Tuesday, December 23, 2008

BLAST24: Tweets....at large.... Will Smith.."Seven Pounds"

gnrsucks @MCHammer got to check "7 pounds" out
100ftzombie @MCHammer good advice. removing dickheads from your life is the fisrt step
Natalie Brown
natalie_brown @mchammer if Will does not get an Oscar WIN for Seven Pounds, it's a travesty of acting justice!
Eric Tonn
bamadog @MCHammer I was disappointed when I didn't hear good things about the movie, but I'll def check it out anyway. Will's my favorite.
Dewayne Shanks
Shanksd @MCHammer Definitely one of the greatest movies this year. I don't think I've not told anyone who talks about it to go see it right away.
fakebillclinton @MCHammer just because you tell a story about love and humility doesn't mean you should be rewarded
Adorable P
adorablep @MCHammer can you send me your music by mp3 to send to my djs to snipersquaddjs@gmail.com and send them a drop for Sniper Squad Djs
triphoppa @MCHammer I totally agree. It is a great movie :)
molej @MCHammer I want to see that movie, looks very good from what I have seen of it.
Jamie L
wheeldog @MCHammer That movie is awful hard to follow at first though.I was tempted to walk out, and I LOVE Will Smith. It got better tho
Creative Web Designs
mrsdana @MCHammer Then I really need to see it,
josh charles
joshcharles @MCHammer can you help us rebuild new orleans for $.99 by downloading healing time . ALL proceeds go to New Orleans rebudiling . please RT:)
jennet @MCHammer Was it really sad? I love him as an actor but I don't really like sad movies
MustBeBenHughes @MCHammer I KNOW!?! It's such an amazing movie... And if Will Smith doesn't take any awards home, the writer most definitely should!
BLKMGK @MCHammer Add redemption to that mix.
ttime13 @MCHammer Cant wait to go see it!
Nicole Jensen
nicolejensen @MCHammer Hancock was pretty terrible though. I'll see Seven Pounds though.
jenncastle Icon_lock @MCHammer i have heard nothing but good things about that movie. :)
kreeseis @MCHammer I haven't seen it yet. I guess you just recommended it. I'll check it out.
Hans M
Andrew Murphy
andrew_murphy @MCHammer good hear as I want to watch it over the holidays. He always puts in a stellar performance
Hans M
HollywoodHansM @MCHammer that movie showed great promise to me and an underlying story that us as humans can use to be better in many different aspects of
VBrown @MCHammer I heard his new movie was good...next on my list to see :)
Samantha KaiNe
SDotKaine Icon_lock @MCHammer I keep hearing such great reviews. Im going to see this tomorrow.
Hans M
HollywoodHansM @MCHammer its crazy how that film only made $16 mil. I believe 1st weekend.. Will's 2nd lowest total. I blame it on poor marketing!
redeyechicago @MCHammer Weekly, we print movie reviews from Twitter in the paper - world's shortest reviews. Can I use yours for Seven Pounds? Real nice.
Dan Hawkey
bortflancrest @MCHammer I haven't seen Seven Pounds yet, but if it is really that good, then just MAYBE he can be forgiven for Wild Wild West.
Graham English
grahamenglish @MCHammer That was a great movie. A very thoughtful tearjerker.
Aaron Nye
anogy @MCHammer Will Smith should be awarded for just about everything he does.
Jennifer Vaughn
StarStruk @MCHammer: Well...Let's ALL Just- BUST a MOVE, Then!!
Brady J. Frey
bradyjfrey @MCHammer Simple, but is a common problem with financial success I assume for any industry
Brady J. Frey
bradyjfrey @MCHammer Your Hip Hop wars reference reminds me of an old saying: anything in excess is too much.
Marc Goldman
goldbar2008 @MCHammer how much are seats on that flight?
Hans M
HollywoodHansM @MCHammer LMAO hammer you be talkin some shit bro!
fastercat @MCHammer Glad I found your tweets, you have gained so much depth in my version of you, kind of like a behind the scenes view if you will.
icat99 @MCHammer Thank you. We need all the encouragement we can get here. Seen Detroit and SE Michigan lately? Wretched.
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mrsdana @MCHammer Keep On was one of my favorite songs by Hammer, I've loved it since I heard it, so 2 have ur daughters redo it will be classic.
