Thursday, October 16, 2008

BLAST24: Music News... Angie Martinez.. Russell Simmons


ms parker said...

My name is Derrick Oneal and I
wrote a book telling my life story
and the horrors and tragedies I
encountered as one of the biggest
drug dealers in the bay area in the
80's. I wrote the book in hopes to
reach the youth lost out in the world.
The book is titled The Game Is Ova.
I also told how I got out of the game
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DRUGS are a serious problem in
America today and is a major driving
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Derrick Oneal

Jessica said...

Hi MC,

I've been following your blog for a little while now and am really enjoying your insights. I was hoping to catch your performance at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, but unfortunately couldn't make it. Anyways, I am one of the Marketing Managers over at Yelp ( and I was wondering what is the best way to get in contact with you to inquire about having you perform at our Yelp Holiday Party on Dec. 3rd? This will our fourth annual Yelp Holiday Party and will be bigger than ever. We always get an amazing crowd out each year, and a plethora of press. I know you always put on a killer show - so we'd love to have you be the exciting main performance of the night.

I can best be reached at I look forward to hopefully hearing from you!


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