Sunday, December 07, 2008

BLAST24: Oscar vs Manny..... Tweets

craftyGAgal @MCHammer hey, would love it if you would read my post bout smiles http://makeitgood.wordpress... have apprec. ur comment in past =)
24k @MCHammer You are definitely covering the fight tonight, almost blow by blow. I guess I don't need to add any more to that.
fyasco @MCHammer the words of Ja Rule, "IT'S MURDAAA"
koreelove @MCHammer I have no idea what you are talking about but it sounds fun!!
Alejandro Reyes
Josh Illichmann
studioprisoner @MCHammer is spamming, boy good for the twitter feed on an iPhone
Robert Franco
PrimeObjective @MCHammer thanks 4 the play by play, I'm not watching it.

Updates beginning with @MCHammer

Marvin Tabangay
sketch678 @MCHammer thanks for the fight updates! I'm missing out it seems!
KINGjeorge @MCHammer thanks for the updates. im watching the fight through you hommie.
Jose "FUBAR" Sanchez
donfubar @MCHammer M FTW! O needs to hang up the gloves!
Justin Rogers
justin_rogers @MCHammer This fight isn't even close at this point.
Robert Franco
HOLLYWOOD_GURL @MCHammer thanks for the updates, cause i didnt order pay-per-view. i would have thought O would be landing more punches than M
Marco Hansell
marcohansell Icon_red_lock @mchammer oh man i gotta get off twitter haha i cant catch the fight over here in the desert
Robert Franco
JaimieH @MCHammer what's better than MC Hammer announcing the fight & keeping us informed ;-))
ncub8 @MCHammer You think M will knock out O?
Kevin Sylvia

