Thursday, December 25, 2008

BLAST24: R.I.P. James Brown.... Merry Christmas GodFather

Love and Miss My GodFather !!!!

theefunklord @MCHammer : the BIG Payback...............i'm mad!!!!!!

Borussen @MCHammer "My Thang" definitely my favorite. Just quintessential James Brown.

achgohairithe @MCHammer no rain but a constant drizzel here in Ireland,reminds me of a joke, Why does Snoop dog always carry an umbrealla?...For Drizzel!

Nik Kalyani
TechBubble @McHammer "Can't Touch This" would make a nice iPhone touch game

mylegaledge @MCHammer Thanks so much for sharing James Brown's "Night Train". There was only one Godfather of Soul!

nexy @MCHammer The Payback is my favorite James Brown tune.

Damon Noisette
damonnoisette Icon_lock @MCHammer it's hard to think of a single James Brown song because so many were the foundation of great hip-hop songs

Horse_Head @MCHammer and we miss him every day.

ogflawless @MCHammer What's good Hammer! Merry Xmas to you & the fam!

Suzanne Strickland
circleblueguy @MCHammer I Feel Gooooooooooooood! da-da--da-da-da -da DAH!

thea2u Icon_lock @MCHammer "I Feel Good" - can't help but get happy and movin' when I hear that song. Merry Christmas!!

Vic Berggren
vicberggren @MCHammer I like the stuff James Brown did in the Blues Brothers

koshadillz @mchammer happy b day to your child...thats pretty swell for the holidays

RNS / Jive
telemekus @MCHammer lol...james BROWN??? i thought it said james BOND...i shudda got glasses for christmas! maybe next year!! DOH

Faces in the Crowd
Chalant @MCHammer Congrats on your new Born!!!! What a blessing

Robert Rice
DalydeGagne @MCHammer Here in Winnipeg it's definitely a white - and frigid - Christmas, but the Spirit of the Lord is warming hearts!

Rick Chin
rqc @MCHammer 1 lb 11 oz baby boy, Praise God for doctors and medical advances - 20-30 years ago, survival rate would have been low. Ur blessed!

Bodyguard_Beats @MCHammer "A Man's World" JB broke it DOWN on that one! Well, all of them, but that's a fav of mine...Merry CHRISTmas Hamma! LOL!

Chuck Holliday
chuckholliday @mchammer the Big Payback, with Living in America right up there - still hard to swallow that he's not here with us

mommily @MCHammer Super Bad. Merry Christmas Hammer!

norcross @MCHammer mine would have to be "19 - Give It Up Or Turn It Loose"

djjudah @MCHammer - My favorite James Brown tune (and the favorite of hip hop producers the world over) is......Funky Drummer!

K R Bankston
KRBTheAuthor @MCHammer Papa's Got a Brand New Bag!! RIP James, miss you so much!!

telemekus @MCHammer goldfinger or the duran duran one from a view to a kill.

racingpenguins Icon_lock @MCHammer Get up offa that thing! Pretty much guaranteed to make happy and wanting to dance.

doctorandree @MCHammer By the way, Merry Christmas to you and your family!

frozenlipstick @MCHammer does "It's hot in the hot tub" count? ;) Merry Christmas!

doctorandree @MCHammer Eastern Shore of Maryland is having a warm, windy Christmas morning...50s, high winds. More like late Sept., very unChristmaslike.

Babyboi95 @MCHammer Better question....Favorite MC Hammer song!?
TheHeir209 @MCHammer which J.B. albums do you have?

Kate Gaffin
KateGaffin @MCHammer 'I Feel Good.' And I do. :-) Merry Christmas!!

Jean R.
jgrrl @MCHammer Merry Christmas hun! The best from my family to yours <3

Khayyam Wakil
iamkhayyam @mchammer Blessings to you and yours, especially on the day that you ushered in life. Nice to see you actually tweet up in the piece ;)

Lynda Lippin
Lynda Lippin
lyndalippin @MCHammer Oh yes! We all miss him a lot. Have a wonderful Christmas.

ShineOnDown @MCHammer mine is mother pop corn ;]

Andre Sanchez
ackronym @MCHammer dude that video is bananas. James Brown got some COLD-ass moves man!

Guy Cross
guydavidcross @mchammer I fell in love "I feel good when I was a kid. JB will never be forgotten

Inkognegro @MCHammer Night Train, with SuperBad and Black and Im Proud catching the Silver and Bronze.

Brad Schwarzenbach
SchwarzenbachB @MCHammer I saw him perform at Foxwoods some years back. Unbelievable. Best... Concert... Ever!

Matt Thompson
Fortran @MCHammer Merry Christmas and a Happy Birthday to Sammy.

