Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Look University: What's Goin On? Default Leaders

The year 2007 has come and now has begun it's fade into history. On a personal level this year has brought spiritual and emotional growth (joy and pain). The joy of watching my wife and children embrace life and all of it's complexities. The Church remains the pillar and foundation of their collective souls. More credit to their mom than me. The traditional Church of yesterday remains absent (I miss her) in my journey as I look and search for the place of Agape Love.

I love going to Church but this Church will never be found in a building and remains hidden and yet calling out from the depths of my soul. This is not a search for salvation because that I have obtained and apprehended in Jesus,"The Christ" personified. This is a search for a level of intimacy in him, that allows the flesh to stay under submission in a natural world that is inundated with super natural beings. A place where mysteries are revealed and anointing and power is increased.

In this place and state of being,"What's Going On" with the people matters. Love will allow you to not only see what's going on with our brothers and sisters but to do something about it. It is a call to action. I cry and I moan in my spirit when I'm confronted with the reality of the condition of my brothers and sisters in my own community.

Most of this conditioning is not within the communities control. A lot is. The choice of violent resolution most be abated in our community. What's going on?

We have to stop glorifying those who have become leaders and voices of our community by default. Fame is not a qualification and validation of and for leadership. One becomes famous by access and gross impressions. Anything (anybody) that is played, viewed and googled enough times becomes famous. Singing, dancing, athletes and entertainers are not automatically qualified to be leaders and neither do many want to be. I think we can all agree on that.

However, there is another group of "default leaders" that hide behind wealth. These "default leaders" are much more dangerous to the community than famous default leaders. The reason is that their wealth gives them access to the decision makers that affect your day to day lives. Remember the same rule of thumb applies to this group as well, just because you created a product or commodity that is successful and has made you wealthy doesn't in and of itself qualify you to be a community voice and leader. Unfortunately by the time we catch up with your misrepresentation of the community you are entrenched as a socialite and it's difficult to repair the breach of your neglect and disregard of the people. What's goin on?

Leaders are born , not made. The heart is the unequivocal qualification for leadership. You must have a burden for the people. This burden must cause you sleepless nights. You have to be willing to sacrifice all, to lead the people. The current condition of my people is the result of default leadership both in the government and in our own community. Black people must begin to glorify leaders who have a track record of giving and not a track record of wealth and fame. Look at our condition and ask your self, what has the wealthy and famous person you look up to done for your own community ? knowing that he or she has the resources and influence to affect change. Here. At home. What's goin on is 2008 is an opportunity for new beginnings in our thoughts (how we think and choose), spirits (renewal) and deeds (action). The hope of my community and our country depends and rest upon it.

MC Hammer


BigBill said...

Great call to thinking, praying, and acting as He leads.

BigBill said...

["War is NOT the answer."
... Is the question then, "How then do we love?" ]

David said...

Your thoughts are fair and honest. John Maxwell writes, "Leadership is influence; nothing more,nothing less". You influence more people than you know! It is so good to hear that you are doing so well. Stay positive and remember that which makes you MC Hammer!

andre said...


MC Hammer said...

Thank you for your thoughts and concern.

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Baby Bedding said...

God loves you Hammer.