Tuesday, March 18, 2008

2008 Is Today: Obama

The divide is real. I'm shocked that many are shocked that African Americans are aware of our American history. Jim Crow is in my lifetime. Racism, prejudice, fear and pain was the norm in the sixties and seventies...To pretend that this is not the truth is to deny the wounds and not allow for the continued healing of a nation. We have moved forward as a country, a people and a nation...This is the greatest Country in the world beyond a shadow of a doubt...Open dialogue and honest and unbridled opinions as well as freedoms of speech that at times may hurt those who harbor the guilt of the past actions, laws and statutes of our nation, as well as racial injustices, have to realize that it has been the voices of activist not only on Sunday mornings but Monday through Saturday that have kept the hope of a people alive and provided the spirit and patience to persevere through these obstacles and to peacefully continue on.

Hillary vs Obama is not my point.

Responsibility and reality are.

God Bless America


Anonymous said...

Well said. Obama's speach was one of the best I've heard in recent memory. For once, a politician talking to us about race as if we were adults. How refreshing!

North said...

MC.. well said!! : )

It is my hope, that so very soon, our children are schooled about politics, human rights, obligation to all in society regardless of race, colour, creed or social status and that social programs for the less fortunate, aged and suffering are obligatory governmental policy.. not tax payer burdens, which pit the rich against the poor..it's a division of wealth, which causes fear and anxiety in our social children, as they continue to be borned generation to generation in the greater divide..of our modern times.

MC.. Obama.. both say it all.. we must educate our children, so that when they must decide for themselves how to live in compassionate harmony with each other, as adults, they can build for themselves a peaceful tomorrow; which we have failed to do...yesterday and today!

During this Holy Easter Weekend, and being Holy Thursday..

May the Spirit of Jesus be with you!

And as we abstain from earthly pleasures this Holy weekend, may we meditate and/or pray; with intention to unite as a human family and free ourselves from the bondage of division among us.

United Love,

James said...

I don't think we've had a president or candidate who has delivered a speech like this since Kennedy.

Anonymous said...

Go Hillary!