Trent Tunstell
Frank Evans
Ryan Kemp-Pappan
ryankemppappan @MCHammer :It' a Man's, Man's, Man's World"
Michelle Bond
CoffeebreakDMV @mchammer I don't know the name. but he was young. a lovely slow song. didn't know it was him @ 1st.

aliendave @MCHammer Say it loud! (I'm black and I'm proud)

cesargamez @MCHammer - Who can forget James Brown's I Got You (I Feel Good). Classic stuff.

Ken Fisk
KenFisk @MCHammer are you an early bird or a night owl? I can never tell if your just getting up or have been up all night.

Sophie Robbins
thedogsdish @MCHammer My all time fav James Brown song♪♫♪♫

Derek Overbey
doverbey @MCHammer Merry Christmas Hammer. The kids will be up soon so save your energy!

PreppyDude @MCHammer re: favorite James Brown tune- It's a mans world

Dirk Kirchberg
Kirchberg @MCHammer My favorite James Brown tune: Funky as hell!

liamalexander @MCHammer Hard choice but: I Feel Good

PartyBoutique @MCHammer It's a Man's Man's Man's World...lot's of memories involved too!

Lee Hadfield
Leenygma @MCHammer 2 years? Man, time flies...may he R.I.P. Certainly gonna play some James Brown out of respect.

slmay @MCHammer remembering with you.......................

liamalexander @MCHammer Saw him here in Sydney 3-4 years back; incredible!. An inspiration words can't express

scott sidwell
scottysid @MCHammer wow i didn't know he passed away on Christmas

Beth Temple
Alex Housley
ahousley Tanti auguri everyone! Happy days. We might work off the inevitable by hiking up Mottarone - the view should be breathtaking.

Jennifer Vaughn
StarStruk @MCHammer: What a Blessing!!!! God is So Good! Tell Sammy Happy Birthday from Ms. Jenny in Tennessee!!

Dylan Brown
boadiccea_13 @MCHammer: Merry Christmas to you all, and Happy Birthday to your son!

Ms. B
sparklyhero @MCHammer Waiting for 5-year old niece to come over. My tree is full of gifts for her, and she's been very naughty.

Afficionados_HH @MCHammer birthday and xmas on same day - I'm thinking probably energy is from all the chocolate ;-))

houstonmacbro @MCHammer His dad of course. Don't play. We seen your videos scooting all over and hyper dance moves. LOL.

prophetfxb @MCHammer Pretty awesome man, a friend of mine from Africa is waiting on his first any moment now! I hope its today!

AJ Thompson
AJThompson Icon_lock @MCHammer From all I've seen in my years - children produce kinetic energy, rather than use it up. Merry XMas!

Chris Sherrod
EagleChris @MCHammer Thanks for following me. Look forward to learning more about you.

Nate Whitehill
natewhitehill @MCHammer Merry Christmas to you and your family!

John Garcia
johngarcia @MCHammer ah. haha.. cool, blessings either way! hammer time! peace. John

Nicky Getgood
tom newell
tom newell
tomforce7 @MCHammer hey MC check out my holiday gift video of me singing, 1 reherse, dimimsh voice over maj scle flat 5ths

John Garcia
johngarcia @MCHammer Whoa, awesome. He's a Christmas baby? Happy birthday, Sammy!

bicoastalite @MCHammer Your 3 year old was born ONE lb and 11 ozs?? He was tiny!! He really is a miracle!

ohaeuser @MCHammer he already got the Hammer Time in him ? Merry Christmas :-)

Matthew Gilbert
doctorious @MCHammer Happy Birthday, Sammy! I have a miracle son who will be three in January named Max. Thank God for small miracles and big hearts!

eyemusing @MCHammer Merry Christmas and Happy Bday to your sun ^_^

Galel Fajardo
galel @MCHammer hey my man! Raining her in Orange County, CA - Merry Christmas!!
John Adams
netik @MCHammer Nasty, wet Christmas here. Also, my birthday. heh.

Tom Mack
tommack @MCHammer My 12yr old daughter was 3lbs 2oz at birth and another miracle child! Lots be be thankful for..,

Orain "O" Reddick
orainreddick @mchammer I can dig that foreal. But brotha Hammer Sammy need 2 go 2 bed. He must not know Santa dont show up until he goes 2 sleep.

Jennifer Smith
jennjoysmith @MCHammer Are you on the West Coast? My 3yr old just ran in about 40 circles and finally crashed. Too many cookies?

Hugh L
blogsiswatching Icon_lock @MCHammer happy born day to your seed hammer.

Evert Bopp
EvertB @MCHammer Have a great double celebration!

Yam De La Pena
tyamdm @MCHammer happy birthday to tour son too! :)

Eva J. Mah
Yam De La Pena
tyamdm @MCHammer Merry Christmas to you too... From Yammer time!

