Saturday, November 29, 2008

BLAST24: Tweets

Joel_P_Reynolds @MCHammer can't wait for new music and to read the auto!!! keep up the good work!
Sistory @MCHammer the first time you were on Oprah I had to pick her up early from school. she wore her hammer pants/shoes and blushed thru show
Sportaphile @MCHammer what are you reading?
Sistory @MCHammer something for your Autobiography - '90-91 in pre-school my daughter had er' one calling her Ashley "HammerGirl". you know kids
Irene Koehler
irenekoehler @MCHammer An ambitious plan for one day! My plans involve cleaning the kitchen. Guess that explains a lot about my life. :)
Scott B. Hoffman
TheEntertainer @MCHammer loving that list, a lot of awesome creative expression in one day balanced with keeping the body healthy and in shape. Rock on
Taryn Gabrielle
taryn_gabrielle @MCHammer not planning to brave the crowds of Christmas shoppers tomorrow?
girlwithnoname @MCHammer your biography has been automated? LOL (jk)
Kim ComicBookGoddess
sinspired @MCHammer Studio? Really? Awesome!
Tonia Sanders
workathomenow @MCHammer Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!
Yorkali Walters
imajin2102 @MCHammer Thanks Hammer, same to you!
Big D.
dcrayton @MCHammer Happy Thanksgiving to you too! May you stay blessed!
AnnaChandra Icon_red_lock @mchammer happy thanksgiving to you & your family!
Doug Mccoy
David Stoddard
djstoddard @MCHammer God bless you Hammer. Luv ya.
donnadoreen @MCHammer 2 u 2!! from way over here : )
Sarah's Soap Box
sarahssoapbox @MCHammer Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!!!
keith kleinschmidt
keithharold @MCHammer Same to you to sir...I saw GOD gave you a nice write-up!

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