Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blast24 : 2008 Is Today ..Deniro For Obama


Kevin Seal from said...

Hey, Reverend!

I have a Pandora-related question for you -- could you shoot me an email when you get a chance? The old address I have for you appears to be expired... I'm at Kevin@Pandora.com. (Tim says hey, by the way.)

Kevin Seal

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Lisa said...

Mr. Hammer,

I met you quite a few yrs. ago in the DC area at a mutual friends 25th wedding anniversary party. I now belong to an amazing church and would like to know if you will be in the Baltimore, MD area in the near future and would like to even consider discussing influencing our teens (as we have quite a bunch) with your "Pray" enthusiasm and wisdom.

Yours hopeful,


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Did you know Obama isn't pro-life?