Friday, November 07, 2008

Nighty Night Tweets

eplies — Updates beginning with @MCHammer

c. bitangarong
charkattack @MCHammer i wish i ran into you! i saw ashton though. sweet man.
Th0r4z1n3 @MCHammer you should talk Lionel Richie into setting up a twitter account... I'd follow him
irina slutsky
irinaslutsky @mchammer nice to meet you at the party... i was the girl who brought @ev over to you :)
Orli Yakuel
Orli @MCHammer Lionel Richie?! He's a legendary! ♫
KingofSway @MCHammer Say hi to Lionel Ritchie from Stage Hypnotist Simone. I sang many of his songs in High School Talent Shows in the late 70's.
donnadoreen @MCHammer I danced a lot to yours and Lionel Richie's tunes! Oooh, them were the days.. miss'em!!
Joy Smith
Lynne d Johnson
lynneluvah @MCHammer wish i could be there with you
Sheila Scarborough
SheilaS @MCHammer ....has me LOL-ing - "Nerd Up!"
 iStone 
_iStone_ @MCHammer Hey, man, sorry I haven't tweeted U in a while. Have a good night! :D
Jason Crouch
jasoncrouch @MCHammer Are you the real Hammer?
Taiwan Brown
James R. Dickey
jamesdickey @MCHammer How did your kids enjoy being there for your vote election night?
Stephan Verveen

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