Black Tokyo
blacktokyo @MCHammer : LOL... where did the energy come from? nice one! my wife and i wish you and your family a very happy holiday!

Reg Saddler 財閥
zaibatsu @MCHammer So what do you want for Xmas, keep it real. I need stuff for the the kids and my mom.

jamesspellman @MCHammer Marry Christmas to you and your family and he got the energy from you just like my 3yr gets his.

James Moverley
jmoverley @mchammer its a grey mirky xmas here in the uk!

Orain "O" Reddick
orainreddick @mchammer Its like almost 2 were u at right?

Chris Coveney
xkickflip @MCHammer Merry Christmas, down on Cape Cod and in Boston area it was white, but it's been pouring all Christmas eve, not much left

aqa63336 @MCHammer Merry Xmas to you with an Xmas fact: in 1900 xmas lights were so expensive they were rented for a few days, rather than bought.

Reg Saddler 財閥
zaibatsu @MCHammer Didn't know you had a 3 yrs old... my 5 year old is in bed, with the 7 month old... You know how it is

SoloPocono @MCHammer was wet here in NE PA till about 3 hours ago Hammer, melted over half our snow :(
Timothy Carter
TimothyCarter @MCHammer Seattle is having a white Christmas...a rare event indeed!

VOID: Hero for Hire
VOIDMunashii @MCHammer Sacramento is having a wet one.

Janusz Biela
squidoo_ @MCHammer Merry Christmas Hammer :)

Hugh L
blogsiswatching Icon_lock @MCHammer seattle is having a slushy christmas. the rain is melting the snow.

Andrew Windham
tufadvisor @MCHammer wet here in Hotlanta and Hot too

MichaelSage @MCHammer Goodnight and Merry Christmas.

wkossen @MCHammer Merry Christmas to you too. My 3year old is full of energy as well. I guess it's the age.... Are we getting old?

Jennifer Vaughn
greggrunberg @MCHammer They are always the last to go to sleep. Merry Xmas Hammer from @GregGrunberg of HEROES.

Spyder Duane Hughes
SpyderD @MCHammer God Bless. I am proud of your journey. 2009 Is Mine!

Fran Magbual
FranMagbual @MCHammer Merry Christmas Hammer! My 3 1/2 year old is the same way. If we could bottle that energy

Eva J. Mah
Michael McGrath
mike902 @MCHammer I'm still awake (5:30 here) my little brother and sister are gonna wake me up soon to open gifts. I haven't even slept yet!

toosweet4rnr @MCHammer probably from his father! :) a very merry christmas to you and your family!

david1976aus @MCHammer Didnt you know that there is a direct relationship between the amount of energy a child has to how much you want them to sleep.

wendyhuffman @MCHammer They drain it from us; didn't you know that? LOL

jbtiv @MCHammer : good luck getting him to bed when Santa's on his way. Merry Christmas!

Timothy Carter
Jim Gray
Bradman TV
BradmanTV @MCHammer Merry Christmas Hammer, God Bless!

Jason Tucker
jasontucker @mchammer I always wondered how you felt about being an animated gif:

MoikoRecords @MCHammer Did you see it already? The trailers were interesting, and pretty mysterious.

Ari Herzog
ariherzog @mchammer I have a 12-year-old side project that could easily become a business or social network. Involving record labels. Viable?

EclecticMedia @MCHammer hammer u got me into music!!! Ur the man. Peace

caaarlo @MCHammer Merry Christmas! Top 5 best presents?

Chris Menning
straythenomad @MCHammer, I'm watching "Role Models" and they say you went to prison. You were never in prison, were you?

Richly N. Chheuy
mineralrich @MCHammer Merry Christmas Hammer! Keep the music going till the New Year and Beyond!

allie69 @MCHammer You are my 69th person to follow. One of my all time favorite #'s;) Happy belated anniversary!! 23yrs? You two rock! Kisses

Shorty Awards
shortyawards @mchammer, you were nominated by @RealHulkHogan (and 5 others) for a #entertainment Shorty Award

gbglivewell @MCHammer Merry Christmas! Known u since Show n Tell days. Gentry says hello!

Darrell Morrone
dmorrone @MCHammer Merry Christmas to the Hammer Household.

AskDrDing @MCHammer Thanks to your RT of @davidherrold he's been dancing around the house going "Uh oh uh oh uh oh/I got ReTweeted!" Best Xmas EVER!

Stephen Riley
stephenriley @MCHammer how does it feel to play such a part in modern culture?

David Herrold
davidherrold @mchammer Thanks for the ReTweet. You rock (literally). ;-)

Simone di Santi
ARoadRetraveled @MCHammer That's really cool :) We need more Hammer Time ;)

noradsanta @MCHammer Merry Christmas from Bitz the Elf!

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