Saturday, November 08, 2008

"America The Beautiful"...Hope Lives !

The First Family

Tonia Sanders
workathomenow @MCHammer I'm so glad folks are seriously dancing and the world is FINALLY catching on! Dancing is LIVING!!! Even if you still snake. ; )
Kevinwmurray @MCHammer dancejam is slightly addictive.

Odes Roberts
odes_r @MCHammer god bless you make my twitter worth looking forward too.

Tonia Sanders
Todd Fokus Walton
FokusChicagoKid @MCHammer adding you to my Blogroll as well...

Todd Fokus Walton
FokusChicagoKid @MCHammer most definitely!!!!! would appreciate the opportunity..

Amy ~ AllAboutEnergy
allaboutenergy @MCHammer Amen Hammer! Amen! A most amazing and world-life- changing week. We took a quantum leap light years ahead! So moving& powerful

The Mia
themia @mchammer why are you trying to keep me up at 323am?!?! i'm now off to dancejam to get pix of my favorite Hammer.

Todd Fokus Walton
FokusChicagoKid @MCHammer Good might wanna get me for an interview on HammerTime Radio...Im a hot commodity these

AnnaChandra Icon_red_lock @MCHammer man you are so cool :) And yes, it feels like it's a new world, great isn't it?