Acclaimed pop/rock
chrisblake @MCHammer will be among Earth's elite on the rocketship to Mars when our planet is about to collapse. For the universe must dance
celiapiper @MCHammer thanks for the postive tweets over the past few hrs.. Just read them now and I needed that lil' ray of sunshine. Happy holidays
Robin Schultz
prrobin @MCHammer Great! Wanted to extend an invite to u to a cool/casual dinner earlier that night, before Intel's party. Transpo incl. Lemme know
Grant Stone
discorobot @MCHammer Hope you don't mind, but I use your rhymes to tell the kids it's time for bed, sort of. If I say 'Pyjama time' they hop to it!
detrick @MCHammer Amen!!..u forgot the use of "piracy" as the scapegoat of declining sales -- when it really is ppl ain't buying music that sucks.
Sean Reichle
seanreichle @MCHammer So True Hammer! Have you heard Scroobius Pip or Abdominal? So, so good!... and none of that racial bs.
Luke Monahan
wlraider70 @MCHammer is it true that you are a preacher Now. Do you do sunday mornings?
Ronnie Chesko
ronniechesko @MCHammer your thoughts on what makes a 'real man' and your marriage...great tweet!
Brian Mazzarella
mazzy12345 @MCHammer i couldn't agree more! that is why you need to make a comeback, bring something new & fresh to hip-hop!
Shorty Awards
shortyawards @MCHammer, you were nominated by @chrisohare (and 4 others) for a #entertainment Shorty Award http://bit.ly/HOXF
Robert Masters
stableroad @MCHammer I'm currently grooving to No Jive, by De-Phazz... interesting jazz/trip-hop/synth layering and texture of sounds. Nice.
Jonathan Davis
Weirdbaby @MCHammer I am going skiing in Mammoth.
Scott Schnaars
schnaars @MCHammer Instead of making excuses for why people didn't buy the record, they could find the right audience that is willing to buy.
Justin Rusbatch
justinrusbatch @MCHammer word. Hip hop has so much potential as medium.
Morgan Witt
MorganWitt @MCHammer Agree 110%. What do you see as a resolution?
chuck @MCHammer you are absolutely correct...about what Hip Hop needs to grow forward
dubedition209 @MCHammer that's not gunna happen because everyone is a bitter swagger jacker now and all rappers care about is radio plays and ringtones
Mitali Pattnaik
mitali @MCHammer what's your book about? btw i totally agree on your earlier post - hip hop needs a Nirvana moment - a totally new sound
msrivercity @MCHammer have you seen Zoe's "Lost" video? Xtra outside of the box. Def something creative.
fusicology @MCHammer agreed, we love Janelle Monae too, Diddy moving upward. Kanye definitely has courage but vocal lessons may be a necessity for some
Scott Jarvie
jarvie @MCHammer I'm impressed I follow famous types for a little while before I decide we have little in common. But u have great inspiring words
JJ Brun
jigglyjock Icon_lock @mchammer wow...you really had nothing to do today
Robert Masters
stableroad @MCHammer The concept of evolving hip-hop, adding more acoustic instruments, new synth programming, positive lyrics etc. is all appealing.
Yorkali Walters
imajin2102 @MCHammer true, true, Hip Hop does need a radical change.
Eric Tonn
bamadog @MCHammer just saw Janelle on an online thing for the Gap and never heard of her. Where'd she come from? She was great!
Himanshu Shah
himanshu_shah @MCHammer love the new Kanye CD. He went against what ppl expect and did something radically unique - based on stuff in his life as of late
aKlaim @MCHammer zoes lost joint? Just heard it today. Real dope.
Doomguy13 @MCHammer I have to give Kanye mad props how he had the balls to make something no one else wanted... and he didn't give a fuck.
mrchristianlaw @MCHammer or be confident that you put your best effort forward. Sales aren't everything.
TJ Chapman
roe_g @MCHammer I agree with you. Also, I think your comment is applicable to most genres in the music industry as well.
djjudah @MCHammer - Music has become free. Even good music. That's cool. You can still earn a living by it as an introduction or loss leader
Robert Masters
stableroad @MCHammer Isn't it strange how the media get fixated on a few things - missing so much of what's going on in the world every day. Curious.
Brian Herman
brianherman @MCHammer AMEN! People don't buy music because it was well promoted, they buy it because it's GOOD! Make good stuff, word spreads = $$
Mr. Incognito
GFTD1 Icon_lock @MCHammer through FIRE comes new birth right... sometimes it's best to let some of this nonsense "burn". I think you have to agree!