Alex Mendoza
alexmendoza @MCHammer I wasn't here at the beginning of the fight. Did you have a prediction?
brooklynblondie Icon_red_lock @MCHammer When have we ever seen his pretty faced looking so bad!!
Oranse Taylor
oranse @mchammer thanks, there are sports fans on Twitter.
Robert Franco
Eric G Herman
ericherman @MCHammer who needs pay per view I got hammer view!
Ron Mintz
sith120 @MCHammer De la Hoya swelling up getting a lesson at age 36
Andrew E Rohman
fyasco @MCHammer M again .. only three hooks can't win you a round.
tom newell
tomforce7 @MCHammer Is this your new gig, sports anouncer? Hmmm, I like it
Daniel W. Johnston
macdaddydwj @MCHammer calm down hammer, quit spamming, gosh!
ncub8 @MCHammer Blow by blow of the De La Hoya PACQUIAO fight
Robert Franco
Cheerleader Melissa
CheerldrMelissa @mchammer: I love your twitters but you making it tough to write an email :)
scott faithfull
scottfaithfull @MCHammer what in the world are you watching?? lol.
eviolet @MCHammer Hammer, please stop updating us and enjoy the fight
Eric Thayer
ethayer594 @MCHammer you should take Tony Kornheizer's spot on MNF
derrickhenslee @MCHammer you should turn that match off and watch the Sooners make history tonight!
fyasco @MCHammer M .. Oscar is the biggest boxing draw, and he is just standing there? Bring Ortiz back out, he's hungry..
TALIO martial arts
TALIOma @MCHammer Who are you cheering for?
Robert Franco
rgf610 @MCHammer Man. I am still on Team O for life.
Jeremy Cochran
eepgonewild @MCHammer Thanks Hammer for the updates, I am too poor to buy the fight around Christmas time :)
skubastevee @MCHammer Thanks for the updates! keep 'em coming!
Peter Clough
CPeterC @MCHammer can you even imagine getting pounded like that?
A'Keiba Burrell
akeiba @mchammer dad you are making my inbox full hahaha...but the fight sounds like its a good one
Ron Mintz
Robert Franco
rgf610 @MCHammer Oh man, O needs to watch those punches
fyasco @MCHammer M .. I don't see anything golden about this..
Eric G Herman
ericherman @MCHammer the man is into this fight I can feel him punching with the crowd
Robert Franco
OhMyDamnKelsey @MCHammer excuse me sir, I do not understand any of your tweets :(
Tim Walton
Tasha Gibson
Zappos_TashaG Icon_red_lock @MCHammer I agree! Didn't know that Manny was so fast!
Robert Franco
rgf610 @MCHammer Yeah, they are trying to figure each other out.
jonathanjoseph @MCHammer loving the Hammer blow-by-blow. Stuck where I can't watch.
momidlike2tweet @MCHammer who's your favorite MILT - "mom you'd like to tweet"? :-)
Julian Lacey
Kelli Schmith
marketingveep @MCHammer we're relying on your for the play by play!!
George Wilson
gmwdesign @MCHammer pacman is killin dlh. I give him first 2 rounds.
Tom Beal
tombeal @MCHammer Manny's definitely got the upper hand in this fight so far.
Kinsey Schofield
kinseys @MCHammer If you are for Manny THEN I AM FOR MANNY!
Robert Franco
Big Sexy
Sportaphile @MCHammer im surprised how easily manny is scoring on Oscar.
3amjosh @MChammer will you comment on this blog for me? I need your help!
John Christenbury
Ron Mintz
salesbiz @MCHammer How many rounds did it go?
Robert Franco
Chakapedia @MCHammer M? M what? MCHammer is coming down waterfall? What M mean? Please Hammer, don't hurt Chaka!
Timothy Carter
TimothyCarter @MCHammer that's a first in a few fights for Oscar...
Darla Dixon
dixonart @MCHammer was that a surrealist tweet? :)
Ahmad Habeef
Habeef @MCHammer man I luv that commerical you have on ESPN about Monday Night Football.
ncub8 @MCHammer Mmmmmmm Famous Daves, they turned the one near me into a Hooter's. Sad Sad Sad.
tom newell
tomforce7 @MCHammer yuck, yeah Famous for RBF really bad food. Get down to ATL son and we can do Fat Macks rib shack, Q, Stew, and the BLUES
dcmba @MCHammer Can you pick me up something?
jamesspellman @MCHammer famous daves is the bomb. I get my ribs w/ devil spit sause
LittlePandaExpr @MCHammer Famous Daves is soooooo good!! lucky!!!
filmester @MCHammer what's your youtube channel?
PhoenixRising4O @MCHammer Famous Daves Rocks! Had my daughters sweet 16th there,,,off da chain
Bob Hazlett
onehalfamazing @MCHammer first concert in 6th grade had you, Boys 2 Men & Jodeci in Dayton, Oh. Remember it like yesterday. Wore my 2 legit tshirt.
crisch @MCHammer - mmmmm Famous Daves! i love the ribs with Devil spit sauce
Geoff Livingston
GeoffLiving @MCHammer will do, but you need to follow me first so I can do that :P enjoy the fight.
Jen Taylor
travelbugs @MCHammer what a great site! can we just submit our videos?
Tom Gardner
nitewraith @MCHammer enjoy Famous Daves. I'm heading to Mei Mei's for Chinese Food once daughters braids are done. Love Famous Dave's though.
TALIO martial arts
TALIOma @mchammer feel free to visit and comment at our blog about the fight btw (O) & (M) we have a poll too. #dreammatch be honored if you did :)
Michelle Bond
CoffeebreakDMV @mchammer the okiedoke poisen would be: PHENYLALANINE. I'll DM link 2night.
Eric G Herman
Anthony Papillion
CajunTechie @MCHammer breakfast is a good skill to master...hard one too.
Sarah's Soap Box
sarahssoapbox @MCHammer Thanks for the tweet tips & my Super Dad says what's up & Praise God!
Steve Worrall
Michelle Bond
CoffeebreakDMV @mchammer *any plans on such a program for Northern Virginia? We sure do have a need.
Ron Mintz
salesbiz @MCHammer That is great. Such a good cause!
Shashi Bellamkonda
shashib @MCHammer i saw you first in India on a Pepsi ad its Proper Boy thats was so long ago
Sportaphile @MCHammer thats true. I MIGHT have picked Manny if he was a technical boxer. But he's a brawler.U cant brawl with bigger/stronger opposition
sellphone @MCHammer I'd love to help with that! Maybe donate some Text Messaging???
Kandis Knight
kandisknight Icon_red_lock @MCHammer Can you upload it to Youtube?
Bryan Choate
FreedomWeaver @MCHammer Who do you think is going to win the fight??
MrMarcusX @MCHammer No doubt Hammer!!! Who's on the under card, you know?
Andrew Windham
tufadvisor @MCHammer whats new on horizon for 2009 for the hammer?
Jordan Nagao
carmennc @MCHammer omg, so you're a multi-task-tweeter
Kandis Knight
kandisknight Icon_red_lock @MCHammer you are drinking energy drinks? You might fuck around and make a new dance! LOL!
Sportaphile @MCHammer If Oscar isnt completely drained from going down in weight, he's going to knock manny out. Manny cant take middleweight-like power
koreelove @MCHammer you rock my breakbeat world!!
Geoff Livingston
GeoffLiving @mchammer it's great that you are here, and that you respond. Saw you in 86, 2nd row, old spectrum in philly.
Terry Hartley
deucehartley @MCHammer What's your poison (energy drink)?
Dee Dee Cocheta
ABCPublicity Icon_red_lock @MCHammer = lol, b careful on those energy drinks...what kind do you drink?
SeabMak @MCHammer Heyyy Heyyy Heyyy! :) So who do u got on this fight?
Brad Schwarzenbach
SchwarzenbachB @MCHammer any predictions before things start? #dreammatch
Ron Mintz
salesbiz @MCHammer Thanks for doing that. I will follow !!!
Dave Leary
Dino Laurel
Ron Mintz
salesbiz @MCHammer Who do you think will win?
Cole Wyatt
djbigdaddy @MCHammer I want Manny to win but I just can't see it. Oscar in 8.
taylor_blue @MCHammer You are awesome Mr. Hammer... :)
Dave Leary
DaveBP @MCHammer O is going to make his own 'hammer time' on Manny!
Ryan L. Cox
Coxymoney @MCHammer that's a great idea - judge the fight round by round and not worry about multiple thread tweets - simplicity is key: O or M
Dave Leary
Tim Walton
Deadcrayon @mchammer man why u ain't tell me bout that?
cohawk @MCHammer will you be 2 legit to do @BradmanTV's festival?
Iman Jalali
david1976aus @MCHammer Well let me say you had a profound effect on my life! Good to see you haven't disappeared into the hasbeen abyss
Ari Herzog
Cole Wyatt
Badhorse_ @MCHammer ZOMGZ! Where are the other people I follow? They disappeared!


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