Saturday, November 15, 2008

BLAST24: Tweet Question: Rescue The Auto Industry?

I say's about the people ...put the fire out (save then deal with the cause of the fire...

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scott sidwell
scottysid @MCHammer Fixing a BLT soup,ever heard of it sounds gross but i think its my fav soup
Brian Carter
briancarter @mchammer wayne brady just did "man boobs" take off on can't touch this
coverston @MCHammer Check this out MC We still love you in MPLS!
Brian Carter
briancarter @mchammer shout out to wayne brady! Watching him now
Mr Rothchild
mrrothchild @MCHammer support the american auto companies that ship manufacturing jobs to mexico and canada when more Toyota's are made in this country?
Matthew Spencer
Melissa Cruz
MelissaCruz @mchammer listening to can't touch this on power 106... Oohh ohhh oohh
FirstPersonArts @mchammer is in a photo in Swallow Your Pride posing with competitive eater Coondog O'Karma
David Schoenfeld
jjpmarketing @MCHammer If the Big 3 Automakers in the USA collapse it would be catastrophic for this country.
ryanSU @MCHammer Hey MCHammer! I heard you are writing an autobiography, do you know when it will be coming out?
spikemanx @MCHammer hey MC I enjoy reading your tweets---thanks for keeping everyone updated so often
Jack Bastide
JackBastide @MCHammer Hey Bro are you In Germany?
AgingBackwards @MCHammer Wow, so ur not just a pretty face, ur a smart guy! :)
Jack Bastide
JackBastide @MCHammer the bailout money is not going back out on the street ... they are hoarding it, Giving Big Bonuses, etc. Needs to be regulated
tomzer1 @MCHammer Re: auto industry. Consider: Is a business that can't compete worth saving without radical change? Otherwise it's drawing out pain
DigitalDuckling @MCHammer banks are a conspiracy. Google the film Zeitgeist.
kccaferadio @MCHammer Tight money not only hurts the person needing the loan, it also effects everyone from truck drivers to sales people
Surf_Records @MCHammer They went as bonuses to the executive, I opine.

Clint Lenard
ClintLenard @MCHammer until they pry JPMorgan's dirty hands from the FDIC - the banks are going to keep falling victim to the "FDIC" (JPMorgan).
Clint Lenard
ClintLenard @MCHammer the Government needs to take control of the FDIC before JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs and the others destroy the industry...again.
Nancy Myrland
nancymyrland @MCHammer Exactly! With any program or plan, timetable, responsible parties, measurement & accountability, or you step back and start over!
matt ceniceros
mattceni @MCHammer - the banks. hammer dont hurt em
carmennc @MCHammer i can ration out the $700B *one for me, one for hammer, one for me, one for hammer) i'd take applications for homeowners in need
deangroom @MCHammer how are you gonna take the banks on then!
Natural Mystic.
EmpressEricka Icon_red_lock @MCHammer as a credit lender, i can tell you these banks are being stingy with their money. I wanna see a bailout for the american people.
MellisaMcJunkin @MCHammer Thanks for being a LEADER. and positive influence for us.
lilthatlilthis @MCHammer don't have to tell us about it.. family of 5 (the crazy mother dancer) LOL we are soon to be one of those statistics!
rosiegs @MCHammer when are you running for office?!?!? You are "en fuego!" ..."Please Hammer...Don't hurt em!"
ms_lenox @MCHammer Yes...Families first!! The people are the economy, auto indu. needs reform on efficient cars and kill the huge retirement packages
The Mia
themia @MCHammer word. In the last year, my credit is better, but I still can't get a loan because of the bank situation. Totally ridick.
Josef Sandoval
erbal210 @mchammer the banks need to be held accountable for their actions, and the fed reserve needs to be abolished
FloridaFuture @MCHammer yes, the banks created a disaster and now what? They don't want to give anyone credit?
FordDriveOne @MCHammer Thanks for your show of support for the auto industry.
Deanna Davis
deannad @MCHammer I'm with you, the U.S. auto industry is vital to our economy
John Jackson
johnjac @MCHammer Jobs can't be the end goal, otherwise why doesn't the Gov just hire all unemployeed to do nothing? Productivty has to be the goal.

