Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Blood On Your Hands..... "A Curse is declared"..

"Blood On Your Hands", now that we have settled this long hard fought election process and declared the "Obama" era has begun, thus said the people of America and the hand of God... We now have to brace ourselves for the strong divisive attacks (from conservative talk radio and television) that will stoop even lower than the lows we witnessed over the past two years. These lows that represented how disconnected from the people (America), these men and their respective views and parties are, the men who underestimate and insult the intelligence of Americans (daily), these premeditated verbal and visual loops of hatred and separation will cause a divide of the people not seen since the 60's. The difference being the men who are the voices and faces of these attacks will be held spiritually and morally accountable, the "Blood" will be on their hands, you will not be able to hide behind your editors and programmers. The positions you take will be yours to bare. If the price and prize of ratings, is worth the riots and blood shed that will surely come from your unbridled irresponsible rhetoric, that will be "looped" and drive the people to domestic pandemonium, the same chaos and spirit will enter your respective homes. Blood On Your Hands. Except change, or prepare for the curse of "endless pain" and the spirit of "conundrum" resting on your respective bloodlines for a hundred years. And so it is... "Blood On Your Hands".... "Blessed are the Peace Makers".


Anonymous said...

MC.. well said!! wow, powerfully written!!

I am so very happy Obama won!! What an historical time in history this is!! It will be great to have educated leaders in the white house; whom care about the average american; not just caring about the richest most powerful, as the past 40 years in US history have shown.

The ugliness is there in the world; I've already lost myspace friends whom didn't like ME, a Canadian.. rooting for Obama!!

Like... as if I care what strangers think of me.. geez!

Peace & Plenty for ALL,

Phelps said...

We've already had eight years of that. You will certainly see opposition from our side of the aisle, but you won't see the sort of derangement that we have had to abide for the last two terms. We are already as tired of it as you think you would become.