Scott Gentzen
ScottGentzen @MCHammer also, if you haven't seen it, I'd recommend checking out some "nerdcore" hip hop artists. different subject matter for sure.
phillymac @MCHammer The best way for that to happen is the propigation of the gospel, men being men, not just boys and real families becoming the core
ed_gutman @MCHammer thanks for making Keep On, that song got me through some rough times.
phillymac @MCHammer In order for those things to happen, there needs to be a sea change in the culture that Hip Hop has come from.
kitty42 @MCHammer narrow thought has facilitated many of the problems experienced in the world today
Vada Dean
vada @MCHammer: Negativity is just an excuse for not trying.
Jennifer Vaughn
StarStruk @MCHammer: You Are Exactly Right! Just Like Rocky Balboa's Speech: Stop blaming it on him or her or...If you Know What You're Worth, T ...
Katie P
carmennc @MCHammer please help Rich Boy & Chamillionaire, they seem like sincere grounded young men
nossenigma @MCHammer I think that hip-hop is growing... just nowadays it's living back in the underground. It'll rise again. As always. No?
Chris Aucutt
swamibooba @MCHammer I would LOVE to see Hip-Hop branch out into new styles like the Blues did in the '50s.
Bev Davis
sundaycosmetics @MCHammer I luv new ideas. Especially the wild, out-of-the-box ideas that are effective...and take us to Mars or Jupiter! LOL
Dan Conley
Sigafoos @MCHammer Do a concept album about space travel. That would rock.
Devin Kofsky
DaKing240 @MCHammer i think some other industries could learn from your advice
Liana Lehua
fittorrent @MCHammer Kudos. I remember when hip hop was about expression and passion, NOT ratings charts and ego-laden promo antics.
Tony Cohn
TonyCohn_SEO @mchammer well i agree somewhat but in the case of classic rhyme battles, it brings back great memories
Scott Gentzen
ScottGentzen @MCHammer I think that there's creativity out there in smll local scenes but the mainstream hasn't really noticed. Not just hip hop either.
Brandon Whalen
BrandonSings @mchammer can you produce my next album?
Matthew Gilbert
doctorious @MCHammer Would you also agree that waiting 17 years to release a new album is a bit too long?
artvandeleigh @MCHammer ah yes, and I'm hoping YOU will be releasing some new stuff. not only new material, but new-sounding creative stuff as well. : )
Terri Cook
TerriCook @MCHammer who is that directed at Mr MC?
georgiawonder @MCHammer Hip hop needs to both become more fun again at the same time get back to social comment - currently it's flat and does neither
Himanshu Shah
himanshu_shah @MCHammer Agreed! Lots of artists are out pushing their creativity and utilizing the power of the web to spread their music. Exciting stuff!
DocRob @MCHammer The ART of motivating and inspiring listeners, or audiences, thru the medium of story-telling is what hooked me to hip hop. DR
skotte @MCHammer preach it man! Some of the best minds in the industry are getting sucked into some stupid drama.
Tee Morris
TeeMonster @MCHammer Artist to artist, do you think you're asking a lot of immature people to grow up?
rushay @MCHammer hip hop has been overthrown by greed and self gain i doubt it would ever return where it was
DeAnna Troupe
deannatroupe @MCHammer I totally agree. I miss the days of hip hop when you could actually tell the difference b/t the artists. Now they all sound alike.
Staci J. Shelton
stacijshelton @MCHammer True, and not just in Hip Hop...in church, in business, in life. There's room for everyone
Danny Pena (Godfree)
godfree @MCHammer which Hip Hop artist that you like now that doesnt promote that?
dj_diva @MCHammer can we add Stop using the the autotune to that list? lol
Kevin Houchin
kevinhouchin @MCHammer ALWAYS focus on the creativity. It's why we're on the planet.
Francisco Nopales
jsami @MCHammer those are the words I wish I would live by
Adorable P
adorablep @MCHammer thank you for the words that you gave today. I needed to hear that
Michael G. Galli
OGbigMoneyMIKE @MCHammer Wow! Will you be selling on ZUNE and iTunes and when will it be avaliable? I need me some new MCHammer! :)
HughEMC @MCHammer I mean Hip Hop Tried 2 Kill me...good book he wants 2 co-write another about the history of my set "The Outta Control Gang"
HughEMC @MCHammer A book!!! cool man Im trying 2 write also.u heard of Fleetwood "Hip-Hop tries 2 Kill Me"?
Spyder Duane Hughes
SpyderD @MCHammer Much respect! 2009 Is Mine!

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