DwightMiller @MCHammer Bring back American JObs family aid package
lordtrilink @MCHammer I agree. The government should focus on helping people whose jobs and homes are on the line; worry about punishing execs later.
petercoffin @MCHammer Im not trying to be argumentative or anything, man, I agree the workers NEED help, just this is a big opportunity to get on track.
fredfox @MCHammer Why can't he just take over now, my guess is Bush would wanna get out ASAP, get back to baseball or something
Borussen @MCHammer I am all for helping out with terms and conditions, still upset that the banks seem to be sticking the bailout in their pockets.
fredfox @MCHammer That's why we put a Harvard grad who was a teacher at the foremost school for economics in the world,in the whitehouse, he's smart
Kissmyblackads @mchammer that's very important. we can't stand to lose any more jobs/family livelyhood
carmennc @MCHammer a small Ohio town is crushed because of DHL closing
justinlandis @mchammer families are a priority. we also need to be careful not to just do anything for the short term good.
Jody Gnant
jodyg @mchammer - Luckily, there are awesome people like @scottmonty facilitating just the change needed to stay competitive and in business! :D
folkmusik @MCHammer wouldn't be in that predicament. They paid lots of money for politicians to pass laws in their favor and now they are paying 4 it
petercoffin @MCHammer The Volt is a joke, too. If that is the best electric Detroit can spit out, these families jobs are in big danger long term.
folkmusik @MCHammer if auto companies would have concentrated on innovative technology rather than selling gas guzzlers to the public than they
All In Energy
AllinEnergy @MCHammer That should be the main concern, the workers and families of a possible bankrupt auto industry.
Matt Campagna
mattcampagna @MCHammer I've got a great German car because it's the best car in its class not because it's not American, and Tax payers shouldn't suffer.
petercoffin @MCHammer if the big 3 can't compete with tomorrows vehicles, any federal money injected would be wasted.
Bill Waterfield
aquapasture @MCHammer throw money at it first, then see what went wrong. cart before the horse?
ARealist @MCHammer I hear you. I think framing plays a role on people. Ex: bail out vs. Rescue plan.
carmennc @MCHammer even if auto companies get the money, people still do not have money to buy high dollar luxury items to keep the company afloat
petercoffin @MCHammer other countries will be happy to fill tomorrows needs. That is why we need to put a fire under big 3's butts NOW.

petercoffin @MCHammer I am from Michigan and WORK in the auto industry. My job will not be here in 20 years if they don't look forward.
Melonie Gallegos
interactivem @MCHammer interesting thought, it's like chicken or the egg...
EwaInTheGarden @MCHammer makes change :) I mean :)
datotherhiphop @MCHammer Been impressed with your tweets of when are you gonna run for office?
Yorkali Walters
EwaInTheGarden @MCHammer sometimes we underestimate the power of ONE. speakig up or doing cant make change
Beverly Cornell
beverlycornell @MCHammer It is important that we don't just give the $ to the auto industry without considering how they could improve their biz practices.
Tiffani Ashley Bell
tiffani @MCHammer hmm ur right on that. Folks outside the exec suite don't do biz models and just want to feed their fams..good point on wording too
isfan @MCHammer would help if they build better cars. just sayin'
petercoffin @MCHammer I think we need to get a bigger renewable energy comittment out of the big 3 before we make it possible for them to be around.
Bill Hammett
bucksalum @MCHammer Very good Thomas Friedman article re: this:
Chris Hill
chicagodenizen @MCHammer bailout is the appropriate term. the government is supporting inefficiencies and poor business practices.
Andrew Dobrow
anjrued @MCHammer And aside from the heritage, it's so deeply rooted in so many small towns that rely on the industry. If it dies, towns die.
Bill Hammett
bucksalum @MCHammer Hammerr, just can't give the auto industry $50 billion without conditions; their current biz model is broken
StanHayes @mchammer U Can't Touch That Advice.
blitzmag @MCHammer then auto manufactures should be required to bring back outsourced jobs
tiastyle @MCHammer Never did get that power nap in! Passed out that evening though! LOL
Ken Goyette
kgoyette @MCHammer Give the money straight to the families. Just giving the auto industry 25-75bln will not make them make smarter decisions.
zigbot @MCHammer "very important that we support the US auto industry" ... Hummertime?
Tia Marie
tia_marie @MCHammer the Auto Industry has been tanking for years. Support the families, however, I don't support their decisions that put them here.

Marc Girolimetti
MSGiro @MCHammer They have had forever to save themselves and the leadership keeps spinning the proverbial wheels. Why do they keep messing up?
EwaInTheGarden @MCHammer thats right approach - I would say.
Matt Campagna
mattcampagna @MCHammer but don't you think they should just have been making more a competitive product all along so they didn't need the help?
Andrew Dobrow
anjrued @MCHammer Well said. It's THE original American industry. (if you don't include systematically removing native Indians :-/ )
Dr. Letitia  Wright
Drwright1 @MCHammer I cant believe they have not rebranded bail out with another name yet.. GEEZE people!
koreelove @MCHammer yeah? What are you driving these days?
Joshua Katinger
jkatinger @MCHammer yes, if they are all willing to leave those unions that have made it impossible for us car makers to build a competitive product
kennbell @MCHammer Maybe everyone that has a foreign car should think about that. ; )
exactlythat @MCHammer I'm not so sure - are we just prolonging the inevitable?
Geoff Barnes
texburgher @MCHammer The other countries... they like us again, don't they.
Beverly Cornell
beverlycornell @MCHammer So Glad to hear we have our mojo back. It has been a long time coming. All my international friends are so excited for us! :-)
LadyLauraSmith Icon_red_lock @MCHammer Just heard you on my Pandora Mc Hammer station Too Legit to quit....
icedsoul @MCHammer you must be kiddin' me!!!! where wheere where? I live in cologne!
Nathan Schumacher
Philip Prinz
MsGypsyNicole @MCHammer "the new USA...we got our mojo back!!!!" I couldn't say it any better myself!
remcorporation @MCHammer Go USA... please Hammer don't hurt 'em over there! :)
stales @MCHammer it's like USA 2.0 WOO HOO
Scott B. Hoffman

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