbadrabbitsband @MCHammer are you going to play Bamboozle again this year?
  10. Cathy Curtiscurtisfinancial @MCHammer hear hear!! I like the positive statement - birth new concepts and plant seeds to harvest !
  11. josh bartonjoshrules @MCHammer that is very true indeed. p.s like my profile pic? LOL.
  12. MariaMercedesMariaMercedes @MCHammer word, I feel ya man
  13. andy morenoandy2trill @MCHammer I seriously can't believe I under estimated u! Ur seriously a rolemodel I look up to u! :D
  14. Scott Zagarinoathletes4acure @mchammer good to meet you at The Shorty's. Having you present the award reached a lot of people dealing with cancer.
  15. ღDreamgirlfiredancergirl @MCHammer plant seeds to harvest, certainly.....but we need to water that plant! Speak on it hammer:)
  16. Bryan Wright, D.C.drwrightdc @MCHammer Love it MC. Please keep em coming. The Truth will always rise!
  17. DonEadsHawaiiDonEads @MCHammer It might even be the best time to get back to who we really are people who care about each other and the world
  18. Damon Pacedamonpace @MCHammer Keep saying that to everyone you talk to. People need to snap outta the fear and push forward. As long as govt isn't in the way.
  19. Dionne Harmondionnenicole @MCHammer preach brother!
  20. Dominic TufoDomtheSomm @mchammer I agree. I am in the midst of launching a start-up....very cool...very soon...and you heard it here first. LOL
  21. Ruby Ruby_TuTu @MCHammer I so agree. A recession or any downward motion has an upward opposite that can be tapped into. It's the yin/yang of the universe.
  22. TroyaofTroyaof @mchammer amen to that. creative thought can florish in any financial situation.
  23. LeanneDeniseHLeanneDenise @MCHammer i wrote 'dont take away my hope, it was published in oc register after 911 check it on my blog, its amust
  24. Adriel Hamptonadrielhampton @mchammer I'm a fan! You rock. #arounddublin
  25. ChantelKnowMeLoveMe @MCHammer I'd love to know what you thought about the NY Post cartoon that caused a major uproar?
  26. Alex Medelaamedela @MCHammer - hi from panama,im glad youre back and ready i really loved that Too legit to quit album. it was awesome,deserved more atention.
  27. PJ Brunetferodynamics @MCHammer by plane or by car?
  28. [tylertorment]tylertorment @mchammer gettin dissed on #craigferguson :X
  29. Rick SmithRick_Smith @MCHammer did u get my email!
  30. bluejavabluejava @MCHammer It's due to people like you Hammer.. Great job on water4life today.
  31. Ruby Ruby_TuTu @MCHammer I just want to tell you that I appreciate your positive attitude. So glad to follow you. Thx for sharing yourself with the world.
  32. DarwinDennisDarwinDennis @MCHammer America is its ideal and philosophy, that is its history and culture, many people still benefiting, including immigrants still
  33. Socks ManlyAdultSiteSurfer @MCHammer Highlight of your travels, in 140 words or less?
  34. Ric MezaRic_Meza @MCHammer wazaaa Amigo! great 2 see u on Twitter and your contribution 2 Tweet-a-thon was Awesome!!
  35. Mystic MoonDustMysticMoonDust @MCHammer this is a relief... I love America!
  36. Beverly Cornellbeverlycornell @MCHammer we are so blessed to live in this amazing country full of diverse people and the beautiful landscapes.
  37. David C. Garciadavidcgarcia @MCHammer What's up? How has your day been?
  38. IkeBotIkeBot @MCHammer spent every lunch hour at home, lubing up the battering-ram
  39. Justin VogtJustinVogt @MCHammer What do you mean the "Idea of America" exactly?
  40. Nancy Myrlandnancymyrland @MCHammer Actually, I think it has been alive much longer than that, it's just that it has been reported differently.
  41. Editions MillePoètesmillepoetes @MCHammer I watched you on the Tweet-a-Thon. You was great ! Thanks from, Montreal, Quebec.
  42. Brandon J. Carrbrandonjcarr @MCHammer In spite of what, MC Hammer?
  43. Amybtru4DMB/AmyAmybtru4DMB @MCHammer I used to dance you your jams til I sweat buckets and I was sore..I had mchammer pants too.
  44. Kali and Mike KunkleDreamWorthy @mchammer....awesome job you did for the tweet-a-thon!!!
  45. Amybtru4DMB/AmyAmybtru4DMB @MCHammer Thats because you are to legit to quit
  46. Kelly LeighAngelinWaiting @MCHammer Thanks for the alert to this. I am all over this, what an awesome idea!
  47. Max Hollistermaxhollister @MCHammer MC Hammer is 2 Legit 2 Quit!
  48. Barry Humphreysxzibitionist @MCHammer wow! Thanks for the follow. Good man.
  49. Michelle Floresmichelleflores @MCHammer You rock!! $3,000
  50. .com mirzacomsworld @mchammer wow, very generous of you hammer, we wish you all the best with that new show of yours........hammer time.
  51. Joel Commjoelcomm @mchammer has arranged to donate $3000 to! Thanks Hammer!
  52. Susan PittserSusanPittser @MCHammer Kudos to you & your last call on the Tweetathon You Rock!
  53. josephmorrisjosephmorris @MCHammer You are awesome!!! He was able to get 300 straws donated!!! #TAT09 #CDW. Thanks so much MC Hammer!
  54. Dave WebbDaveWebb @MCHammer Suh-weet! Thanx for donating 3000 more straws for clean water!
  55. FeliciaSlatteryFeliciaSlattery @MCHammer YOU are awesome! what a perfect way to end the #TAT09. 300 Water Is LIfe Straws #CDW. U ROCK
  56. Heather Havenwoodhhavenwood @mchammer thank you for donating more for clean water in Kenya! You are awesome!
  57. Dawn T. ManghamDawnTMangham @MCHammer is definitely somebody that you'd want to have in your corner. You can tell the people who are in it for love!!!!
  58. Doug ChampignySuperAffil @MCHammer RAWKS! He just called back in and donated 200 more straws for the kids! Follow him NOW!
  59. Deborah Cole MicekCoachDeb @MChammer thanks 4 all you're doing to raise $$ & awerness for getting clean water to Kenya! TX for the 3K u just raised!!! You ROCK!


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